Tick Your Adventures Off the Bucket List with Avantrek's Macrover 100 Fast-Charging 750w Electric Bike

April 1, 2022
750w electric bike

If you are into biking, you know that there is nothing quite like the excitement as you zip down a trail. This feeling is truly euphoric and quite addicting for an adventurer like you. After every adventure, you go back to your long bucket list to tick off one trail after another. 

The biking never stops! So, if you are looking for a bike that can keep up with your relentless search for escapades, you are in the right place. This blog will talk about Avantrek's Macrover 100, an e-bike, fat tire bike, and 750W electric bike. So let's check out why it is a dream come true for persistent explorers like you!

Avantrek: The People Behind the Making of Macrover 100

The Macrover 100 is a masterpiece of Avantrek, an electric bike manufacturing company whose goal is to provide a healthier form of transportation for everyone. 

Interestingly, the founders of this bike company are bikers and adventurers, too. The designs and inspirations of their electric bike are based on their own experience and what they know will be helpful for every biker. One of the best designs is the Macrover 100, the bike fit for endless adventures. 

Macrover 100: The Bike for Endless Adventures

What does an endless adventure look like? For bikers, it entails riding on various roads, enjoying the hot sun, the eventful pouring of the rain, most of the time cool breeze, or sometimes the humid air. The experience even gets better with every pit stop. 

While some may see this as mundane, bikers see these moments to explore new surroundings or meet people along the way. Check out the features of Macrover 100 below. 

750w electric bike

The Basics

When looking for a bike, you have the specifications of the best kind in mind. The Macrover 100 is excellent for bikers 5'5-5'9 ft in height for you to reach the seat handle distance of 22.44-inch. You can adjust the seat height to its minimum of 41.73-inch or at its maximum of 33.46-inch for comfortable driving. 

This bike is robust enough to carry a weight of up to 309 lbs. The wheelbase has an overall length of 45.28-inch and a standover height of 31.89-inch. The head tube and top tube are 10.24-inch and 27-inch, respectively. 

Battery Details

You will love the battery of the Macrover 100 the most as it will bring to life the adventures of your dream. The battery charges two to three times faster than its counterpart: you only need 3-4 hours of charging time than others' 8-12 hours. 

Charging is also convenient as you can detach the battery from the bike and charge it in a corner. You can do this even when you are midway through your trip. You can also use the 4-hour charging time to grab some warm bread and coffee and talk to the locals enjoying their downtime at the neighborhood cafe. 

Distance and Speed

The Macrover 100 can cover a distance of 25-28 miles when driven in full electric mode. You will be thrilled when driving in full-electric mode as this electric bike can drive up to 20 mph because of its motor power of 500W-750W. 

Make sure to grab your helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads for some speed safety. If you want to stretch a little or want a chill ride, use the pedal-assisted mode so you can drive farther at 32-50 miles. 

Terrain to Traverse

With its motor power and speed, you can tick off terrain itineraries on your bucket list with the Macrover 100. Thanks to the bike's 4-inch fat tires, roads covered in snow, sand, mud, soil, or even pebbles are all manageable. Slopes and bumps are also workable because of the front suspension fork. 

The two features work together to make any rough terrain exciting but still pleasurable to bike on. Whether you are under the sun or drenched in water from streams or rain, the Macrover 100 can handle them as it is dust and water-resistant. 

Ease of Transport

Do you have some adventures that require you to drive to the biking destination first? Make sure your ride is top load enabled, as the Macrover 100's size fits better in that area. Despite the robust materials used to make it, you can lift it easily because it has a lightweight aluminum frame. 

You can also skip the worry about the bike wires getting all tangled as the bike has an internal cable routing. Whether you put it on your car or drive it towards a charming destination, this bike will not give you a hard time, and you will love it!


You will be proud to drive this bike on the road or on challenging terrains because of its looks. Its body, seat, handle, and fat tires are pitch-black accentuated by sky blue streaks. The battery camouflages smoothly in the bike's frame with the same shades of black and blue. 

Attaching and detaching is also easy. You can just fit the battery to the provided area and lock it using a separate key. Adding to the visual effects is the LCD screen, where you can adjust the electric and pedal modes and see your bike miles and battery charge. 

Room for Improvement

Can you now imagine yourself going from one adventure to the next using the Macrover 100? There are many great reasons to choose this fat tire, electric bike, and 750W-power bike above others. However, there is still room for improvement. 

Note that it only comes with a single color design, limiting those who favor bikes with lighter colors. Its portability is also another consideration as it may not impress everyone because it is not foldable. It takes effort to put it on top load as it will not fit your car trunk. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a way to check some amazing adventures off your bucket list, look no further than Avantrek's Macrover 100 electric bike. This bad boy is fast-charging and can take you on terrain other bikes would back out. Plus, it is easy to transport and looks good doing it. 

Of course, nothing is perfect, so check out the few areas we mentioned where this bike could still improve. But all in all, the Macrover 100 is an excellent choice for your goal to tick off itineraries on your bucket list. And if you decide to purchase this tough but beautiful ride, we assure you that you will not be disappointed! 

If you want to have more options, feel free to browse through more of our buying guides and reviews. They are great reads if you want to gather facts and make a wise purchasing decision. Have a safe adventure always, explorer!

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