Same Bike, Different Feeling: How Electric Bike Conversion Kits Can Turn Something Old Into Something New

June 27, 2022
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No matter how much time has passed, the thought of giving up your old bike has never crossed your mind. You still enjoy riding the same bike you've owned for years, even when everyone else has upgraded to a new model.

Being attached to something is undoubtedly a wonderful experience. But what if you could retain the feel of an older bicycle while simultaneously using some modern-bike advantages?

The electric bike conversion kit could be what you need to energize your cycling routine. In this blog post, we will outline the benefits of the ebike conversion kit, what to expect from this item, its various types, and some tips before installation to guide you accordingly.

Key Advantages of Adding E-bike Conversion Kit to Your Old Bike

Bring back the glory days of biking with an electric bike conversion kit! These kits are designed to retrofit your old road bike with an electric motor, so you can still wander without getting rid of it. Below are some of its benefits:

  • It's an excellent approach to cut costs. Instead of buying a new electric bike, you can simply convert your old one. 
  • Adding an electric engine to your aged bicycle means you can bid farewell to flat tires and insurmountable climbs. 
  • An electric bike conversion kit makes pedaling more convenient and enjoyable, whether riding to work or enjoying a relaxing weekend ride.
  • Electric bikes produce zero emissions, so you can feel good knowing that your rides are helping to reduce pollution.
  • You'll be able to travel at speed faster than ever with an electric motor supporting you.

What To Expect From a Bike Conversion Kit?

If you're considering adding an electric bike conversion kit to your existing bike, you're definitely curious about the performance it can provide. Here are some variables you need to anticipate to grasp this cycling item better.


Most electric bike conversion kits have a motor, electric battery, and control system. The bike's engine, which typically attaches to the back wheel, powers the bike's forward motion. 

The bike's frame often houses the battery and powers the engine. The control system regulates the power supplied to the motor.


Most electric bike conversion kits will allow you to reach 20-30 mph speeds. The most powerful electric bike conversion kit may be able to hit 35 mph or even higher if you pedal hard. 

Even so, it's still necessary to note that the maximum speed will vary depending on the terrain, your weight, and the size of the motor.


Most conversion kits will allow you to travel between 20 and 40 miles per charge. Once more, this will vary based on elements like the terrain, the weight, and the wind resistance. 

It's a good idea to spend more money on a kit with a higher range if you intend to use your electric bike for commutes or longer rides.


The best electric bike conversion kit will give you between 250 and 750 watts of power. This power is enough to help you zip up hills and cruise at high speeds.

Types of Electric Bike Conversion Kits

In addition to the factors above, you must also consider which type of conversion kit is best for your bike. The most popular kit categories are shown here, summarizing each one's major features.

Mid-Drive Motors

This type of motor is attached to the bottom bracket of the bicycle, making it more lightweight than other types of motors. Mid-drive motors also provide better hill-climbing ability and balance.

Hub Motors

Another electric bicycle conversion kit form is one with a hub motor. They have decent power and range and are mounted on the bike's wheel. However, they might increase the bike's weight and make cycling more challenging.

Friction Drive Motors

Friction drive motors consist of a motor that attaches to the wheel hub and a friction roller that presses against the tire to provide power. Although friction drive motors are portable and simple to install, they are less effective than other motor types and may eventually cause tire damage.

Reminders Before Installing E-bike Conversion Kits to Your Old Bike

bike electric conversion kit - a man installing an electric bike conversion kit with battery

You can reconnect to the open road without working up a sweat with an electric motor and battery. Consider the following advice if you plan to revive your bike with an electric bike conversion kit with a battery.

Choose the Right Kit for Your Bicycle

It's crucial to conduct research before buying a kit because not all of them are compatible with all kinds of bicycles. You must also choose the kind of battery you intend to utilize. 

Although lead-acid batteries are the least expensive choice, they are indeed the heaviest and need upkeep more than lithium-ion batteries.

Follow the Instructions Carefully

Even though it might seem like a no-brainer, reading and understanding the instructions is vital before beginning the installation procedure. Ask a friend or member of your family who is more knowledgeable than you if something is unclear.

Charge the Battery Regularly

Most e-bike batteries need to be charged after every few rides, so make sure you have a charger handy.

Check the Bicycle Conversion Kit Parts

Verify if every component works with your bike. Otherwise, have your bicycle checked up by a local shop to be on the safe side.

Modernize Your Bike While Keeping the Sentimental Value

Electric bike conversion kits are one of the best ways to breathe new life into your two-wheeled friend cheaply and easily. We've outlined a few key benefits of adding an e-bike conversion kit to your bicycle and what you can expect from such a kit. We've also included some conversion kit types and reminders before installing the kit on your bike. 

Want to know more about how bike conversion kits can help? Browse our guides and cycling reviews!

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