Genesis Mountain Bicycle Alternatives: Budget Full-Suspension MTBs for Thrilling Rides 

April 27, 2022
genesis mountain bicycle - Male biker riding a mountain bicycle in the forest

Full suspension bikes are a dream come true for individuals who like extreme sports. Full suspension bikes let you take on rough roads, give you better control, and provide smoother and easier rides. Dual suspension bikes are more expensive compared to standard bikes. If you intend to get one, it will be costly. 

Fortunately, though, budget bike brands can make your full-suspension bike a  dream come true. We’ve searched the market for highly-rated and affordable genesis mountain bike alternatives. If you want to learn more about it, be sure to check out our top three dual-suspension bicycle picks! 

Best Bike Deals: 3 Full Suspension Bikes Under $1000 

No one would've ever thought it was possible to get a full-suspension bike for less than $1000. A full-suspension bike is a cyclist's ultimate dream, whether for competitive sports or conquering intense trails. However, if you're looking to develop your skills, don't skip ahead to expensive and technical bikes. There are entry-level bikes that can give you the same performance with a big price cut. Let's check out the details on each of the bicycles.

kent kz2600 mountain bike

Kent KZ2600 Full Suspension Mountain Bike 

Product Highlights

  • This bike features an all-weather front disc brake. This braking system gives excellent braking power to match the cable-free mechanical disc brakes of high-end mountain bikes. Moreover, the brakes last for longer use and give excellent power even in wet and muddy situations. 
  • The Kent KZ2600 has lightweight wheels with excellent gripping power. The wheels allow riders for more efficient pedaling and are very responsive to sudden changes in direction. Furthermore, the bike has aluminum alloy rims that give extra comfort to off-road riding. 

Product Lowlights

  • The Kent KZ2600 does not support bulky riders, particularly those over 250 pounds. It also has a fixed bike seat with no options to adjust them, so you may find it a bit difficult to ride this bike if you're short.
Schwinn dual suspension bike

Schwinn Men’s 29-inch Dual Suspension Mountain Bike 

Product Highlights

  • The aluminum lightweight frame is specially developed to make the bike suitable for rugged riding. In addition, the balanced feel of the bike and the frame's geometry make it suitable for both men and women riders. 
  • The Schwinn Men’s Mountain bike has an all-Shimano component for the drivetrain. Most premium mountain bikes also use Shimano, which makes the Schwinn 29-er a great deal for its budget price. In addition, the bike features 21-speed gear with front and rear derailleur for seamless triggering. 
  • The bike has wide and knobby 29-inch tires, which have excellent traction. Wider wheels give you better control on rough mountain trails. Furthermore, the wide wheels help the suspension system absorb shock for the smoothest ride experience. 

Product Lowlights

  • The default saddle that comes with the mountain bike is stiff and uncomfortable. You have the option to replace the saddle, but buying a new one will cost you extra. 
  • The pedals installed with the mountain bike are plastic. Some users report that they get easily chipped and damaged. You can upgrade to better pedals made from steel and resin.
hiland 26 inch mountain bike

Hiland 26-inch Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Product Highlights

  • If you’re looking for a bike similar to the Genesis full-suspension mountain bike, the Hiland 26-inch is the perfect choice for you. Moreover, the Hiland mountain gives better performance and high-quality bike components and costs less than $500. 
  • The Hiland’s suspension valve follows the American standard. Moreover, the bike has a steel frame and high-quality Kendra tires perfect for off-road and mountain biking. 
  • The bike comes pre-assembled, but the package includes a tool kit to assemble your bike on your own properly. The bike also comes with an installed kickstand which can be convenient for parking. However, other riders opt not to have a kickstand. You can remove the kickstand depending on your preference. 
  • The 26-inch bike can cater to riders of different heights. This bike is perfect for riders between 5'5" to 6'2". 

Product Lowlights 

  • Compared to other full-suspension mountain bikes, the Hiland mountain bike only has 18-speed gears with a smaller range for speed. As a result, you can still go easy on uphill rides on this bike, but you may find it difficult on more challenging trails. 

These bicycles are great alternatives for Genesis mountain bikes. But if you’re set on buying the brand, there are different Genesis mountain bikes for sale; hardtail bikes, gravel bikes, and women's bikes. Explore their options to find the bike suitable for you. 

Ready, Set, Ride! 

The mountain bike choices in the marketplace are endless. They have different styles and features, and each bike has a suitable road you can ride them on. So, not all bikes are the same, depending on your likes and activities. Make sure to choose a bike that caters to your riding needs to enjoy the overall experience. 

If you're looking for a more detailed review of safety equipment, repair tools, and more bikes like a Genesis mountain bicycle, you can explore our blogs to help with your future purchases. 

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