Start Them Young: The Hyper HPR350 Dirt Bike 24-Volt Electric Motorcycle in Blue for Kids

March 1, 2022
hyper hpr 350 dirt bike 24 volt electric motorcycle blue

As your kids grow older, they look for more ways to entertain themselves. The old toys they've outgrown are no longer enough to keep up with their energy. 

If your kids love mountain biking and are aching for more action, you can introduce them to dirt bikes. 

You can find electric dirt bikes specifically designed for their age, as well as dedicated tracks where they can ride and race with obstacles. If you too have a dirt bike, you can bring your kids with you on mountain trails. It will be a quality time for you and your children and a good source of physical activity. 

Various dirt bikes for kids are available in the market. However, it is easy to drown in the choices if you don't know the things you should be looking for. So, this blog post will review the Hyper HPR350 dirt bike 24-volt electric motorcycle and its parts. Check out if it suits your kids’ needs.

A Closer Look at the Hyper HPR350 Dirt Bike

This dirt bike is the perfect entry e-bike for young riders at an affordable price point. Let’s look at its features to help you make an informed choice. 

Battery Capacity 

The first thing you should consider for your kids' toys is their battery capacity. It should last long enough for them to play with until they’re satisfied. 

This dirt bike can pump up speed with its ride time of 40 minutes. It comes with a 24-volt battery, which requires charging for 12 hours for the first time and 8 hours after it. 

This battery capacity can keep up with your kids’ need for action. You can also easily charge it when they are asleep so that it is ready again to use for the next day. 

Speed Limit 

Your kids still need to follow a speed limit even if they can ride their dirt bikes masterfully. The Hyper HPR350 electric motorcycle has a speed limit of 14 miles per hour. This speed is significantly faster than regular mountain bikes but safe for your kids to ride. They will surely love the speed and feel more excited about their ride. 

When your kids grow older and feel like they can handle more speed, you can customize the motors to reach a maximum speed of up to 60 miles per hour. But always remember to look out for your kids. They should also always wear complete safety gear when they ride. 

Body Frame, Wheels, and Handlebars 

The body frame of the Hyper HPR350 dirt bike 24-volt electric motorcycle is made of durable steel that can withstand impact without denting the body. It can also carry a rider up to 140 pounds, and even adults can ride this bike. 

The bike also has 12-inch pneumatic wheels, which are excellent for any terrain, especially dirt roads. The design of the wheels gives the rider better control for a more balanced and efficient ride. 

In addition, the bike has an installed fork suspension that uses air pressure to lessen the vibration from rough rides. That way, it won't take a toll on your kid's body. 

Meanwhile, the handle comes with an easy twist-grip accelerator, a triple-clamp brake, and a light indicator that shows the power and the battery percentage. 

The product includes a Hyper HPR350 dirt bike 24-volt electric motorcycle charger when you purchase it, and it is available in colors green and pink if your girls want to ride too! This dirt bike can elevate their riding experience, and who knows, maybe this will get them in extreme sports someday. 

young rider doing bike tricks on dirt road

Teaching Your Kids to Ride Their Electric Dirt Bikes

For your kids to enjoy their electric dirt bike, they should know how to ride it safely. Accidents and injuries can be traumatic to young ones. They may never do an activity again if they get hurt or feel scared. So here are some tips you can do with your kids. This way, you can ensure they are having fun and riding safely at the same time. 

  • Before introducing your kids to a high form of biking, make sure they've already mastered balancing and steering. Learning the basics of mountain biking is essential before moving on to faster electric dirt bikes. 
  • Start with flat and easy roads. You don't need to force your kids to ride on rough terrains for the first time. Instead, let them get the feel of their new e-bike; when they are comfortable riding them, you can slowly bring them to more challenging racing tracks to improve their skills. 
  • Make your kids wear the proper attire when riding their dirt bikes, from helmets to knee pads, elbow guards, shoes, and jerseys. The protective gear will keep your child safe from sustaining severe injuries. 
  • Tell your kids that falling and crashing are part of riding. Don't get frustrated with them if they can't control their ride the first few times. Instead, encourage them to practice and be more patient with the sport. That way, they’ll learn to appreciate it and challenge themselves to get better. 
kid riding a dirt while suspended in air 

Ready, Set, Go! 

Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing your kids have fun. So let them play under the sun and get dirty while they still have the energy and time to do so. 

Riding the Hyper HPR350 dirt bike 24-volt electric motorcycle in blue is a great way of having fun and getting physical activity. This bike is perfect for children who need a little more speed in their daily routines. So get one now; dirt bike racing might just be your family's next fun playtime activity. 

If you're looking for more kids’ bikes, read more on our website so that you can choose the best bikes for your children. 

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