Fat-Tire Electric Bike: 3 Perfect Rides for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

February 15, 2022
fat tire electric bike

Are you an outdoorsy person who wants to make your trips more interesting? Maybe you're looking for something more adventurous, or you want to cover more ground without getting tired. 

If you find this interesting, it’s time to invest in a fat-tire bike. This awesome bike allows you to explore nature like never before, and it is perfect for all kinds of outdoor adventures. 

In this blog, we’ll help you find the perfect electric bike and discuss a few reasons choosing fat tires is the best for your outdoor adventures. 

Advantages of Fat Tires 

Fat tires aren't common in mountain biking, but they come with many benefits and can change how you ride. Here are some reasons why you should try fat tires for your bikes. 

  • Fat tires are good for all seasons. Unlike standard tires that buckle under extreme conditions, you won't have a problem with fat tires. You'll worry less about getting flat tires and changing them. 
  • Fat tires can absorb the shock and vibrations during rough rides. As a result, your arms, legs, and lower back will receive less stress, allowing you to go on longer rides. This feature is also useful when your bike has no suspension system; at least the wheels can dampen powerful impacts. 
  • Fat tires are low-maintenance. You'll likely face more technical issues on a standard bike. Additionally, fat tires give you more stability, making you more confident on extreme rides.

Top 3 All-Powerful Fat-Tire Electric Bikes for Adults

If you're new to the cycling world, you'll drown in the endless options for an electric bike. Which is good? Which is affordable? 

Don't worry; we got you! We've handpicked the three best fat-tire e-bikes in the market. They have unique features that can spice up your rides without breaking the bank! Check them out here.

1. W Wallke X3 26-Inch Fat-Tire Folding Electric Bike 


  • The 26-inch wheels of the W Wallke X3 are great on soft grounds like the sandy slopes of the beach or snowy terrains during winter. When the ground is soft, thinner wheels tend to go slower. But because of the added bounce and weight of fat tires, you can go faster on sand, mud, grass, and snow without any difficulty. 
  • The Walk X3 has a 750-W brushless motor with a top speed of up to 30 mph. The 48-V lithium battery will last you long, so you can go further with more pedaling power that reaches up to 55 miles. Additionally, the bike battery only takes approximately 6.5 hours to charge fully. 
  • The bike has three throttle levels depending on how fast you want to go. It also comes with an LCD screen that displays the battery percentage, travel history, time and distance traveled, and speed. 
  • The bike comes with USB ports if you need to charge your mobile phone or other gadgets during the ride. 
  • The body frame is aluminum, an excellent material due to its lightness and robustness. The bike also features a Shimano eight-speed gear, dual-suspension system, and hydraulic disc brakes. 
  • The bike is foldable. It’s a space saver, making it easy to bring in your travels and store when not in use. 


  • Some users report that after a few hours of riding, the bike's motor makes a loud noise and crashes. Afterward, they have a difficult time restarting the motor. 
  • This bike is perfect for leisurely rides by the seaside and flat terrains. However, bringing this on mountain trails and rough roads will make your rides uncomfortable. 

2. VELOWAVE Ranger 750-W Fat-Tire Electric Mountain Bike 


  • The VELOWAVE Ranger fat-tire electric bike for adults has a powerful BAFANG hub motor that can reach a top speed of up to 28+ mph. 
  • The bike's LG cell battery can take you up to 40 miles. It's also removable, so you can easily charge it anywhere without needing to bring your entire bike near a power outlet. 
  • On throttle alone, you can reach a speed of 20 mph. Add your pedaling, and you can reach a maximum speed of 35 mph. 
  • The bike has a hydraulic fork system that makes biking on rough roads smoother and less stressful. Additionally, the tire has an anti-skid design. As a result, you have better control and stability on extreme trails. 
  • The bike has hydraulic disc brakes, a multi-function LCD screen, and a high-brightness front light for full visibility on dark and dim roads. Lastly, the bike has a one-year warranty for battery, motor changes, and other repairs. 


  • The bike's derailleur is plastic. It may snap if you frequent extreme trails, causing accidents and injuries. You may want to replace the derailleur with metal or a premium brand for a more comfortable and safe biking experience. 

3. YEASION 1000-W Fat-Tire Adult Electric Bike 


  • The YEASION Electric fat bike has 1000 W, giving a stronger performance, especially on steep slopes and uphill rides. The bike has a maximum speed of 30 mph, but you can modify the bike's speed depending on how fast you want to go. 
  • The 48-V, 14-AH battery can go up to 35 miles on electric mode and up to 46 miles on pedal-assist mode. The battery charge time is approximately 6 hours for 100% capacity. 
  • The wheels are 26″ × 4″, suitable for any terrain and season. Be it a muddy terrain, gravel, or forest trail, this bike is an all-around performer. Additionally, the bike has a full-suspension system that makes your ride smooth and comfortable. 
  • The bike also sports an LCD that shows vital information on your rides and LED lights so that you can navigate dark roads without a problem. 
  • YEASION electric fat-tire e-bikes for adults come assembled for your convenience. In addition, this bike is an 80% foldable bike. It means you can fold the handlebars, so it's convenient to store and bring on travels. 


  • In terms of bike components and performance, this bike is high-quality. However, if anything will hold you back from buying this bike, it's the price point. Electric bikes, in general, are three times as costly as standard mountain bikes. So if you're looking for a more affordable bike, this might not be for you. 

Final Thoughts 

Big and bulky is the new sexy! If you're bored with your traditional mountain bikes, it’s time to invest in a fat-tire electric bike. One ride, and you'll experience biking like never before. 

We hope this list has helped you pick a new ride for next time. Visit our blog for more buying guides for bikes and cycling gears.

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