Electric Mountain Bike: Our Top 5 Recommendations for Adventurous and Pain-Free Rides

February 14, 2022
electric mountain bike

Many want to try mountain biking because of its myriad benefits. These include physical exercise and a mental boost from seeing beautiful views and winning mini-challenges. However, not everyone can handle the physical strain of a regular mountain bike, so they look for ways to deal with the pain. 

Electric mountain bikes are the solution for pain-free rides! With an e-mountain bike’s pedaling assistance, you can avoid the harsh muscle strains. This feature is what made their popularity boom; now, more and more models get made. And with various choices, it becomes more difficult to decide which one to buy.

You’ve come to the right place! We will share in this blog post our top five electric mountain bikes that you can effortlessly pedal through steep slopes and rugged terrains. 

To ensure you will get the best ride, we’ve checked out the e-bikes’ motor power, wheels, and frame. Let’s begin!

1. Paselec 27.5-Inch Electric Mountain Bikes for Adults

Product Highlights

Get the pedaling assistance you need from the Paselec 27.5-inch e-mountain bike. It does not matter how steep the mountain slope you’re conquering is. This bike runs on a lithium-ion battery that can give off 500-W power and get your bike up to 28-mph speed (the fastest you can get before you level up to a 50-mph electric mountain bike for adults). 

As you change terrains, use the bike’s eight-speed shifter for smoother drives on rougher roads. On top of these are the aluminum frame housing the battery and the 27.5-inch anti-slip wheels that ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. 


  • A full-suspension bike, it gives great support for bumpy roads.
  • The battery is in a water- and dustproof case.
  • Be ready to bike up to 50 miles, the bike’s per-charging capacity.
  • Comes with a one-year frame warranty and a six-month motor warranty.
  • Has three riding modes: regular biking, electric biking, power-assisted biking.


  • The aluminum frame may be susceptible to stress and scratches on rough terrains.

2. E-Bycco 29-Inch Electric Mountain Bike for Adults

Product Highlights

When you bike through the mountains, there will be literal bumps on the road. These include sand, mud, soil, water, pebbles, rocks, grass, and tree roots. Thus, you need an e-mountain bike that can drive you through all these with ease. 

You can count on the E-Bycco 29-inch e-bike in this case. The front suspension, rubber tires, dual disc brakes, and Shimano 21-speed gears all work together to make the ride less bumpy. 

Meanwhile, you can drive at 28 mph with its lithium-ion removable battery. It only takes four to five hours of charging time before you have a fully charged bike


  • You can drive on bike, motor-assisted, or electric mode.
  • Has removable battery
  • Equipped with an LCD that gives you vital information about your ride
  • You can also use it as a road and urban bike.
  • Has adjustable seats and LED headlights for night biking


  • One buyer review noted that the bike does not come with a manual.

3. Epikgo 26-Inch Electric Mountain Bicycle

Product Highlights

The EPIKGO 26-inch e-bike is not only for off-road adventures but also for road biking. You can drive it up to 20 mph thanks to its 36-V lithium-ion battery and 21-speed gear shifting capacity. When you are in a rush to work or a business meeting, you can switch to full-electric mode to arrive at your destination faster. 

Meanwhile, if you’d like to bike in different mountain trails, you can switch to pedal-assisted or regular bike mode. This electric bike also comes with a headlight and reflectors for safe biking in the dark. 


  • Has a visually pleasing design that looks classy on the road and mighty in the mountains
  • Stop safely using the bike’s front and rear disc brakes.
  • The bike frame is made of carbon fiber, which is more robust than steel and aluminum.


  • Buyer reviews show that some bike parts arrive broken or have scratches.

4. HH Hiland 27.5-29-Inch Rockshark Electric Mountain Bike

Product Highlights

Biking can be your go-to activity when you want to de-stress from a long week’s work. But you do not need to wait for the weekends to cycle: the HH Hiland Rockshark e-bike is fully capable of taking on normal roads. 

Powered by a 36-V lithium-ion battery, it can drive up to 21-mph speed. You can power through and shift gears using the Shimano 21-speed if you are running late to work. Meanwhile, if you’re taking it to the mountains, you’ll barely feel the pressure despite the bumpy terrains because the bike has a front suspension to absorb the shock. 


  • Equipped with an LED screen to display important information about your ride
  • Has a front disc brake
  • When driving at night, the LED headlight will light the way.
  • With a single battery charge, you can drive as far as 50 miles.


  • Its top speed of 21 mph is way lower than its counterparts.

5. Aostirmotor 26-Inch Fat-Tire Mountain Bike

Product Highlights

Before biking in the mountains, you check for three bike features: the tires, frames, and suspension. 

It is essential to have tires that are robust and fat enough to withstand rocks, mud, and other elements. The frames need to be strong against abrasion, while the suspension fork ensures impact will not rock you off the bike. 

You'll find these three essential features in the Aostirmotor fat-tire mountain bike. The tires of this bike are four-inch wide, and it uses aluminum alloy for both the frame and dual suspension fork. 


  • You can drive it up to 25 mph.
  • Needs only four to six hours of charging time 
  • Has an LCD to view essential biking information
  • Has an LED headlight and reflector for night biking
  • Complete with a user’s manual for bike setup and other instructions


  • The bike and battery arrive in separate packages.

Final Thoughts

It takes research and effort nitpicking every product detail to get the best electric mountain bike. It’s even more so when you’re determined to switch to a bike that will satisfy your ceaseless desire for adventure while keeping your muscles and joints free from pain. 

We hope that this review can make your shopping a little easier. Each bike on our list has something unique to offer in your search for a pain-free electric bike you can ride on mountain slopes and off-road adventures. 

Want more bike recommendations? Check out our other reviews and buying guides. We made them for adventure seekers like you! 

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