Champions for Men’s Improved Heart Health: The Genesis Mountain Bike and 4 Great Alternatives

May 20, 2022
genesis mountain bike

Biking is a great way to get some exercise and have some fun. It is an aerobic exercise that allows you to work out your heart to support a healthy cardiovascular system. Various studies have shown that men are twice as likely to suffer heart diseases than women. So if you’re looking for an enjoyable way to take care of your heart but cannot find the Genesis mountain bike, don’t worry; we got you!

This blog post will list six mountain bikes you can use to exercise while enjoying a drive around town and jotting one adventure off the road after another. Let’s take a look.

1. V1200 Genesis Mountain Bike

Heart Champion Features

The V1200 Genesis aluminum mountain bike claims to be recommended by doctors for on and off-road exercise. Together with other bike models like the Genesis Core mountain bike, it boasts a fabulous 21-speed, suitable for roads and trails.

Its attractive black colors with red streaks are a joy to flaunt as you drive around town going to school or work. The bike is equipped with full suspension, ensuring that you won’t suffer the pains of riding on bumpy trails later. 

The bike also has an adjustable seat and higher handlebars to support proper posture even when biking.

Some Drawbacks

One of the major drawbacks of choosing the V1200 Genesis as an exercise companion is the difficulty of finding it. The bike is not sold on Amazon.

2. Royce Union Carbon Fiber

Heart Champion Features

Have you already got a few bikes you use for exercise but still want to invest in high-quality ones? The Royce Union Carbon Fiber mountain bike should be on your list. This bike is available in classic and visually-pleasing black and white colors. It is made of carbon fiber, the best material bikes can be made of. 

Bikes made of carbon fiber are robust, lightweight, and pressure-absorbing, making rides smoother, even on bumpy trails. With these features, men will be confident to traverse any road type and be encouraged to bike as much as possible. You can achieve the exercise the heart needs and satisfy your love for adventure.

Some Drawbacks

Being a bike made of carbon fiber, the Royce Union is more expensive than its counterparts. While other mountain bikes range from $250 and up, Royce Union costs more than $1500. 

3. Dynacraft Magna

Heart Champion Features

A long ride is more encouraging when you do it with people dear to you. Biking becomes more than just a task to keep your heart healthy but moments to make great memories with family and friends. 

With Dynacraft Magna, bikers can choose from black, purple, red, and pink bike colors—suitable for men and women. The bike also has 24-inch and 26-inch sizes for teens and adults.

You and your companions can go on a little race or enjoy the ride and the scenery by utilizing the bike’s 18-speed feature. These activities are good for the heart; the race brings joy, while the scenery provides relaxation.

Some Drawbacks

The 18-speed feature of the bike is not fit for bikers who would like to drive faster: a 21-speed can better handle this task. The speed also limits the terrain the bike can drive on.

genesis aluminum mountain bike

4. Kent International KZ2600

Heart Champion Features

The pedaling action makes biking an excellent aerobic exercise for the heart. The more pedals you make or the more challenging each pedal is, the better you work out your legs and body. As a result, the heart pumps faster and with more oxygenated blood.

You can choose to cycle at various speeds and difficulties using the Kent International KZ2600 21-speed mountain bike. Upshift to make smooth roads more challenging to traverse. You’ll pedal less but with a wider cycle because of the higher gear. In the mountains, you can downshift when going uphill to pedal more and ascend without falling.

You can also brave more challenging trails with the bike's aluminum frame knowing the bike can absorb trail pressure.

Some Drawbacks

The major issue of the Kent International KZ2600 is the unavailability of different bike designs. The bike is only available in gray color. 

5. Mongoose Flatrock

Heart Champion Features

The Mongoose Flatrock is an easy bike to love because of its visually pleasing design. You can choose from among exciting purple, blue, red, and teal frame colors that match well with the bike’s pitch black tires, handle, and seat. You’ll be more inspired to cycle and enjoy second glances from passersby when you have a bike as beautiful as any of these.

Off the road, these bikes are not only beautiful, but they are also powerful! Thanks to the bike’s 21-speed. Change your gear effortlessly on different slopes, and you can drive smoothly no matter what trail type you are biking on.

Your biker family and friends can all have a reliable Mongoose Flatrock bike as it is available in 16-inch, 14.5-inch, 18-inch, and 24-inch sizes.

Some Drawbacks

The many excellent features of the Mongoose Flatrock come at an above-average price costing around $500. This is higher than its mountain bike counterparts, costing only $300 and below.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, when choosing a men’s bicycle, it’s important to consider the features that make the bike a champion for improved heart health. The featured bicycles have characteristics that can help keep your heart healthy while you ride. Although there are some drawbacks, these five bikes are still worth the purchase. 

If you need more information about mountain bikes, or you want to widen your choices more, feel free to check out our reviews and buying guides here on our website!

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