Explore The Great Outdoors With Your GT Full Suspension Mountain Bike

August 25, 2021
GT full suspension mountain bike

In the history of humanity, exploring and moving from one place to another allowed the discovery of new places, food, and meeting of races and tribes. The nomadic instinct and the desire to take on new adventures through traveling and movement will never be erased in the human DNA. To get this sense of adventure today, a popular sport to try is mountain biking. Whether you have discovered the adrenaline rush and the happy hormones mountain biking brings or are still trying to learn the best terrains for your quest-loving soul, we’ll give you an introduction! Here are the basics you need to know.

The Best Terrains You’ll Want To Drive In

Dry land, wet and muddy, icy and snowy, or roads filled with pebbles and stone—nothing can stop your desire to explore. Just make sure to start from the easiest terrains. Check out how you can gradually progress from exciting to out of this world!

Bike park

A ride through the bike park is far from your usual relaxed day at the park. Bike parks are man-made, and every trail is designed to test your biking capabilities. Like in games and training, there are easy, medium, and difficult roads. While the paths are not as complicated as in real mountains, it is a good way to practice and start. GT BMX bikes, like the GT Performer Bike, are perfect for this.


The man-made terrains with slopes and varied challenges will prepare you for rough topographies you will encounter once you level up to singletrack. If you have tried mountain climbing, you must be familiar with trails made by hikers and how narrow they are (just enough for a single person to pass). These are the roads you’ll bike on singletrack.

Trail Riding

The paths you’ll take with trail riding are not limited to singletrack. Any off-road trails you want to take, like streams, icy roads, and rocky and rugged paths, all fall under trail riding. Many GT bikes, especially the GT Aggressor Mountain Bike, can handle your chosen off-road trails. If it’s your first time to pass these tracks, you’ll feel both jitters and thrill! Just make sure to wear complete biking attire for safety.


You’ll forget all of your life’s worries and will learn to savor the moment, let go, and have fun when you experience downhill biking. As the name suggests, from a higher biking point, you will drive downwards. You can begin practicing with man-made downhill trails before moving to natural mountain slopes. Pedal with confidence using GT mountain bikes with full suspension and seat, frame, and wheels designed for action!

Cross Country

If you want a mixture of both chill and the bustle of the road, try cross-country biking. Your legs will get the exercise they are craving for, and at the same time, you’ll be thrilled with occasional downhill trail surprises. In this mountain biking style, you’ll have time to reflect as you go a little slow and yet have opportunities to be fearless when downhill trails approach.


When you hear the word enduro, plenty of things may come to mind, like the mountain bikes, the jersey you’re wearing, helmet, gloves, and other cycling must-haves. Nonetheless, enduro is the mountain biking style when bikers go for both uphill and downhill trails. For this bicycle ride, there is no time to chill as it is a race! You are challenged to be the fastest biker among all competitors, so have the best bike and train your endurance to get that well-deserved win.

Dirt Jumping

Last but not least, if you are not into racing but still want to try extreme bike challenges, you can go for dirt jumping. This biking style requires you to bike on man-made trails and perform bike tricks after taking off a ramp. You should do the trick while you and your bike are in the air! You’ve surely seen this a lot on TV, and who knows, if you do great, you may be the next person featured on ads.

gt bikes

Tips For Safe And Adventurous GT Full Suspension Mountain Bike Rides

Unleash your inner daredevil as you traverse each difficult track. But while you do this, let your biking gears and knowledge of the safety in doing your craft be your guardian angel, protecting you from any injury and harm.

Face each terrain with your game face on.

It’s normal for first-timers and beginners to feel nervous, but the fear will hinder you from performing at your best and steering your bike to where it needs to be. So, gather all your courage and face each terrain head-on. It’ll be easier and so much more fun on your next try.

Be smart and keep your eyes open.

Part of the advantage of crossing out fear is it increases your focus. On bumpy, icy, and muddy roads, you can focus on the track ahead and plan whether you should pedal slowly, continuously, choose another track, or even walk. Be wise in deciding before your bike tire gets stuck on mud or ice.

There’s no harm in slowing down.

Mountain biking is not all about driving at full speed. On difficult roads, it is best to slow down to get a better look at the challenges. Hit the brake slowly or totally when needed. That is not a sign of weakness but of wisdom and self-preservation.

Know when to accept defeat.

You must have the mindset that you can conquer everything, and that is good! Yet, there will also be moments when you realize that you and your bike aren’t bulletproof. Your bike tire can be poked by large sharp stones and may burst. See the walk as an opportunity to savor the beauty of your surroundings.

Pick the right bike.

Finally, do not end up bruised or with an aching backside by picking the bike fit for your adventure. You can go for BMX for smooth and beginner trails, but make sure to transform to a bike as tough as Optimus Prime with full suspension and enhanced frame, seats, and brakes for downhill, enduro, and tougher trails.

In Conclusion

Give in to your natural desire to explore and test your limits, and do not be afraid. Remember that our ancestors did it first! If they succumbed to fear, they wouldn’t have seen all the wonders they saw. The same goes for you! All the adventures you see on bike ads and in the movies can be experienced in real life by biking through different terrains and riding your GT bicycle. Just make sure to always put your safety above all and remember to have fun!

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