Electric Motorbike Alternatives: 3 of the Best 3-Wheeled Bikes for Your Everyday Needs

April 22, 2022
tricycle with pet on rear

Electric bikes are in the hype right now because of their functionality and style. It's a good ride where you don't spend fuel but gives you enough speed to zigzag through the bustling city. However, e-motor bikes are expensive. It's an investment, and maintenance can be costly too. Nevertheless, there are excellent bike options out there that you can enjoy at an affordable price. 

Ditch the electric motorbike for adults, and let's explore the fun and amazing features of three-wheeled bikes. These tricycles are perfect for cruising around town, going for a grocery run, or keeping yourself toned and active. Below is a closer look at these adult tricycles

The Top 3 Three-Wheeled Bikes for Adults 

Many adults think that three-wheeled bikes are for children. However, these bikes have been designed for adult use as well. If you want to go strolling around the park, go on a picnic, or have a simple means of transportation, owning a tricycle is a wise choice. It's easier to control and handle, plus it's a more fun way to ride and is cheaper than standard mountain bikes. 

Here are our top three picks and why they are worth purchasing!

Household small adult tricycle

Household Items Small Adult Tricycle 

This first bike on our list is an excellent companion for all ages. The Household bike's small design caters to young adults and old riders. The design of this bike allows for great control and comfort as you ride. Let's look at the five-star features of this bike. 

Product highlights

  • The bike's frame is made from high-carbon steel, which is usually the material for premium mountain bikes. You can guarantee that this bike is extremely durable and can withstand impacts without ruining the bike's frame. 
  • The bike is coated with electrostatic paint, giving the bike a vibrant and shiny color. Moreover, this special paint protects the bike's frame from rust and corrosion.  
  • The bike features a dual braking system and gives more accurate and controlled stopping power. Furthermore, the bike seat is designed with comfort in mind. It has a wide area to cradle your entire bottom and backrest to support and prevent any lower back pains. 
  • The bike's design guarantees stability. Its wheels are titled inwards to ensure the bike will not roll over upon turn. Furthermore, these features keep your bike upright and keep all the cargo in your basket in place and secure. 

Product lowlights

  • Compared to other adult tricycles, the basket at the rear of the basket is much smaller, so you cannot carry several loads at once. Moreover, the bike only has a single-speed gear. It has no problem over even pavement, but you'll find it more straining on sloped roads.
addmotor M_350

Addmotor M-350 Fat Tire Three-Wheel Bicycle

If you're looking for three-wheel bikes for adults with an electric motor, then the Addmotor M-350 is for you. It's packed with a powerful motor for more speed to go further. 

Product highlights 

  • This heavy-duty bike can do all for you. It is compatible with riders between 5'2" to 6'4" and has a maximum carrying capacity of 350 pounds. In addition, the bike's oversized design makes it compatible and safe for heavy riders. 
  • The bike features two carrying baskets, one in the rear and the front, to double its carrying capabilities. The rear basket is big enough to carry a haul of supplies like tools or groceries. You can even bring your furry friend on your rides because they fit too! 
  • This electric bike has a powerful 750-watt hub motor and can go up 25 mph and help ride over angled roads with ease. Depending on your speed and pedal assist mode configuration, the bike can cover 45-55 miles on a single charge. 
  • Since the bike has fat tires, it's easy to maneuver in any terrain and gain speed; beach, gravel, snow. This bike can handle it all. In addition, Addmotor provides two years of service warranty that includes a battery to bike motor repairs. 

Product lowlights

  • This bike is perfect for strolling and carrying heavy items around. From the build to its feature, the Addmotor is probably the best electric three-wheeled bike on the market. But of course, this high-caliber bike comes with an expensive price tag. The bike costs around $3000, and it can be big money for some.
mobo triton pro orange

Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle 

This last bike on our list is not your ordinary tricycle bike for adults with an electric motor. If you are looking for a little challenge to keep your body fit and healthy, the Mobo Triton Pro is a fun way to ride around town and get that needed exercise.

Product highlights

  • The Mobo Triton Pro is a three-wheeled recumbent bike. It's a great exercise tool that you can bring and enjoy outdoors. The Mobo triton bike is available in colors and sizes, so you can find a recumbent bike that fits you perfectly. 
  • The Mobo triton bike is a great way to do cardiovascular exercises without stressing your legs and lower back too much. The reclined seat of the bike is cushioned, and it has adequate leg space that makes the bike comfortable even for older users. 
  • The bike's design has a low center of gravity, making it easy to control and balance. The bike also features a dual joystick for easy maneuvering with a simple move of the hand. 
  • The bike's frame is made from an extremely durable Hi-Ten steel frame. Furthermore, the bike can carry a rider with a height between 4'2" to 6'3" and weigh up to 250 pounds. 
  • The bike has caliper brakes for powerful stopping power and a no-chain design for worry-free riding. No need to worry about maintaining and repairing the bike's chains with the Mobo Triton Pro. 

Product lowlights 

  • Some customers report receiving defective parts of the bike, like tires with holes that won't inflate. Furthermore, the bike comes disassembled, and no instruction manual is included in the package. Many users found it hard to assemble the bike themselves. 
  • This bike is perfect for straight roads and minimal turns. Since this is a recumbent bike, it has a wide turning radius, which makes this bike difficult on roads with sharp turns. 

Final Verdict 

The trendiest bike is not always the best bike. Explore your options from these three-wheel bikes and discover more fun and functionality with them. They may not be your standard mountain bike, but their bikes' build and features can compete with the popular bikes in the market today. 

For casual riding, a relaxing stroll, or an easy mode of transportation, three-wheeled bikes will not disappoint you. Moreover, this ride is suitable for all ages, so your whole family can enjoy. 

Explore our other blogs for more detailed information if you're looking for electric motorbike reviews and recommendations. 

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