Combining Safety and Fun: 4 Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids with Training Wheels

July 29, 2022
electric dirt bike for kids

Most kids are itching to try out the exhilarating hobby of being active outdoors. One of these activities probably is they dream of riding on an electric scooter or gas dirt bike with a large knobby tire. But they can be dangerous for younger kids who aren't used to them.

A training-wheeled electric dirt bike can be the ideal beginning for them! This kind of ride is for prospective young riders who wish to enjoy a relatively stable ride while getting a taste of the thrill and excitement of off-road bicycling.

Learn about the benefits of having training wheels for starters in this guide. Then, see which bike is the best for your child by looking through our top four picks for kids' ebikes!

How Can Training Wheels Boost a Parent’s Confidence?

Parents constantly strive to strike a balance between safety and fun to make their child's experiences priceless. At this point, they think of training wheels as essential to a kid's biking and riding journey. 

Although they are not truly necessary, training wheels can provide parents peace of mind, especially since kids are not immune to the dangers of the outdoors. Here’s other information that may assure parents that training wheels are a great deal:

  • Kids are less likely to fall off their bikes because of the additional stability and support that training wheels offer.
  • Kids can learn to hold and steer their bicycles with the support of training wheels. They can progressively move to ride without training wheels as they develop more expertise and confidence in their skills.
  • Training wheels enable younger kids to become accustomed to riding a bike without the need to be concerned about pedaling too fast.

Achieving Balance and Fun: 4 Best Kids’ Electric Dirt Bike with Training Wheels

It takes a lot of effort to find the “close-to-perfect” electric dirt motocross bike for your kids.

Luckily, you don’t have to immediately check Monster Moto mini bikes or Razor Mx650 for your little ones. We have put together a list of four cheap electric dirt bikes for kids with training wheels. More than balance, each of them has superb traits that can amaze and entertain your child at any moment.

#1 TOBBI 12V Kids Electric Dirt Bike

TOBBI Kids Electric Dirt Bike

First on our list is the TOBBI Kids’ Electric Dirt Bike. This kid-friendly motocross electric dirt bike has all the components that will get your kids off the couch and into the great outdoors.

How does TOBBI entail the perfect combination of safety and excitement?

When kids first learn to ride, they need a stable motocross bike that is easy to control. TOBBI has the right amount of power to get young riders pumped up without putting them at risk. 

The following factors make it possible for kids to get out and take a spin:

  • ASTM-Certified: This certification indicates that this electric dirt bike satisfies all safety requirements. With this, you’ll be reassured when your child rides it.
  • Well-Built Wheels: The huge, EVA rubber-ringed front and rear wheels are non-slip and resistant to wear; they also have a firm grip. This feature makes the TOBBI electric dirt bike suitable for riding on flat surfaces like wooden floors, rubber runways, cement/asphalt highways, etc.
  • Shock-Absorbing Spring Suspension: This electric vehicle supports the seat height for higher comfort in driving.
  • 12V-7AH Battery Life: You'll never have to worry about running out of gas or needing an oil change since it's electric. After it is fully charged, you have 40 to 60 minutes of usage.
  • Dual Powerful Motors: This electric dirt motocross bike has two strong motors that produce 35 watts of power at maximum speed. This enables it to handle even the roughest terrain.
  • Start Button: Any rider can easily control this electric motorcycle because it has a start button on its adjustable handlebar.

What areas does TOBBI need to strengthen?

While TOBBI has made great strides in developing the best electric dirt bike for kids, they can improve specific areas in this bike.

  • Plastic Components: While the plastic components are functional, they are not as durable as some of the other parts of this motocross bike. This factor can be a problem since kids often go hard on their toys and can easily break or damage the plastic features.
  • Non-Slip Footrest: The non-slip footrest of this electric motorcycle is also prone to cracking and breaking, although you can fix this with replacement parts.

#2 HUFFY 6V Kids Electric Dirt Bike

Huffy 6V Kids Electric Dirt Bike with Training Wheels

Get your kids to move and speed safely with Huffy 6V Kids Electric Dirt Bike with Training Wheels. It has various features like a rear brake, disc brake, and a full-throttle that provide a smooth, stable ride for beginners.

Where do the fun and safety start on a HUFFY 6V electric dirt bike?

Young riders will have a blast zipping around the street with the following qualities of the Huffy electric bike that make it more fun yet secure.

  • Power Button: The motocross dirt bike will start to speed the moment the power button is pressed.
  • Realistic Design: The slick-looking frame, sleek windshield, and fuel cap of this bike can appeal to the child's sense of imagination and adventure.
  • 6-Volt Battery Life: This battery powers the electric motor on the bike, providing it with the torque it needs to get up and go.
  • Convenient Wall Charger: The charging process is easy, providing 40 minutes of full use, so a rider can be up and riding in no time. Simply connect it to any regular wall outlet.
  • Headlight: The bright white headlight guarantees that your child can see where they're going, even when racing through the dark. 
  • Footrest: The Huffy 6V kids electric motocross bike comes with metal footrests to keep your child's feet firmly in place while they ride.

What areas does HUFFY need to strengthen?

Huffy has made a significant effort to enter the electric dirt bike market, although some gaps in this electric bike still need to be filled in.

  • Challenging to Assemble: Customers have reported that it takes several hours to put together a single bike. Also, missing parts and confusing instructions plague the process.
  • No Variable Speed Control: This model does not include this feature, which limits the young rider's speed options.

#3 AOSOM 6V Kids Electric Dirt Bike

AOSOM 6V Kids Electric Dirt Bike

Give your little ones a memorable ride without falling off with this AOSOM 6V Kids Electric Dirt Bike. It is comparable to a gas-powered dirt bike but without noise, fumes, or messy cleaning.

How does a 6V AOSOM electric dirt bike protect kids while having fun?

Adventurous slash safe electric dirt biking is achievable with the electric bike’s accompanying features:

  • Clean Battery Power: This bike is equipped with clean battery power to give your child a safe and eco-friendly ride.
  • Balanced Speed Range: The bike's balanced speed range of 1.86 to 3.7 MpH assures that young riders can safely navigate various challenging terrains.
  • Tunes for Cruising: Six songs are pre-installed to set the mood for a fun and safe ride.
  • Durable Materials: The metal frame is durable and can take a few bumps and scrapes.

What areas does AOSOM need to strengthen?

It’s not surprising that the AOSOM electric dirt bike is a terrific bike for kids, although they can still modify it in a particular aspect.

  • Back Wheel: The back wheel may be slightly larger than the front wheel, but this does not make a significant difference in the bike's overall stability. However, it is worth noting that some kids may find it difficult to turn.

#4 QABA 6V Kids Electric Dirt Bike

A young adventurer in life deserves hours of outdoor fun, and a QABA 6V Kids Electric Dirt Bike might be the right choice for them!

What makes a 6V QABA electric dirt bike adventurous?

A QABA electric dirt bike shouts adventure for some reason. Perhaps it's the absence of gas-related hassles or the experience of a novice motocross rider.

Whatever the reason, the QABA electric dirt bike's outstanding trademarks may provide your kids the winning sensation of a motocross rider like Jeremy McGrath without endangering themselves.

  • Accelerator and Brake Options: The disc brakes are easy to use and offer plenty of stopping power, while a twist grip throttle controls the accelerator for easy speed control, even when riding at maximum speeds.
  • Music and Lights: The built-in speakers produce crisp, clear sound, while the LED headlights and taillights ensure you'll be seen even in low-light conditions.
  • Powerful Motor: This motocross bike is powered by a 6v motor that can reach speeds of up to 1.25 mph. With this, your child can dash through trails and tackle tough terrain like mud, grass, and rutted dirt.
  • Soft Padded Seat: A soft-padded seat is the best solution for a young rider if they feel that they are fussy about sitting on a hard seat.

What areas does QABA need to strengthen?

Despite the electric dirt bike's dependability, a few areas may hinder its progress.

  • Stickers Are Peeling: Some parents found that the stickers on their bikes tend to peel, especially if they get wet. Although you may find it annoying, you can fix this with a clear nail polish or another adhesive sealant to hold the stickers in place.
  • Plastic Tires: The tires can eventually require replacement as they deteriorate over time.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know a little more about each of these four kids’ electric dirt bikes with training wheels, it should be simpler and easier to choose one. Whichever you decide on, we hope your child has a blast riding their new electric dirt bike and experiencing the joys of balance and fun. 

If you want to learn more about a specific motocross bike, electric dirt bikes, or other related products, feel free to browse Cyclebuddy’s cycling reviews!

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