Electric Scooter Bike for Less: A Roundup of the Best Budget E-Scooters

February 24, 2022
electric scooter bike

Electric scooters have become the go-to transportation for many people over the last few years. They're not just fun novelties anymore; they've turned into reliable forms of transportation that can get you wherever you desire.

The convenience of an e-scooter is unparalleled! So whether you're in a hurry to get some groceries, need transportation for work, or just want something fun to do on the weekends, you can rely on an electric scooter to help you out.

If you're considering buying one, you don’t have to worry about having limited options. There are plenty of brands offering different e-scooter models. However, if that is overwhelming and confusing for you, then you can check out our best e-scooter recommendations below. They are all budget-friendly but definitely worth the investment!

4 Powerful Yet Affordable Electric Scooter Bike Selections

Let’s take a close look at these electric scooter bikes for adults to see which one is most suitable for you!

GOTRAX XR Ultra Electric Scooter

GOTRAX has been manufacturing quality, eco-friendly electric rideables since 2017. In partnership with Tao Motors, they ensure that their affordable products open more transportation possibilities. Thus, they became the leading manufacturer of electric bikes in just four years of innovation.

Product Specifications

Frame MaterialAluminum
Weight14.2 kg
Dimensions43.3 × 17.1 × 14.6 in
Max Speed15.5 mph
Tire Size8.5 in
Tire TypePneumatic Air-Filled
Battery36v LG Battery 7.0AH
Charge Time3 - 4 hrs
Waterproof RatingIP54
Max Load220 lb


  ✅ Affordable

  ✅ Foldable 

  ✅ Lightweight

  ✅ Durable, weather-resistant

  ✅ Sturdy tires

  ✅ Environmentally friendly

  ✅ Dual disc and electric brakes

  ✅ Premium LG battery

  ✅ IP54 water resistance


  ❌ Lacking additional suspension

  ❌ Limited features

Our Verdict

GOTRAX XR Ultra Electric Scooter is the best choice if you’re aiming for cost-effective green commuting. It is lightweight, durable, and has an innovative portable folding design. Thus, you can easily carry it around anywhere despite its weather-resistant materials. Furthermore, it has a long-lasting LG battery with a fast charge time of three to four hours.

If you’re looking for a casual and convenient transportation mode, the GOTRAX XR Ultra is the top choice. It can take you 15.5 miles per hour and carry a maximum load of 220 pounds, so you can travel with ease.

SWAGTRON Swagger 5 Boost

SWAGTRON is a well-known e-rideable manufacturer specializing in mobility. They offer quality products, such as hoverboards, skateboards, e-bikes, e-scooters, and more. Moreover, their integrated business model holds them in charge of product design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution.

Therefore, rest assured that all the products you purchase from them are quality-checked and reliable.

Product Specifications

ColorBlack / Silver
Frame MaterialAluminum
Weight26.5 lb
Dimensions41.5 × 17 × 45.3 in
Max Speed18 mph
Speed Modes3
Tire Size8.6 in
Tire TypeAirless Honeycomb Tires
Battery36V Long-Range Battery
Charge Time3.5 hrs


  ✅ Affordable

  ✅ Single-click folding 

  ✅ Airless honeycomb tires

  ✅ Durable and compact

  ✅ 3 speed modes

  ✅ Cruise control

  ✅ Long-range battery

  ✅ Built-in display

  ✅ GPS

  ✅ App-enabled

  ✅ Bluetooth-enabled

  ✅ LED headlight


  ❌ Needs improvement on inclines

  ❌ Limited traction

  ❌ Slower acceleration compared to other e-scooters

Our Verdict

SWAGTRON Swagger 5 Boost offers more than just convenient transportation. It’s a great commuting companion, offering Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control, three-speed modes, and map routes via GPS.

The one-click folding electric scooter also comes with a LED headlight and honeycomb tires, so you can safely commute at the speed of 18 miles per hour without encountering any ride issues throughout the trip.

HOVER-1 Alpha Electric Scooter

Hover-1 is a brand owned by DGL Group, one of the strongest consumer electronics manufacturers in the United States. They source the best materials to create innovative products and offer them at the best prices. Rest assured that you can find high-quality, reliable products in any of their 250,000 stores worldwide.

Product Specifications

ColorBlack / Blue / Red / Yellow / Gunmetal
Frame MaterialStainless Steel
Weight34.4 lb
Max Speed18 mph
Tire Size10 in
Tire TypePneumatic Air-Filled
Motor450W Brushless Motor
Battery36V Lithium-Ion Battery
Charge Time5 hrs
Max Load264 lb


  ✅ Affordable

  ✅ Foldable 

  ✅ Multiple color selections

  ✅ Durable and compact

  ✅ Wide footpad

  ✅ Cruise control

  ✅ Long-lasting battery

  ✅ Full LCD

  ✅ App-enabled

  ✅ Built-in Bluetooth speaker

  ✅ LED headlight


  ❌ Needs improvement on the folding mechanism

  ❌ Limited range

  ❌ Heavier than other e-scooters

Our Verdict

HOVER-1 Alpha Electric Scooter offers multiple color selections with various features that make travel safer and more fun. It’s app-enabled and comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, so you never have to get bored while riding it. Furthermore, its 400-watt motor allows you to travel at the speed of 18 miles per hour, so it’s perfect for fast transit and leisurely rides.

This foldable e-scooter promotes utmost convenience with its full LCD, making it possible to view the speedometer, battery status, cruise control, and headlight settings. It also has a wide footpad and a tall handlebar for ease of control.

Razor E Prime 3 Electric Scooter

Razor is best known for its cutting-edge scooter products since 2000, selling more than 50 million scooters worldwide. They are continuously revolutionizing the way people ride, providing multiple options that include a manual or an electric scooter dirt bike for adults, hoverboards, skateboards, and more! 

This trusted industry leader can guarantee that you will get the best products at the best price.

Product Specifications

Frame MaterialAluminum
Weight24.2 lb
Dimensions40.7 × 18.3 × 40.9 in
Max Speed18 mph
Tire Size8 in
Tire TypePneumatic Air-Filled
Battery36V Lithium-Ion
Charge Time6 hrs
Max Load220 lb


  ✅ Foldable and portable

  ✅ Durable

  ✅ Security lock point

  ✅ LED headlight

  ✅ Brake-activated taillight

  ✅ Dual brake action

  ✅ Long-lasting lithium-ion battery


  ❌ Average range

  ❌ Not recommended for steep inclines

  ❌ Longer charging time than other e-scooters

Our Verdict

Razor E Prime 3 Electric Scooter is a simple but powerful ride that’s great for commuting. It has a 200-watt electric motor and long-lasting lithium-ion electric scooter bike battery, giving you the power necessary for an 18-mile ride per hour. Additionally, you can easily carry it around because of its convenient folding mechanism.

The electric scooter guarantees safe trips with its dual brake action, brake-activated taillight, and LED headlight. Furthermore, it has a security lock point that allows you to secure it with a regular bicycle lock or chain.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to get around town other than electric bicycles or electric mopeds, then an electric scooter bike for adults is the perfect option.

We hope this roundup gives you insights into some of the best options on the market, so be sure to check them out before making a purchase!

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