4 of The Easiest Electric Bike Kit to Install so You Save Your Energy for Upgraded Rides

May 30, 2022
electric bike kit - closeup of ebike wheel with a conversion kit battery and tools

You might think that installing an electric bike kit is tough. That's understandable, especially if you haven't used one before. Sure, there are e-bike kits that are hard to install, but you might be surprised to know that some are quite easy! 

It depends on the conversion kit purpose, brand, and installation skill. So don't shy away from getting one; you only need to find what's right for your bike. We've put together four simple e-bike kits so that you can enjoy your upgraded e-bike as soon as possible!

4 Simple Electric Bike Kits For Quick Upgrades

Not sure if you want an e-bike kit? Here are conversion kits that can change your mind. You can install these kits in a breeze and save your energy for upgraded rides!

electric bike kit with battery - bafang 48v 500w ebike conversion kit

#1: BAFANG Front Hub Motor and E-Bike Conversion Kit (48V 500W)

The Bafang 48V 500W Front Hub Motor E-Bike Kit comes from a reputable brand and can electrify your regular bike in no time! 

What's Inside This Kit

  • 48V 500W front hub motor
  • Controller box
  • 12 upgraded gauge spokes (black)
  • LCD Display (3 options)
  • MAXXIS pace tire
  • 1T4 cable, motor extension cable, and manual and power extension cable
  • Headlight
  • Left thumb throttle
  • Handle levers or sensors
  • Main wiring harness
  • Two PAS sensors
  • Installation hardware

Convenient Features

Multiple Part Options

We love how this conversion kit offers options for some parts—this means it can convert almost any e-bike! You also get multiple options on the battery, wheel size, LCD display, and e-brakes.

PAS Sensors

This conversion kit has two PAS cadence sensors for a convenient and easy installation process. The adjustable motor assistance lets you find the power level to help you with pedaling. It can also sense if you need pedaling assistance.

Standard Front Wheel Installation

Putting this kit together will be a no-brainer if you have experience with front-wheel e-bike conversions. It follows the typical installation procedure, from the wheel to the battery and LCD display.

A Complete Kit for a Reasonable Price

The price is not for everyone, but it's reasonable and cost-saving in the long run. This kit has all the necessary equipment to install the front hub motor on your bike. It also comes with add-ons for no additional cost.

Product Lowlights

  • It's expensive.
  • It's not an electric bike kit front wheel with a battery.
  • The instructions need improvement.

#2: AW Front/Rear Wheel E-bike Motor Conversion Kit

The AW E-Bike Converter Kit defines easy not only in assembly but also in range of convenient features! 

What's Inside This Kit

  • Aluminum wheel (1 × 26 inches)
  • 48V 1000W brushless hub motor
  • Dual-mode motor controller
  • Twist throttle
  • Controlling bag
  • Winding wipe
  • 2 handle grips and 2 brake levers
  • Cable tie set
  • Strip and PAS sensor
  • Battery connection cable
  • LCD meter

Convenient Features

Powerful Motor

The 48V 1000W motor is brushless and gearless, so no worries about frequent replacement or repair. You'll also enjoy a noiseless ride that can help you reach a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

Dual Mode Controller

You can easily switch between hall and non-hall effect modes. This function helps expand the life of your electric bicycle. So if your parts break down, you can use the controller to select non-hall mode and keep the motor running.

Pedal Assist System (PAS)

The motor incorporates PAS technology for easy and comfortable rides. It senses your pedal cadence and eliminates the need to press the throttle on the handlebars.

Sturdy, Safe, and Environment-Friendly Features

This kit includes an aluminum frame that adds stability and durability to support up to 220 pounds. It also incorporates an auto-power off when braking to save energy and ensure safety. Lastly, it's CE-certified for quality assurance and environmental protection.

Product Lowlights

  • It is heavier and bulkier than other kits.
  • It doesn't include a battery and charger.
  • It's not ideal for rainy days.

#3: Tongsheng TSDZ2 E-Bike Mid-Drive Conversion Kit

Can't afford a Bafang mid drive kit? Here's a budget-friendly alternative. The Tongsheng TSDZ2 Mid Drive E-bike Kit offers a unique feature that surpasses PAS sensors!

What's Inside This Kit

  • Built-in torque sensors and controller
  • 52V 750W e-bike motor
  • Throttle, e-brake, and front light (optional)
  • Cables (optional)
  • Wiring harness (optional)
  • 8 pin VLCD5 display
  • 42T chainring

Convenient Features

Lighter and Simpler Design

This kit is inexpensive, lighter, and more user-friendly than a Bafang mid drive kit. It doesn't have the same strength, but it's still powerful for most riders.

Torque-Sensing Pedal Assist

This feature sets the Tongsheng kit apart from its competitors. A torque sensor provides pedal assistance according to the pressure you put on the pedals. Thus, the harder you pedal, the more assistance you'll acquire. It will make you feel as if you have stronger legs!

Quality Components

The mid drive motor offers decent protection from splashes, its connectors are waterproof, and the controller has a sturdy metal housing. You will rarely experience any problems with these parts.

Product Lowlights

  • It's not an electric bike kit with a battery.
  • The displays are lacking and old-fashioned.
electric bike kit battery - voilamart 48v 1000w ebike kit

#4: Voilamart 48V 1000W E-bike Conversion Kit

This bike kit features easy installation and unique construction. Go for the Voilamart 48V 1000W E-Bike Kit if you want to put extra in the ordinary!

What's Inside This Kit

  • Brushless and gearless rear hub motor
  • 26 × 1.75-inch mountain bike tire
  • Motor controller with a bag
  • Cable ties with plastic coil
  • PAS crank sensor
  • Handlebars with a twist throttle
  • Brake handles
  • Manual
  • An alloy rim and stainless steel spokes

Convenient Features

Pre-Attached Nylon Tire

Don't worry about your lack of self-installation experience; the nylon tire comes pre-installed! This saves you time, effort, and extra cost for professional help.

Powerful Motor

The brushless and gearless motor provides enough power to help you pedal up the hills with ease. It features a rare-earth metal magnet and an intelligent controller that lets you switch between two power modes. 

Easy and Cheap Replacement

This kit is generally reliable, but you might still experience some issues. The good thing about it is that the parts are cheap and easy to replace. You can even get a backup without breaking the bank.

Product Lowlights

  • The manual needs improvement.
  • The battery and charger are sold separately.
  • The spokes are low quality.
  • There are issues with the hall sensors and motor controller.

Save Your Energy for Better Rides with a Quick Conversion Kit

Many people hesitate to buy an e-bike kit because they're worried about installing it. It may seem daunting, but some kits are designed for fast and easy setup. We compiled four of the most convenient conversion kits to upgrade your bike fast and enjoy powerful rides!

All four are promising, but our best pick is the Tongsheng TSDZ2 E-Bike Mid-Drive Conversion Kit! It offers a unique feature surpassing cadence sensors, is a dependable alternative to a costly kit, affordable, and has easy part replacements.

That said, always consider the drawbacks and legal aspects of riding. You can still enjoy your upgraded bike while following the legal speed limit. Explore our website for more articles on electric bikes and electric bike kits with a battery.

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