Budget-Friendly Alternative to Electric Motion EM 5.7 Escape Dirt Bike to Check Out ASAP!

June 23, 2022
electric motion em 5.7 escape dirt bike alternative

The Electric Motion EM 5.7 Escape dirt bike is undeniably one of the best of its kind. The dirt bike boasts a maximum speed of 75 km/h with a tantamount torque capacity of 600NM. It's a dirt bike both enthusiasts and beginners would love to get. Unfortunately, this beauty comes at a price ranging from $10,000-$10,500. 

If you are still in the process of saving a huge amount but already wanting some off-road adventure, we have just the electric dirt bike alternative you can have ASAP!

Say hello to The eBike Motor 8000W electric mountain bike, which costs around $4,200-$5,500, half the price of the Escape Easy Motion Electric Bike. We'll review why it is worth the purchase while waiting for the day you can get a hold of the Electric Motion Escape. Let's go!

Take a Fancy at First Glance

Every rider wants a bike they'll be proud of riding. The eBike Motor 8000W e-mountain bike's look is straightforward but appealing. The battery is located inside a black box in the middle part of the bike frame. 

The box's color blends well with your chosen bike color of either black, red, or white. The pitch-black seat, handlebars, and robust wheels give the bike a tough look while blending well with the overall design. At just a glance, the bike is charming, and it gives you the impression of being lightweight but powerful at the same time. 

Made for Tough Adventures

The eBike Motor 8000W electric bicycle is a worthy companion for your mountain and dirt trail adventures. The trail bike is equipped with 19-inch knobby tires that scream power. You can confidently take on trails with pebbles, stones, grass, earth, or even snow. 

Even motocross trails are easy to handle because the rear suspension ensures your grip and bike won't shake, and you'll still have balance.

The bike's frame is made of a combination of steel and aluminum. This feature ensures that you have a strong bike that can withstand shock and pressure but is still lightweight and easy to drive. 

Rain or shine, you have a reliable dirt bike to ride on! And because of the bike's headlight, you can also drive day or night. 

electric motion em 5.7 escape dirt bike-easy motion electric bike alternative

A Badass Cruiser Bike

Meanwhile, if you want to bike in a more relaxed mode, The eBike Motor 8000W electric mountain bike is also a reliable cruiser bike—with a badass twist. This electric mountain bike has a mechanical and modern look compared to cruiser bikes with a more antique and relaxed appearance.

The 8000W electric mountain bike from The eBike Motor can drive through beach sand, paved roads, and boardwalks the same or even better in driving capabilities. You'll have a better and smoother riding experience on wobbly sand or bumpy boardwalk because of the bike's knobby tires and rear suspension features.

Satisfying Your Need for Speed

The Escape Electric Motion bike has a maximum speed of 75 km/h, which The eBike Motor 8000W electric dirt bike exceeds, being able to drive at a top speed of 90-100 km/h. When it comes to torque, the 8000W motor has a maximum torque of 125NM.

Feel the breeze of the beach air and get the adrenaline rush you aim for as you drive at top speed on paved roads and challenging trails.

A Few Considerations Before Buying

  • The Escape model dirt bike is still ahead for torque with 600NM capacity. The 8000W bike from The eBike Motor only has a maximum torque of 125NM.
  • The bike frame is more susceptible to rust because of the steel material, so it is best to keep it dry. 
  • The suspension fork is only on the rear, so it has less shock absorption than dual suspension bikes.

Final Verdict

If you are in a rush to experience the most challenging trails or enjoy the fresh sea breeze, the 8000W bike from The eBike Motor is a great choice. It costs half the price of the Electric Motion Escape dirt bike. Despite being 50% more affordable, the quality of the 8000W bike is almost at par with the elite characteristics of the Escape bike. 

So, for our final verdict, we think that The eBike Motor 8000W electric bike is a worthy investment while you are still saving for more expensive bikes. 

If you need more information about electric bikes, mountain bikes, electric bike alarms with motion sensor remote, and plenty more particulars about bicycles, check out our reviews and buying guides. We have plenty for you!

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