Electric Dirt Bike for Adults: Catch the Drift with Our Top 4 Picks

January 24, 2022
electric dirt bike for adults

A lot of people believe that dirt e-bikes are only for kids. That couldn't be further from the truth! Electric dirt bikes offer a level of control and safety that traditional gas-powered dirt bikes cannot provide. 

It's one thing to buy a simple dirt bike for adults because you're just getting into the sport, but it's another to afford the best electric dirt bike in the market. We want to help you elevate your riding experience, so we put together this review to help you find the perfect dirt e-bike for your thrill-seeking rides! 

What Is an Electric Dirt Bike? 

Before you get excited about our choices for you, you have to be clear about what an electric dirt bike is. The major difference between these dirt bikes and your standard motorcycle is that the former runs on electricity while the latter runs on gas. In addition, e-bikes are generally quieter and don't emit smoke, making them a more environment-friendly choice

When it comes to speed, gas-powered motorcycles can give more. But with the development of technology and high-capacity powertrains, some electric models can run more than 100 mph. So, if you think electric dirt bikes suit your needs, go check out the options we have for you.  

All-Electric Bikes for Tough Rides: The 4 Best Adult Dirt E-Bikes

Are you ready to get your hands on a dirt e-bike? Before you finally make a purchase, check out this list to help you decide. Here are some of the fastest electric dirt bikes for adults that run at 50 mph and faster. 

Hold onto your seats; this will be a quick yet exciting ride. 

Zero Motorcycle Zero FX Bike 

Quick Specifications 

  • Price: $11,595
  • Weight: 112 kg 
  • Maximum Speed: 136 mph 
  • Range: 74 km 
  • Battery Capacity: Z-Force Li-Ion integrated
  • Transmission: Clutchless direct drive 
  • Front Suspension: Showa 41mm inverted 
  • Rear Suspension: Showa 40 piston 
  • Brakes: Bosch Gen 9 ABS 

We are starting this list with a monster dirt bike. The Zero FX is dubbed the lean and mean motorcycle because of its slim size and powerful performance. 

Zero FX uses an electric powertrain on- and off-road. This dirt bike also sports a long-legged suspension system, allowing it to take rugged terrains with ease. Zero FX is the perfect bike for both leisurely and extreme rides. 

Additionally, you can connect this motorcycle with Zero’s motorcycle application, enabling you to switch between sports and eco modes. And the most impressive thing about this bike? Its top speed is at 136 mph! 

male rider in Kalk OR electric bike


Quick Specifications 

  • Price: $13,000
  • Weight: 75 kg
  • Maximum Speed: 90 mph 
  • Range: 3 km 
  • Battery Power: Waterproof lithium-ion charged EVs 
  • Front Suspension: Ohlins front fork suspension
  • Rear Suspension:  Ohlins rear shock suspension 
  • Brakes: 220-mm hydraulic disc brakes   

This electric bike is a product of Cake, a company in Sweden that strives to manufacture lightweight but powerful electric bikes. The Kalk is a fast electric dirt bike for adults that can run up to 50 mph. It looks like a fat mountain bike with an electric motor. 

This model is good for exploring light trails and riding on-road. However, if you want an electric bike that can take rough roads, Cake offers a heavier version of the Kalk more suitable for extreme rides. 

Sur Ron X Dirt Bike 

Quick Specifications 

  • Price: $4,199
  • Weight: 52 kg 
  • Maximum Speed: 47 mph 
  • Range: 62 km 
  • Battery Power: Panasonic battery 
  • Front Suspension: DNM 8S front fork suspension
  • Rear Suspension:  Intersect TR rear suspension link 
  • Brakes: EBC HH Series Sintered Brakes

The Sur Ron X electric dirt bike is a relatively new line of e-bikes. However, it boasts unique features, putting it on the list of top bikes you should check out. 

The manufacturers of Sun Ron X wanted this bike to be street-safe, so they put the default speed at 20 mph. But you can modify the settings to have more speed if needed. 

Another unique feature of this bike is it can recharge its battery when you don't throttle during sports mode. This feature enables you to go further or save battery for a long day of riding.

Segway X160 Ninebot Electric Dirt Bike Motocross

Quick Specifications 

  • Price: $4,499
  • Weight: 50 kilograms 
  • Maximum Speed: 32 mph 
  • Range: 41 km 
  • Battery Power: Swappable 1920Wh battery
  • Front Suspension: Adjustable front fork
  • Rear Suspension: Segway multi-link hydraulic suspension
  • Brakes: Mechanical drum brake

The lightness of the Segway X160 dirt bike combined with its tough body frame makes it easy for riders to perform bike tricks with full control and stability. This dirt bike has a dual drive system to give your torque more power. It also ensures that your bike chains won’t give out during the ride. 

Segway X160 has swappable batteries. So when you run out and want to go further, just bring a spare, and you can continue to ride on your dirt bike. Additionally, it has a fast-charging technology, which allows you to fully charge your bike in under four hours. 

All parts of the X160 are highly customizable. You can mix and match compatible parts to build the dirt bike of your dreams. 

Before You Buy 

Are you all in on the electric dirt bike hype train? You may want to hold on for a few moments. An electric dirt bike for adults with a top speed of 50 mph may sound a great deal, but you will encounter some lowlights. 

  • Since these bikes are all-electric, you will need to charge them to use them. Some of these bikes may have quick charging times, but models with a wider range require longer hours—even a whole day—of charging. Thus, it may not be suitable for daily use. 
  • These bikes are quieter, so you won’t hear the revving sound that comes with traditional bikes. If you're all about showmanship, you may find e-bikes a little lacking. 
  • Batteries need replacement every two to three years, and the prices of electric dirt bike batteries are not cheap. The cost will also be an issue when replacing parts for repair and maintenance. 

Final Thoughts 

It's time to upgrade your good old mountain bike with something faster, sleeker, and more exciting. Now’s your chance to invest in a premium electric dirt bike for adults. This bike can conquer the toughest terrains without the loud noise and the burnt smell. So get one now and enjoy the thrill of extreme sports. 

If you are looking for more electric dirt bike recommendations, explore our blog to discover bikes more suitable for your needs and preference. 

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