Bikes For Youth: A List of E-Bikes Similar to Swagtron Youth Electric Fat Bike EB6 Model

September 17, 2021
Young Adults Bike

Electric biking culture has come alive now more than ever. Just like in the days of old, the energy brought by this culture is luring in the fun-loving and hip youth and those young at heart.

If you are young (or feel young, anyway), this collection of electric bikes will bring out the best of your youthful energy. If you have a youngling of your own, then these bikes will help them enjoy their youth.

Swagtron Youth Electric Fat Bike EB6 Model

Price: $1000

Best For: Cruising on flat concrete and dirt roads.

The Swagtron Youth EB6 Electric Bike is our frontrunner for youth bikes. The fat tire option is an attractive trend for young riders because of its strong and uncompromising style. The fat tire bike is also at home with most biking activities involving smooth roads. An ideal bike to hop into if you want to get into the hottest two-wheel vehicle trend.


- This Swagtorn Fat Tire Bike is air-filled and has a shallow and distanced tread pattern suited for dirt roads. It’s held by a 20-inch wheel size, giving the entire EB6 model the right height and handling capacity for young riders.

- The EB6 has a rigid frame. It doesn’t have any suspension and cannot be folded. This Swagtron Mountain Bike model is meant to be ridden on flat surfaces unlike the other EB electric bikes such as the EB8 and EB5 models.

- The removable 36V battery pack behind the seat post is composed of lithium and has a range of 20 miles when fully charged. The charging cycle is within 4–5 hours.

- The rear hub motor has a top speed capacity of up to 18.6 mph making it great for giving riders a boost in challenging conditions.

- The battery indicator on top of the battery lets you know if the pack is fully charged while the battery LED display on the right side of the handlebar lets you check how much battery you have left.


- It feels more grounded. It doesn’t wobble vigorously when trying power through the pedal when trying to accelerate using your feet. It can also handle sharp tilts because of the thick wheels, allowing you to bank on tight corners firmly.


- The rigid frame makes it a challenge when encountering huge bumps because of the undiminished impact coming from the obstacle.

Swagcycle Pro Swagtron Pedal Less Electric Bike

Price: $550

Best For: Casual commutes for kids.

The Swagcycle Pro by Swagtron is an awesome electric bike for kids who have learned how to bike. The small build of the Swagcycle Pro can transition them to a more complicated motorcycle ride. It can also be used by adults who are going for a casual commute with a mix of public transportation.


- The Swagcycle Pro has a collapsible neck which makes it easy to carry on any public transportation without it becoming a nuisance to others.

- App enabled. You can use the Swagcycle Pro app to check and monitor your distance, current speed, and battery life. It also lets you record your data for future references and allows you to tweak the electric bike’s settings

- There’s a built-in headlight and taillight on the Swagcycle Pro that makes it capable for night strolls. You’ll have the capability for road visibility and avoid dangers when crossing over main roads.

- The bike is fully electric and is completely run by a 350W motor that has a speed potential of up to 18 mph.

- The cruise control lets you lock in a constant speed without having to keep your wrist bent trying to maintain the position of the twist throttle.


- The bike is easy to carry around because of its foldability.

- The cruise control is an advantage for Swagcycle Pro. Not many electric bikes under the same category have this feature. This brings a lot of convenience to the rider.


  • There’s no display on the handle. It relies on your mobile phone and uses it to generate a display.

Pedego Element Kids Electric Bicycle

Price: $1500

Best For: Kids at heart looking for a little bit of everything.

If your youthful spirit is undecided on a fat tire or casual commuter, why not have them both? The Pedego Element takes a few characteristics of these two bikes and combines them to deliver you all the good stuff that comes from having it all.


- It has a low frame height and a high-reaching stem that makes it look like a hybrid mix of an electric mountain bike and a foldable commuter—taking the best of both categories.

- The astonishing 500W to 1000W rear hub motor is sizable and direct to the point. It gives power and speed of 20 mph without delay: a generous power outlay that surpasses most of its competitors.

- There’s a 20-inch set of wheels fitted with a 4-inch thick fat tire with dirt-type tread patterns that enables you to ride on snow, sand, grass, or mud.

- The Pedego has a backlit screen that allows you to check the bike’s status even in low light conditions. Ideal if you’re the type that micromanages your power expenditure and mileage.

- The lithium-ion 48V battery can give you a range of 25–45 miles when fully charged at 3–6 hours.

- There’s a throttle-on-demand feature on the handlebar that allows you to boost your pedaling or go full on throttle mode for speed.


- The range of this bike is astonishing and a level above most of its competitors.

- The throttle plus pedal gives you more control on your energy consumption, physical stamina, and speed.


- No lights on the bike limits your riding opportunities and also increases your risk on the road even in the daytime.

RadPower Rad Mini

Price: $1,300

Best For: Youth riders on the go.

The Rad Mini is the best youth electric bike if you’re looking for both performance and flexibility at a reasonable price. This foldable electric bike exudes the awesomeness but keeps itself grounded with some practical features. A great bike you show around and won’t let you down.


  • The bike has 5 pedal assist system (PAS) levels that adjust smoothly to your pedaling. You’ll exert less pedaling effort because of the motor assist triggered by the 12 magnetic cadence sensor.

  •  The LED display is also mounted on the handlebar and lets you view the PAS level you’re on. It also gives you a quick view of your speed, mileage, and wattage.

  • There’s a headlight and a tail light integrated on the bike’s frame which are useful for cycling in low light or even nighttime conditions. The taillight serves as a brake signal light.
  • A lithium battery is mounted on the back of the seat post. A 48V, 14Ah battery pack that will give you a range of 30–50 miles.

  • The brushless motor is installed on the rear wheel’s hub and has 750W power and an 80 nm of torque.
  • The aluminum handlebars have leather grips and the right side of the bar sports a half twist throttle to give the rider more control of the battery and motor’s power output.

  • A 7-speed Shimano gear cassette is connected to a twist shifter and a rear derailleur is placed on the rear wheel of this bike that works alongside the PAS levels sensor for optimal motor assistance.


  • The design of the bike’s frame and the positioning of the battery pack permits the foldability feature that adds a space saving characteristic to this bulky bike.

  • The combination of the fat tire, the short wheelbase, front wheel suspension and the adjustable stem results in an agile and convenient bike.


- The lowered position of the bike frame and the height ranges of the saddle and the stem are focused more on short to medium height riders.

Stacyc eDrive

Price: $900

Best For: Kids who want to go full exhibition-style riding.

If you’re looking for a bike that will transition your kid to an exhibition style of riding, the Stacyc offers kids an electric bicycle. The Stacyc eDrive will help your kid learn a few tricked out moves like three-sixties or air jumps. Your kid will have fun playing with it, and you’ll have fun watching them go.


- Low frame and seat height and a higher positioned handlebar makes this bike ideal for jumping.

- This full electric bike has three power modes with a top speed of 13 mph.

- Industrial-grade lithium-ion battery gives a runtime of 30–60 minutes with a short charge time of 45–60 minutes.

- The pedals are replaced with a foot rest that makes it easy to stand on the bike to balance out the bike’s impact relative to the rider’s shock absorption.


- It is fully electric and functions as a good training vehicle for slopestyle motorcycling.

- Short charging time makes this bike perfect for frequent training sessions within the day.


- Throttle is jumpy during the onset and the brake lever is a challenge for younger kids to use.

The Top Pick

We’re swooned by Swagtron EB6 as it has the right price range that matches the bike’s part inclusions. The specifications are also decent for the price: a bike that has an 18 mph top speed at 20 miles of range is something we can roll with.

Despite the lack of suspension and bulk this bike still performs just as great as the other ones on this list. On the other hand, we also wouldn’t mind having a folding frame and stem feature that comes with a marginal price increase.

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