Get a Hold of Your Load: How an Electric Bike Trailer Helps You Pack for a Biking Tour

December 27, 2021
electric bike trailer

You decide to go on a biking tour to find solace in the outdoor treasures: blue sky, cool wind, tall trees, and close connections with other people. You have a well-functioning e-bike ready for some pleasant pedaling anytime, but you notice that there's way too much load to carry on your trip.

Touring by bike is an excellent way to see the world, but it can be difficult to carry all your gear with you. This is where an electric bike trailer comes in handy! This article will discuss using an e-bike trailer for touring for load management and how to find a good one for cycling long distances.

Load Management Tools: eCargo Bikes vs. E-bike Trailers

When it comes to loading management for biking trips, eCargo bikes and bike trailers are some of the most popular choices. So which one is better? The answer ultimately depends on your needs and budget. Here are some notable differences.

  • Visuals: eCargo has a closed construction while e-bike trailers have an open structure. The former looks like a completely different vehicle, while the latter is simpler and exactly looks like an electric bike pulling trailer.
  • Price: eCargo bikes are more expensive than e-bike trailers.
  • Convenience: For some, eCargo bikes are bulkier, heavier, and harder to maneuver than e-bike trailers.

Both eCargo and e-bike trailers are great, so it all goes down on preference. However, this article is for budget-friendly options, so we will focus on bike trailers.

Whether you already have an electric bike, a storage trailer, or are still looking to buy both items, this article is a great start to familiarize yourself with them. You can also use this as a starter buying guide if you'd like.

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5 Load Management Benefits of Using E-bike Trailers

Load management can be a headache, especially if you're planning a casual biking trip and have little room for all the stuff you want to carry along. If you're wondering if you can still have a pleasant biking experience, our answer is yes, you can.

Melt your worries away and pack seamlessly with the aid of e-bike trailers. Here are five advantages you can get from using one.

#1: You Can Tow Almost Any Type of Trailer With It

Strength is your first concern when combining an electric bike and trailer for your bike tour. You might have to climb some steep hills, so how secure and strong can your bike pull the trailer without you breaking a sweat? Luckily, most electric bikes can accommodate various trailers, such as:

  • Kid trailers
  • Pet trailers
  • Cargo trailers
  • Other attachment systems such as mowers and wheelchairs (but with a more specialized design for functionality)

#2: Balance and Stability

E-bike trailers come with a compact and solid suspension system that provides stability and comfort on your ride. Moreover, combining a trailer with an e-bike also sets balance, so the e-bike will remain straight and steady when you get off from it. What's better than not having to worry about storage and stability on a long bike tour with a heavy load?

#3: Allows You to Carry Load Effortlessly

Using a traditional bike with your trailer takes up a lot of effort. For this reason, you would want to switch to an e-bike trailer in the first place. Thanks to the powerful electric motor, you can carry along your heavy load with adequate space and minimum effort.

electric bike trailer - electric bike pulling trailer - ebike trailer silhouette near the sea image

Characteristics of a Good E-bike Trailer

If you're in the market for e-bike trailers, some features can help you decide. To reduce confusion and make your search easier, here are some major points to consider when buying an e-bike trailer.

350 to 750W Motor Power

If you're carrying heavier loads and climbing on steep hills, you have to find an e-bike motor that runs a minimum of 350W. First, however, make sure to note the local e-bike regulations for speed and power limits.

Steel Bike Trailers

Solid construction is significant when managing your load for a bike tour. You don't want to experience a scattered mess of your stuff while climbing on a hill. This is why it's necessary to think about the material used to construct the trailer. Generally, steel trailers are safer than inexpensive plastic, especially if your load's heavy.

An E-bike Battery With a High Capacity

The more weight you add to your trailer, the more power it consumes from your e-bike battery. So if you're carrying a heavy load and cycling for long periods, take battery capacity into account. Ensure that it's high and powerful enough to increase range and pull the trailer without requiring you to pedal hard. Bringing an extra battery along is another option.

Disc Brakes

Does your e-bike have disc brakes? It's much better when it does, as it will provide consistent and powerful braking—that's necessary when dealing with heavy loads and seamless bike performance. Moreover, it's a safety measure under tough weather or road conditions. If you don't prefer disc brakes, you may upgrade brake pads to increase the rim brake power instead.

E-bike and Trailer Compatibility

We mentioned that you could attach different trailers to your e-bike, but that doesn't mean compatibility isn't a purchase factor. Your e-bike must be compatible with the trailer for safety and functionality. Therefore, you should test out the trailer and ensure it can be attached without any component getting in the way.

Here are three more things you should note:

  • There are two ways to attach a trailer to an e-bike: bolting on the saddle post or using quick-release skewers.
  • Ensure that the trailer hitch (the device that connects the trailer to the bike) is universal.
  • Bike and trailer components to check for compatibility: brakes, axles, and drivetrains.

Pack Up Well and Experience the Best Biking Tour of Your Life

Are you planning a biking tour and don't know how to pack all your stuff properly? Consider using an e-bike trailer to carry more items effortlessly and conveniently. If that's not enough, you may also add some useful bike gear and accessories to enhance your load management further.

But what if you are planning to carry your bike instead? In that case, a hitch bike rack will be more appropriate. Remember that every bike has its limits, no matter how good it can be. Knowing the benefits and limitations will help you find your way faster to the perfect bike touring setup. Best of luck with your adventure!

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