Hunting Town Art on Wheels with the Artful Electra Townie 7D Step-Through Women’s Bike

October 15, 2021
Mural artist

Cruising around town to find public art is an exciting experience. And the only way to participate in the experience is by hopping on a bike.

With the bike's slow and steady winding, you get to take in a town's vibrance. Cruising lets you know a town on a deeper level, which you can’t get from driving a closed-off vehicle.

One aspect of the town you want to search for is its art. Public art is the town's expression of its culture and sentiment. And what better way to get a proper introduction than by searching for it on two wheels.

It's one thing to search for art and another to ride one. Let's explore ways to find and appreciate your town's art and discover how the artfully made Electra Townie cruiser bike completes the exciting experience of town art hunting.

Street art and bike

How to find and appreciate your town’s art

Plan the hunt.

If you get a kick out of spontaneous exploration, you can skip this part. But if you're the type who likes to plan, it's best to know where the town's arts are located as well as what to expect. It'll save you time and effort.

Google Arts and Culture has an awesome section where you can discover cultural landmarks, museums, and artworks in your town. You can also go to the “Nearby” menu to find pinned art-related locations on your town's map. Otherwise, do a direct search of your town's name on the search bar to find content related to arts and culture.

Don't forget your camera.

A camera is not just for taking pictures. It's your way of capturing moments. And if you're going on an adventure to see art face to face, you might as well relish the effort you've put in by taking a photo remembrance. So, don't forget to bring your camera and take pictures that encapsulate the experience into a tangible memory worth keeping.

Hop on a bike.

If you plan on going to nearby artsy landmarks and museums, it's best to hop on a bike. It lets you see your surroundings better.

Automobiles are all business. They rob you of the part of the adventure where you discover something new along the way.

But don't just get any bike. Get one that matches the type of activity. Here's what we recommend.

In focus: The Electra Townie 7D Step-Through Women’s Bike

A cruiser bike like the Electra Townie is a suitable town explorer bike. It is an aesthetically pleasing bike that gives you a stable and steady ride, perfect for your art hunting adventure around town. 

Bike specifics

Bike style

Falling under the category of a cruiser bike, the Electra Townie 7D ladies’ bike is meant for comfortable strolls. The single-colored aluminum frame gives off a modest look, but the hue of each color variety for this bike is intelligently chosen to bring an attention-grabbing aesthetic while remaining low-key.

Without suspension, it insists on being ridden on smooth and flat surfaces.

Bike geometry

This women's townie bike from Electra has a step-through frame geometry. The seat is located further on the back and is not directly above the crankset. Moreover, the seat tube is angled, making the post and saddle lower than your average bike. The lowered seat gives the bike a wider wheelbase and a grounded feel.


The handlebar is in the category between a riser bar and a full-blown cruiser. The bar height is just right to give it some of the handling and versatility advantages of a riser bar, yet it also provides adequate comfort for the rider to just rest her hands on the bike's handle.


The Electra Townie bicycle has a seven-speed rear cassette and a derailleur attached to the rear hub. The gears are partnered with a twist shifter installed on the right handle of the bike. These parts are supplied by Shimano.

On top of the chain is a dirt guard that protects the chain from elements and slows down corrosion.


The wheel measures 26 inches, which enables a good combination of speed and handling prowess. The alloy rims are fitted with semi-slick street tires that measure 2 inches in width.

The tires' tread pattern is shallow, and that gives it low resistance when rolling on smooth road surfaces.


The Electra Townie bike is equipped with a rim brake system. The double-walled front and rear rims have clamps controlled by an alloy brake lever on the handlebar.



You can easily remove the wheels from the rear hub of the frame with just a pull of a lever. This feature makes it convenient to change wheels or remove them for a tire change.

The quick-release feature is also applicable on the seat post. You can instantly adjust the height by just pulling the quick-release lever.

Easy hop-on and hop-off

The lowered seat gives allowance for the standover height of the rider, while the peculiar top tube curvature gives allowance for your legs and feet to pass over the opposite side of the bike. Overall, getting on and off the Electra Townie cruiser bike is easy, thanks to these features.

Convenient forward pedaling

The crank's positioning on the bike frame encourages a downward pedaling motion. As a result, it is easy to get the bike rolling while in a seated position. The crank welcomes the weight of your foot and naturally leads it to move as soon as you lift both your feet off the ground.

In contrast, you have to stand up from the saddle and drive your foot forcefully on the pedal to get some types of bikes moving.

Flat Foot Technology

This technology is embedded in the Electra bike’s design. The handlebar's curvature, the long headset length, and the lowered saddle encourage an upright position from the rider, an ideal position to maximize comfort while coasting on the road. In addition, the bike allows you to put both your feet down during a stop without hopping off the saddle.

One size fits all

Anyone can ride this bike. The stack height and length are optimized for anyone to reach it. A minor adjustment on the seat post is necessary if it's too high to hop onto. However, once you get the right adjustment, you'll be riding this bike comfortably.


  • The Electra Townie Original 7D women's bike offers superior convenience and rideability that you'll want to hop on it as frequently as possible. You don't have to lift your entire leg to get onto it.
  • It feels firm on the ground when you pedal on smooth surfaces. The stability is matched with comfort because of the saddle cushion and the handlebar's reach.


  • The Electra Townie isn't as responsive on tight corners. This bike is meant to be ridden on straight and long roads.

It would be better if the stock included a front and rear fender to make this bike adaptable even on wet roads.

Mural and bikes

Roam around town on an artful bike

The Electra Townie 7D step-through women's bike offers an artful frame design that befits a cruiser bike. Its physical characteristics, such as the extended crankset, the angled seat post, and the curved top tube, deviate from the common triangular-shaped frames we always see on the road.

The bike's propensity to cruise steadily gives spectators a chance to admire this rolling artwork. You can't expect this bike to impress anyone on an uphill climb or a speed race. It doesn't insist on being identified as a mountain bike or a commuter bike. It beats its own path and establishes its identity as a bike meant for coasting.

You’ll want to get your hands on the Electra Townie women's bike if you want to roam around town on an artful bike. Its counterpart, the Electra Townie Original 7D men's bike, has a sharper feature but gives the same benefits.

Overall, the Electra Townie is a great adventure sidekick to have around, whether you're out to explore your town's artful sites and sights or just cruising around.

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