Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike: A Great Bargain for All Cyclists

September 2, 2021
Diamond Back Overdrive 1 MTB

Diamondback (DB) has a knack for putting on a sleek appearance on top of quality. Hence, the first noticeable characteristic of a DB bike is that it looks expensive. While they have pricey bikes on their broad catalog (meant for pros), the low-cost, high-value ones look high-end. And that's without cutting corners on the components of their bikes.

The Overdrive hardtail mountain bike (MTB) exemplifies this. So let's explore this DB bike and what it has to offer for both amateurs and pros looking for an excellent bargain!

In Focus: The Overdrive Diamondback Hardtail Mountain Bike

We're focusing on Diamondback's Overdrive 1 as this is a good gateway bike and the cheapest among Diamondback's Overdrive series.

Bike Specifics

Bike Style

If you're a fan of simplicity in design, this Diamondback hardtail mountain bike offers that. It has no overbearing paint jobs that would hurt your eyes. Instead, the Diamondback Overdrive is painted with a dark hue, and its logo is slapped onto its down tube and head tube.

Diamondback's style choice for the Overdrive conveys the less-is-more virtue. Talk about knowing how to look expensive without jacking the bike's price.


The Overdrive is a semi-rigid, hardtail mountain bike made of 6061 T6 aluminum. The frame's head tube angle is a decent 71 degrees, making the Overdrive hardtail bike's uphill efforts stable. Regardless of its size, the hardtail bike's seat tube angle remains at a 73-degree angle, allowing your weight to lean on the backside.

The wheelbase ranges from 1074 millimeters (42 inches) for small up to 1144 millimeters (45 inches) for extra-large sizes. The frame's geometry leans more on the cross-country (XC) function rather than trail.


SR Suntour graces the front-rear suspension of the Overdrive. This coil spring suspension yields a 100-millimeter (4 inches) travel on the fork. So if you're planning on using this on typical commutes with some off-road adventures with light obstacles, Overdrive's SR Suntour suspension is right on the money.


The drivetrain is an adequate Shimano EF-500 EZ-fire shifter, an eight-speed rear cassette, and three-speed gear cranks. In total, this gives you 24 speed combinations that you can switch around depending on the terrain's ascent or descent.

You can adjust how your chain moves up or down the crank gears because the clamped front derailleur can be easily moved through the seat tube. You'll also shift front gears smoothly because of the front derailleur's dual-pull design.

Shimano supplies this Overdrive's derailleur set. The Shimano drivetrain set is cheap and durable, and, most importantly, it does the job.

Brake System

Tektro mechanical disc brakes dominate the Overdrive MTB brake system. An efficient disc braking system with a 180-millimeter (7 inches) rotor at the front, the Tektro brake is a powerful rotor for your front wheels, especially if you decelerate fast. The 160-millimeter (6 inches) rear rotor also produces adequate braking power on the rear wheel.


The most common model for the Overdrive is a 29er hardtail mountain bike, a 29-inch wheel size. Get this variation if you like steady and speedy riding on concrete and single track. On the other hand, if you want something more responsive, the Overdrive Diamondback 27.5 mountain bike should be your choice of wheel size because it is adaptable to rough terrain.


The Overdrive mountain bike is equipped with DB Laser series riser bars. A 15-millimeter (0.6 inches) rise on a 720-millimeter (28 inches) bar matches the frame's geometry and the wheel's size, offsetting stability with a bit of handling sensitivity. You'll turn the handlebars with a little less stiffness whether you're riding a Diamondback 29er mountain bike or the 27.5 variety.

Seatpost and Saddle

The Overdrive's seat post has incredible adjustment sensitivity. You can micro-adjust it up or down the tube to get the optimum position you need to get comfortable with reaching the handlebar.


Quick Release 

What's amazing about the quick release is that you can easily remove your wheels without using any tools. Just pull the quick-release lever and turn it. It is a convenient feature if you're mixing up different wheel sizes, trying new ones, or replacing a flat one.

Derailleur Hanger

Your bike's derailleur can be a focal point of beatdown if you take on rough terrains. And if your derailleur is directly connected to your bike's frame, it can damage the axle and the seat stay and make your entire frame unusable.

The derailleur hanger detaches the derailleur from the axle where it's connected during heavy impact so that the frame doesn't have to absorb it. This feature alone extends the lifespan of your bike more than you know.

Butted Frame

Basically, your frame is tough on areas that matter. Those areas are typically where impact or weight is placed, while the rest of the frame is a little less thick. As a result, it saves weight without compromising durability.

Optimum Tire Traction

The 27.5 wheelbase variety has a tire thickness of 2.2 inches. It is the recommended tire thickness that provides you enough room to manipulate tire pressure for optimum traction.

Integrated Headset

Your headset is easier to maintain because there's no need for bearing cups. It also gives your bike a clean look.

Moreover, it's streamlined and efficient when it comes to parts. You also get a lower stack height, which adds to your bike's stability.


  • Fewer complicated parts on the bike, which makes maintenance, repair, and replacement easier
  • Componentry is durable and reputable. You get a good starter pack of parts for an affordable price.
  • Features like the derailleur hanger, quick release, and butted frame allow for occasional intermediate-level trail exhibitions.


  • It’s hardtail, which means if you're going to use this for the trail, you'll be sacrificing a bit of comfort. You'll also have to plan how you would attack your routes more carefully.
  • The chain detaches easily if used on tricky trails (aka chain drop), which is a buzzkill because you have to fix it up before you hop on for a ride again.
  • Color choices are elegant but may not be visible for night riding. Black and dark red are, so far, the only choice we have seen on the menu. You'll have to ride this thing with reflectors and lights if you want to turn this into a nightrider.

A Real Diamond Bargain

Diamondback Bicycles’ Overdrive hardtail mountain bike gives you great value at a low price. That's why some professionals laud the Diamondback. Just imagine getting a $500 starter bike that can withstand a beating on the trails with just its preset parts—that's what this diamond is about.

On the other hand, we don't recommend you go out putting this bike to the test like an adrenaline madman. The Overdrive MTB, despite its toughness, identifies with the cross-country kind. It will go fast. It will go long. Most importantly, it will give you the best rush, but only if you treat it right and ride it on pavements, single tracks, and easy to normal mountain trails.

Overall, if you're looking for diamond bargains in the cycling world, the Diamondback Overdrive MTB is the closest one you'll get.

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