5 Must-Have Bike Qualities From an Iron Horse Mountain Bike

September 24, 2021
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In your search for the best bike qualities and brands, you’ve probably encountered Iron Horse mountain bikes along with Trek, Specialized, Santa Cruz, and more. It’s not the most common brand out there, so we understand if you’re feeling a little confused. Thankfully, this article can help you out.

Iron Horse used to be a leading bike manufacturer. However, years changed the game drastically, and it's no longer easy to find their models today. Now that you know, you may be ready to give up your Iron Horse bike search, but wait!

An Iron Horse bike is actually a great example if you're looking for the qualities of a great bike. With years of experience, there's something valuable to learn from a leading brand. We'll break these points down to help you learn more about bikes and help you make wise buying decisions later on.

A Brief Story About Iron Horse Bikes

Iron Horse Bicycles used to be a leading mountain bike manufacturer and racing sponsor located in New York, USA, from 1987 to 2009. The company incorporates a classic, mustard-colored logo of a prancing horse and a crest.

They produced high-quality bikes that professional riders used to win in various world championships. Some of these pro cyclers include Sam Hill, Dave Cullinan, and Toby Henderson. They're also known for one of their best-selling bike models, the Iron Horse Sunday.

Unfortunately, Iron Horse went bankrupt around early 2009. Then Dorel Industries acquired the brand for $5.2 million. Dorel Industries Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer and designer of bicycles, juvenile goods, and home furnishings. Aside from Iron Horse, Dorel also acquires other bike brands such as Schwinn, Mongoose, Cannondale, and GT.

You can still find vintage Iron Horse bikes and parts on local and e-commerce platforms like eBay, Walmart, or Amazon.

Iron Lessons from an Iron Brand: What Qualities Make a Mountain Bike Good?

Considering Iron Horse's history, their manufactured bikes' quality was undoubtedly some of the best in the market. But what exactly are these factors that made them a favorite? We break these down into five qualities.

Smooth and Well-Balanced Suspension System

Most Iron Horse bikes have excellent suspension systems. You need this for fast and comfortable rides on rough terrain. Moreover, it gives you better control of the bicycle, navigating it easily even on rough roads. In addition, it doesn't affect the peddling quality to prevent loss of balance.

Sturdy and Stylish Frame

Iron Horse mountain bike frames are strong enough to handle abuse compared to some of its lighter competitors. The Iron Horse Warrior Mountain Bike, for instance, is an exceptional model in this area.

Strengthened head and down tubes evenly distribute the shocks absorbed from road impact. Bike frames must be made from durable materials to withstand trail impact while retaining a stylish look.

Caters to Both Genders

It's good for gender-specific bikes to include features that are exclusive to a particular gender, like step-thru frames for women and wider handlebars for men. However, Iron Horse makes shopping easier for you with their gender-neutral bikes. It's a game changer for a brand to have a bike model that caters to both men and women, given the differences in size and strength.

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Iron Horse is strong in the versatility game and is one of the things they're known for. Aside from being gender-neutral, their bikes are also multifunctional; you can use them for casual rides or competitions like the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic event.

This is important as it makes a bike purchase worth every dollar spent. Look for a bike with an excellent drivetrain to determine if you can use it comfortably and effectively on different terrain.

Caters to a Couple of Extra Pounds

Most heavy riders find it difficult and discouraging to get a bike that fits them well. However, Iron Horse offers a solution by manufacturing bikes with weight limits of between 200 to 270 pounds. More bike brands need to incorporate this feature to implement diversity in their customer base. You'll usually find these weight limits on bikes with larger wheels.

Affordable Pricing

A rule of thumb in most bike purchases is that you should consider spending $400 and above for a good quality model. Below this price range, bikes won’t hold up well and may have poor quality components. There are Iron Horse bike models that cost around $450 to $599 with excellent quality.

If you're going to purchase a multipurpose bike, ensure it can handle different situations for a long time. Moreover, it is best if the bike doesn't need expert assembly. Most people struggle heavily on the assembling stage, so they look and highly favor bike models that even beginners can build.

Final Thoughts

While you might not see an Iron Horse bike for sale any time soon, remember their lasting contributions to the bike industry. Great bike brands can always give people an idea of what incredible models look like. It will help you make better buying decisions going forward.

If you’re patient, you can still spot some IH bikes and parts on online and offline selling platforms! Just make sure you don't fall for a junk purchase and end up wasting your time and money.

That said, we hope this article has helped clear the air on where Iron Horse mountain bikes stand and what things you need to consider when opting for a new bike.

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