Function Over Fancy: The 500W Ecotric Fat Tire Electric Bike Review

December 10, 2021
ecotric fat tire electric bike review

There's a lot of questions you ponder before buying electric bikes. Do you feel like you always have to buy a high-end electric bike with outstanding properties? Do you have enough budget for it? The features are excellent, but will you really need them on your rides?

It's good to aim for the best, but it's not always practical. If you're not joining a competition and just want casual rides on various terrain, then an Ecotric bike would be good for you. You can find affordable and decent to well-performing bikes from the brand. If you're wondering what we can introduce as a functional bike on a budget, it's the Ecotric 500W Fat Tire Electric Bike.

Read this Ecotric Fat Tire Electric Bike review to determine whether it matches your biking needs and preferences.

Are Electric Bikes Any Good?

Suppose you're a newbie with electric bikes, and you're wondering if it's worth riding than regular ones. Naturally, it reduces the stress and impact of pedaling, but what else are e-bikes really capable of?

  • Provide extra strength and speed with little effort required
  • Improve your fitness just as good as regular bikes
  • More affordable than motor vehicles
  • A sustainable model of transportation
  • You have adjustable options to find the perfect biking assistance

Regular bikes are just as good, but these are features you'll find and experience only with e-bikes. Therefore, electric bikes can be simpler and more pleasant for casual rides on various terrain, depending on your preference.

The Ecotric Electric Bike 500W: To Buy or Not To Buy?

It's not always a waste of time and money when settling for "less than the best" bikes. In fact, you're spending them wisely and ensuring you'll get the rides you'll be satisfied with. Of course, you can always opt for a more expensive bike later— but for now, let's look into this Eco electric bike. Who knows? You might find this one straight up your alley!

To start, here's a table of technical specifications.

Frame Material6061 Aluminum Alloy
Brake TypeTektro mechanical disc with 160 mm Rotor
MotorGeared 500W rear hub motor
BatteryLithium-ion (36 V 12.5 AH)6-8 hours charging time Removable with lock
Gear SystemShimano 7-speed derailleur
Speed32 km/h (20 mph)
Bike Range15 miles (without pedaling)30‒35 miles 
Tire Dimensions26 × 14-inch fat tires
Weight58 lb (without battery)60 lb (with battery)
Controlling SystemSmart LCD
E-Bike ModesPedal assist and Throttle mode

Reasons to Buy 

What features make this Ecotric bike a good choice? Why should you buy this bike among the rest? Here are five reasons you might agree with.

1. The Fat Tires are Super Reliable

Heavy-duty flat tires are one of the strongest points of the 500W Ecotric Bike. Thanks to the solid grip and cushioning, you can now ride smoothly and worry-free on most terrain like sand, mud, rock, and snow. Unlike an Ecotric folding bike, the tires are larger and provide excellent stability. 

2. It Has a Quiet and Powerful Motor

The 500W brushless geared rear hub motor is one of the reasons why this bike can seamlessly take you to various terrain. It is strong and highly efficient and works quietly and smoothly. The motor also allows this e-bike to hit a maximum speed of 32 kph (19.9 mph). 

With five pedal assist levels, a throttle riding mode, and 7-speed Shimano gears, you can expect a decent and steady speed from this bike.

3. It's An Affordable E-Bike for Beginners and Hobbyists

You get a good fat tire e-bike that costs around $900. This is definitely a great choice for starters, hobbyists, or those seeking simple and affordable bikes. Moreover, you don't usually find features like fat tires in e-bikes around this price. It's one of the qualities that sets the Ecotric 500W apart from its competitors.

4. It's Composed of High-Quality Branded Parts

Some of the Ecotric bike's parts come from brands with a good reputation in bike performance. First, it includes a Shimano drivetrain which is often associated with excellent quality and pricing.

Second, it includes Tektro disc brakes that are very effective and have strong braking power. An affordable bike that incorporates these well-regarded branded parts is a good enough reason to purchase.

5. It has Excellent LCD and Controls

This Ecotric bike features an SW900 LCD and a controller guide. You can use them to make the most of your rides and comply with different bicycle laws. There are three buttons installed on this bike: up arrow, down arrow, and multifunction.

If you need to navigate through the main functions, press the multifunction button. Meanwhile, the other two buttons allow you to make changes in the settings. While riding, you can view the speed, battery life, motor watts, assistance level, and odometer from the display. 

Reasons Not to Buy 

Now here's another question you need to complete your purchasing guide. Why should you not buy this Ecotric bike? Here are three reasons why.

1. The Features Are Lacking

This bike falls short in the component aspect, given its price range. It lacks a suspension system for comfort, LED lighting for safety, and fenders for mud protection. Generally, it's a safe and reliable bike to hop on. However, with extreme road conditions, you might want to consider a more expensive bike.

2. It Can Be a Little Heavy and Rigid

If you're into super lightweight and portable bikes, this is not the best choice. It's a bit on the heavy side, making it hard for you to carry or fit it into a car trunk when necessary. If portability matters to you, then consider buying a folding fat bike. The brand also offers Ecotric folding electric bikes, so you might want to look into them. 

3. The Charger is Not Common

The charger included in this bike is not the standard type. As a result, it won't be easy to look for a replacement, so you must take good care of this electric bike's accessories.

At the end of the day, the Ecotric e-bike is still worth purchasing despite the disadvantages as long as you don't use it for long and heavy rides. 

Final Thoughts

The Ecotric 500W Fat Electric Bike makes a good choice for casual terrain rides. With a powerful motor and a fat-tire system, there's no hill that you can't climb. However, note that this isn't for speed contests. So when going up the hill, you'll find that it operates slow and steady instead of fast and lightweight.

It doesn't have fancy features and looks, but it passes off as one of the inexpensive e-bikes in the market. If you're simply into well-functioning bikes, this one will do the job well.

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