A Review of the Jetson Bolt Compact Folding Electric Bike For Sale (White Edition)

September 3, 2021
Jetson Bolt Electric Bike

It's true that the outdoors can be a dangerous place these days, and that's enough of an excuse to stay in. But as human beings, we feel the innate desire to explore the outdoors, and we've never let safety and security stop us from doing so. Yet, we still find excuses to tell ourselves to avoid seeing the world around us. Taking short commutes is a drag. Walking long distances is tiring. These excuses are simple yet difficult to overcome at the same time.

Let's replace the excuses today. Meet the Jetson Bolt, your fun excuse to see the world.

Details of the Jetson Bolt Compact Folding Electric Bike for Sale (White Edition)

Among several folding e-bikes for sale out in the market today, we chose the Jetson Bolt electric bike because it is cheap, portable, and techy. Let's explore this bike's bits and pieces.

Bike Specifics

Bike Style - The bike is a full-rigid, throttle-type commuter. In the electric bike world, this is also known as the full electric bike. Among Jetson's compact folding electric bikes for sale, this is the one that has footpegs rather than pedals. There are many unnecessary parts taken out of the bike, which has brought its weight down to a mere 34 lbs. or 15 kg just as heavy as a cinder block.

Frame – The aluminum alloy frame is the proper material for the Jetson folding electric bike. It's lighter than steel, and it's also affordable. The frame has no suspension, which makes it rigid. But the integration of the head and tail lights are a plus, and the foldable stem is the one feature that makes this Jetson electric bike portable.

Brake System – The brake system is composed of a single rear rotor mechanical disc brake. The rotors are large to compensate for the lack of a front-wheel rotor brake. This is enough to deliver adequate stopping power for a 15 mph top-speed commuter.

Wheels - The plastic wheels are small, measuring at only 12 in. in diameter. This wheel size will allow you to handle this bike well, given its small frame size at only 40 in. in length. Anything larger would be a challenge to make tight turns on or to do quick pivots and turnarounds.

Handlebar – The flat handlebar also adds to your precise handling of the Jetson Bolt e-bike. This simple design lets you have all the necessary buttons and displays neatly lined up on the bar, too. The flat hand bar type is also the perfect choice for Jetson because it has less material but doesn't compromise strength. The short handlebar length is proportionate to the frame and wheel size. This makes it responsive to your input, and you can steer the bike well even at lower speeds.

Battery –The 36V, 5.2Ah lithium battery is tucked safely between the frame's top and bottom tubes. The battery, which looks like a Mongolian leather water jug, is styled to fill the spaces between the frame's tube. The battery has a little room where you can insert your fingers to carry the bike. All things being equal, this battery can run up to 17 miles before it's drained.

Motor –The 250-watt motor is situated at the rear wheel's hub, delivering optimum power right at the source. The Jetson Bolt doesn't need a drivetrain system because the motor is placed on the rear wheel's hub, saving the Jetson weight and complexity. The motor can support an uphill climb of an incline up to 15 degrees, anything more than that and you have to hop off and carry it. This is fair, given how portable the bike is.


Cruise Control – The nifty cruise control button lets you hold the speed you're currently at on the bike without holding the throttle. This is amazing when you're traveling long distances wherein you tend to hold the throttle until it makes your hand numb.

Full Electric – The Jetson Bolt is a fully electric bike that doesn't need pedaling. Simply turn the throttle handle, and you're off! This bike isn't like the Jetson Adventure electric bike series with a pedal that makes you sweat it out a little before reaching your destination. That kind of bike is good if you're looking for decent cardio-slash-commute practicality. However, if you want to remain poised and fresh, sitting comfortably on the bike to get to where you need to, the Jetson Bolt is your best choice.

Foldable – The most awkward part of the Jetson e-bike is the stem. It stretches upward and curves slightly to the front of the bike, where the flat handlebar is situated. This can be a total waste of space. So Jetson made the stem foldable. Just flip the lever near the headset, and the stem along with the handlebar will slowly fold on the side of the frame. This one cool feature will allow the Jetson to fit into the trunk of an average sedan.

Battery Display – We can't stress the importance of a battery display on a full electric bike enough. The four-bar display is similar to a gasoline gauge; it lets you know how much power is left so you can plan how frequently you're going to use it or how long you can travel before you need to charge it.

App Control – The app control for Jetson is a convenient one-stop setup for your bike. What stands out on the app is that it gives you data like distance traveled and speed. You can even track the routes you've ridden on from the app. It has a security feature wherein a code must be entered before the battery fires up your bike's motor. There's a cool hidden feature on the app as well. More on this below.

What You'll Love About the Jetson Bolt

Wiring – The wire management of this folding bike is spot on. They are braided together neatly and tucked inside the tubes to ensure they don’t interfere with the folding stem. It looks neat too.

Hidden Top Speed – The app has a hidden top speed feature that lets you unlock a 19 mph speed. Perfect if you want to mix things up a bit and have a little fun time. Put the Jetson Bolt to the test and see how fast it can go.

Built-in Lights – We're stoked to find that a small and casual commuter bike has built-in lights on its frame—a huge plus. Jetson doesn't limit itself as a mere day commuter bike for the average office worker. The headlights are perfect for visibility during nightly strolls and impromptu supply runs.

What Needs Work with the Jetson Bolt

Honk Situation – The horn button must be pressed and held for 3 seconds to open the tail light and headlights, which can be annoying for both the rider and other unsuspecting commuters. Honking has a subtle language that also applies to bikes, and it should be used sparingly. If you have to honk for as long as 3 seconds to open up your headlights, you might as well get a Jetson Bolt with the bell feature.

Small Saddle – The saddle is small and flimsy. If you have a medium to huge build, you may lose your balance and fall off. Also, the Jetson Bolt tends to have a shaky handle because of its size. In addition, comfort also plays a part. You don't want to be cruising on this bike but feel uncomfortable in the areas that matter—good thing you can replace the saddle with a separately sold component from regular analog bikes.

More Folding Parts – This bike would have improved with more foldable parts to make it even more compact. We're envisioning a bike carried like a briefcase for future iterations. The current portability is already good, but this feature would make the Jetson Bolt even better.

Bolting Out the Door Just Became Easy

What makes the Jetson Bolt a nifty mobility tool among several folding e-bikes for sale in the market is it's portability. You can easily carry it with you or put it in the trunk of your car. This gives you an immediate option to coast on pavements if you don't feel like walking.

On the other hand, there's still a large room for improvement in certain areas. Jetson Bolt can start working on the saddle and seat post upgrades. Yet, there's little to complain about the Jetson Bolt, given the price.

Overall, this is a spectacular full electric bike if you mean to enjoy a sweat-free stroll around the neighborhood and reintroduce yourself to a little bit of the outside world. It's also good for running quick errands, so don't forget to buy your milk at the mini-mart while you're out and about!

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