Going Duo: Share Adventures With Your Kid Using an Electric Bike With Child Seat

November 18, 2021
electric bike with child seat

Some of the happiest adventures of our lives as individuals are locked in moments shared with other human beings. That's what Christopher McCandless, also goes by Alexander Supertramp, realized when he ventured into the wild to seek his happiness— that it's only real when shared.

Who else can you best share the happiness of biking with? Your kid, of course! And if you've been feeling a little let down by all the electronic bike riding adventures you've been doing alone lately, maybe it's time to share the adventure. Here are some of the reasons why you should tag your kid along next time.

Reasons to Get Your Kid in an Electric Bike With Child Seat

Getting your kid to hop on a bike with you has a lot more to it than you think. It's more than just tagging them along for the ride. In case you need a few more reasons to compel you to get on board the idea of your child riding along, here are they.

1. It exposes them to nature and the outdoors.

The change of scenery from indoors to outdoors will be an awesome way to pique your child's interest and make them realize that there's plenty of interesting things to discover outdoors. Plus, it gives them a screen time break.

2. Promotes your and your child's health.

Breathing in the cool breeze and feeling the warmth of the sunshine during an early morning ride with your mini-me promotes health. There's nothing like a good dose of vitamin D to boost bone health and immunity. You get the same benefits as your kid, and you'll appreciate that sharing the sunshine with your little one brings extra joy that helps fend off bad thoughts.

3. Allows them to hone their observation skills.

Most kids are fascinated with just about everything. So, why not channel the fascination into something more productive, like getting to know the world they live in? Ride your bike and tag your kid along, then go on a trip to a nearby forest or river. 

Before you even get there, you'll be answering hundreds of curious questions from your kid. That's how you know they're sharpening their observation skills. You'll also find yourself sharpened by answering them off the top of your head.

4. A great way to introduce your kid to ride a bike.

Putting your kids on bike seats or letting them ride at the back of a family bike would be like getting a front-row seat to the experience that biking gives, minus the effort. To your kid, going out this way may spark his interest in biking. Soon they'll want to experience going to places by themselves with a bike. That's because you properly introduced them to it.

5. You get to be a practical parent.

No need to spend on gas to get to places where you and your child need to be. Get an electric cargo bike and install a child seat, and then you can take your kid to daycare, supermarket, or the nearby park while saving money and minimizing carbon footprint. You, your child, and the planet win.

6. You don't exhaust easily.

Electric bikes are installed with a motor that's powered by a battery. In some electric bikes, you have an option to use a throttle to accelerate, while in some cases, the motor assists your pedaling, especially on steep climbs, by giving you a boost. It’s less exhaustion and more enjoyment.

7. A source of quality experience with your child.

Riding a bike with your kid is one of the most pleasant experiences a child can have with a parent. It's right up there, along with experiences such as swimming at the beach, camping, or going to a theme park. These experiences create emotional imprints, which is an indication of a great time. And riding a bike together could evoke the same emotions that make it such a rich experience.

Preparing to Bring Your Kid Along for an Awesome Bike Ride

Now that you're convinced about the idea of tagging your kid along in one of your bike adventures (or errands), you need to prepare. As casual as riding a bike is for you as an adult, the little one may have a different perception. They might get stressed, become nervous, and dread the experience. That's what you don't want to happen.

You want to make sure the experience of riding with you is always a fun and pleasant one, especially if it's the first time. Here are some things you can check if you're fully prepared.

1. Make sure to check your bike's weight capacity.

Knowing your bike's weight capacity involves knowing the type of bike you're riding. Most mountain bikes have a limit of 250 lbs. If you want to be safe, get a cargo bike. It has a weight capacity of about 270-300 lbs and you can hold cargo as heavy as 20-30 lbs.

2. Get your safety equipment.

Safety is always first, so get a junior size helmet and even pads for the junior version of you before you prop them up on the bike. Of course, a parent should set a good example, so go ahead and throw in some adult-sized safety equipment you've wanted to buy— you now have a reason to. Also, don't forget to check out bicycle gears and accessories that would help increase safety and prevent accidents.

3. Practice first without your child.

Once you've gotten yourself a cargo bike, a child seat, safety equipment, and bike accessories, it's time to do a test run, but without your kid. Riding a bike can be a different and challenging experience when you have some extra weight and accessories to carry. You need to calibrate your handling skills for these weight additions. So get your electric bike with child seat on and run some errands that require picking up stuff weighing 30 lbs. 

As an alternative, you can try putting an improvised 30 lbs weight on the child seat every time you go out to ride. This will help your body obtain the muscle memory involved in having a back passenger.

4. Get familiar with how the child seat works.

Baby seats for mountain bikes and folding bikes often look straightforward. These seats are installed either on the top tube of the frame or in front of a handlebar. But seats for cargo and commuter bikes are often installed on the rear, thus they have a few more contraptions for safety. So get familiarized with how the seatbelt on the rear seat works and if your kid should fit into it before you purchase it.

5. Plan your route ahead of time to avoid potentially dangerous roads.

Plan your routes. This is important whether you're going to use the electric bike with a baby seat for daily pickups and drop-offs or a one-off road trip. Planning reduces the risks and dangers of riding. You don't want to end up beside a road frequently passed by cargo trucks that honk the loudest horns. That would be an unpleasant experience for you and your kid. So, plan your routes, avoid risky thoroughfares, and find alternative and enjoyable paths to pedal toward.

6. Last-minute checks

Before you head out, make sure you check that your child seat is installed tightly. You should also check if the tire pressure is adequate, your disc brakes are greased and working well, and your accessories such as headlights, reflectors, as well as your safety equipment are ready.

Happiness That Sits With You

Grabbing an electronic bike is a whole lot of fun. It also makes you more capable of going farther to places you want to go. But enjoying the sensations that come at the end of your trip becomes bland and familiar when you're the only one enjoying it. Be it a short trip downtown or a long ride in the countryside, bring someone with you— a small human being called your kid. Give them a seat. And maybe then you'll discover a renewed and complete sense of joy and happiness.

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