Can't Find a GT Aggressor Pro Mountain Bike Online? These 3 21-Speed Rides Are Your Best Alternatives

June 9, 2022
gt aggressor pro mountain bike

Bikers have different goals when cycling, but if you are eyeing speed and biking into rougher trails and smooth roads, a 21-speed bike is a great companion. You can bike on the road with fewer pedals but with great speed when you upshift. You can also downshift when going uphill for you to pedal faster. 

One of the best 21-speed bikes is the GT Aggressor Pro Mountain bike. Aside from its speed, its variety of designs makes it more attractive to beginners and seasoned bikers alike. The only downside is that they aren't available on Amazon. 

Don't worry! We have three alternatives that are just as great! Here are the four best bikes that have 21-speed!

GT Aggressor Pro Mountain Bike

The GT Aggressor Pro mountain bike has many great features. It has at least ten colors you can choose from for aesthetics and self-expression. 

This bike is designed to give you speed. You can drive smoothly even on bumpy roads and rough trails because of its shock-absorbent and lightweight triple aluminum frame and the bike's 21-speed feature. The GT Aggressor Pro will be spotless even when you cycle under the rain or sun as aluminum is corrosion resistant. 


It is challenging to look for a GT Aggressor Pro mountain bike for sale—its major drawback. Many mountain bikes are readily available on Amazon, a renowned ecommerce site, but unfortunately, you can't buy the GT Men's Aggressor Pro mountain bike there.

3 Alternatives to Check Out

1. Schwinn High Timber

schwinn gt aggressor pro mountain bike

You have 14 colors and at least four bicycle sizes, 24”, 26”, 27.5”, and 29”, to choose from with Schwinn High Timber. The bike has two frame varieties, too: steel, which is a fatigue-resistant material, and aluminum, which is lightweight and can withstand corrosion. Both are excellent outdoors.

On top of these, this bike also flaunts its 21-speed, suitable for dirt trails or touring. Road biking is when you can downshift to have some leg exercise and tummy tucks. Enjoy roadside scenery as you pedal less using higher gears.


Although steel is robust, choosing this material for your Schwinn High Timber bike makes it more susceptible to rusting. Buyers also commented on having difficulty setting up the bike as it required five different tools.

2. Lostox 2022

The Lostox 2022 is made of carbon fiber materials, considered the gold of bike materials as it is the lightest and most shock absorbent. This material can be used to make a bike suitable for racing, commuting, and off-road adventures.

Together with the bike's light weight, the 21-speed feature contributes to the speed bikers can use to fulfill the tasks they use their bike for. You have a fighting chance to win races or bike with speed when running late for work or school. You can also enjoy technical trail riding without pain later because the bike is good at handling bumps.


Carbon fiber bikes like the Lostox 2022 are considered high-end, so all the great features of the bike come at a more expensive price than its counterparts. 

3. Mongoose Impasse

The Mongoose Impasse is charming with its classy white color with streaks of black and grey. Apart from the desirability is the bike's power and durability.

The Mongoose Impasse also has a 21-speed feature. Together with the bike's dual suspension fork and knobby tires, you can brave through snow, soil, pebbles, and other challenging trails. The 21-speed also enables the 29-inch bike with an aluminum frame to traverse through roads sprightly.

Remember to adjust your gear with the varying road and terrain conditions to have safe and enjoyable writing experiences. 


Bikers looking for more exciting and lively bike colors would be upset as the Mongoose Impasse is available only in one color. Although the Mongoose Impasse HD is in a black hue with blue streaks, this bike has a different feature. 

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a quality ride that will take your cycling experience up a notch, we recommend checking out these four mountain bikes. These bicycles all have 21-speed, so you can shift gears when driving on the roads and in challenging terrains. Although each ride has drawbacks, its positive features outshine them. 

And if you are still not sure about these four and would like to seek more choices, feel free to browse through more of our reviews and buying guides. Happy reading!

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