Happiness For Young Riders: Hyper HPR 350 Dirt Bike 24-Volt Electric Motorcycle (Blue) Review

September 13, 2021
hyper hpr 350 dirt bike 24 volt electric motorcycle blue

Prepare yourself for the euphoria that might even cause you to cry from happiness from seeing your child grow up fearless and ready to take on the world. Parents like you are sentimental, especially when you realize that your children are growing up so fast.

Whether you are buying a dirt bike for your child or one as a gift to give some lucky teen, the receiver will surely be excited, delighted, and curious about how the Hyper 350 Dirt Bike works. If you are looking further into the details about the product to check if it is a good buy, you are on the right page. Here’s a review of the Hyper HPR 350 Dirt Bike 24-Volt Electric Motorcycle.

hyper hpr 350 dirt bike 24 volt electric motorcycle

Colors And Design

To excite your not-so-little one more, pick their favorite color or make them choose which one they find most appealing. The Hyper Dirt Bike has blue, green, and pink bikes—perfect for any biker. All the bikes look like a replica of the real dirt bikes your kids see on television. Watch their eyes widen with excitement and joy as they unwrap this bicycle. Prepare to get a hug too! For the complete package, you may also consider buying a helmet that matches the color of your child’s dirt bike for a real bike racing feel.


The Hyper Electric Dirt Bike is designed for teenagers 13 to 17 years old, and the sturdy steel frame ensures that this bike can withstand a max weight of 140 lbs. Check out the knobby tires that are a premium requirement for mountain bike durability and smoothness in driving. You can take your child out dirt bike riding on the road or level the excitement up by letting them ride on rougher terrains. This dirt bike will ensure that your child is safe and will have a great time.


This dirt bike is no toy but a ride your child can use for a real-life dirt bike riding experience. Skip the worry of needing gasoline as the Hyper HPR 350 Dirt Bike 24-Volt Electric Motorcycle is an electric bike run by a 24-volt lead-acid battery. When fully charged, your child can bike and ride anywhere and everywhere they want.

Just make sure to check the time and get the charger ready as the battery lasts for only 40 minutes. You need patience, because it takes 12 hours to fully charge on the first time. Yet, do not worry, the next times only need 8 hours to charge. While you are happy that your child is trying exciting new activities, be prepared to be slightly nervous as the bike’s motor can drive up to 14 mph.


There are plenty of advantages in using the Hyper HPR 350 Dirt Bike 24-Volt Electric Motorcycle like the following:

  • The wheels look nice and cool!
  • The sound is different for knobby tires and regular ones, as knobby tires create more noise while you drive on pebbles, mud, or grass.
  • Knobby tires perform well in rough terrains because they shake off the dirt that sticks to the wheel on their own.

The knobby tires perfectly match the other excellent characteristics of this 24V electric dirt bike. All its features create a bike that gives the real dirt bike feel.

In Closing

These are the must-know details about the Hyper HPR 350 Dirt Bike 24-Volt Electric Motorcycle, (blue, pink, or green). All the design variations are built the same way. No matter who uses it, they will be amazed and happy riding this bike. We can’t recommend it enough: this bike is a great introduction to professional dirt bike riding and in honing your child’s hobby as they are growing up.

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