Not Interested in the Fastest Electric Bike? Hop on These Commuter Bikes for Slow Cruising Instead

March 28, 2022
fastest electric bike - fast biker on a bustling city street blur effect

Not everyone is interested in the fastest electric bike. There's always someone in the crowd who prefers the art of slow cycling over the thrill of racing. If you are that person looking for a commuter e-bike that reduces the hassle and provides you with pleasant rides, then you're in the right place!

We gathered four of the best commuter e-bikes that can get you to your destinations daily, minus the hassle of everyday travel. In addition, we'll discuss why they might be a better choice for you than a faster bike would.

The Bright Side of a Slow Ride

A bike can get you faster to your destination. So what's the point of slowing down when you're cycling? It can be hard for some who love speeding up on bikes to understand why others like it slow. But slow riding offers many benefits, and even the strongest e-bike riders know it.

Below are reasons why slow riding might be better for you, aside from personal preference.

  • Forcing yourself to speed up when you're not ready can cause accidents.
  • Slow rides are healthy. They get your blood flowing while keeping your heart rate low.
  • You need slow cycles to break from tough and fast rides, especially for pro riders during the recovery period.
  • It allows you to spend enough time appreciating the surroundings. Fast riding won't let you see the best relaxation spots!
  • It's a fun way to connect; you can cycle with another rider side-by-side and have a nice conversation.
  • Lastly, life is not a race! If you're commuting, then the more reason not to accelerate.

4 Top-Notch Commuter Bikes for Slowing Down Around Town

If you're not into speed and prefer leisurely rides, check out these charming and incredible commuter e-bikes! They're perfect for those who want to take things slowly and enjoy the scenery. At the same time, they can speed up when you want them to.

In contrast to the fastest electric bike for adults, these bikes are perfect for solo cruising, and you'll love how easy they are to operate. Plus, they're environmentally friendly and will help reduce your carbon footprint. So let's get into the list and pick your favorite!

fastest electric bike for adults - ancheer 26 inch mountain e-bike

Ancheer 26 Inch Wheel 350W Electric Mountain Bike

Let's kick off your Monday work commute with this chic and modern 21-speed e-bike from Ancheer!

Top Feature

A Powerful System for the Curious Cyclist - Sometimes, taking the same route can get boring. So you think of exploring new roads or trails that take you to your workplace. This Ancheer e-bike is equipped with a strong 350W motor to handle irregular trails and adjust to different speeds up to 15 mph. So get around new paths without breaking a sweat!

Other Notable Features

  • Removable 374.4Wh Li-ion battery with a 25-mile capacity per charge.
  • Made of a sturdy, portable, and lightweight aluminum alloy bike frame.
  • Front suspension fork adds comfort against road shocks.
  • 3 working modes (normal, assisted, and e-bike) to choose from, depending on your mood.
  • Water-resistant IP65 technology for all-angle protection.


  • Some users don't find the e-bike durable. There could be issues with some components, so assemble them properly or seek help from the manufacturer.
fastest electric dirt bike for adults - heybike cityscape e-bike

Heybike Cityscape Electric Cruiser Bike

Top Feature

A Dependable Brushless Motor - The geared hub motor has a 350W capacity and a maximum speed of 19 mph, perfect for leisurely rides. It's quiet and smooth on all trails, whether on a standstill or on steep hills.

Other Notable Features

  • 12-magnet cadence sensor for predictable and controllable starting and stopping.
  • Removable 360Wh Modular Battery with a 25-mile (pure electric mode) and 40-mile (pedal-assisted mode) limit. It also includes a safety lock to secure the battery.
  • A multipurpose backlight display shows the battery capacity, mileage power, speed, and real-time motor power output.
  • Low-step frame design for easy mounting and getting on and off the bike.
  • Front suspension fork for poise under road shocks.


  • Most riders find that the bike's benefits don't last. After a few weeks to a month, you might experience issues with the components, particularly the short battery life.

VIVI 26" Electric Commuter Bike

The VIVI 26-inch E-bike runs like a dream in a modern-day traffic jam or a crowded area. 

Top Feature

  • A Bike Designed for the Gentle Cyclists - This bike puts you at ease with its smooth and comfortable system. The frame is made of lightweight alloy, equipped with a 350W motor to power through the daily commute and a maximum speed of 20 mph. It's an excellent bike for those who haven't pedaled in a while.

Other Notable Features

  • 36V 8Ah removable battery with a 25-mile (electric mode) and 50-mile (in pedal-assist mode) capacity per charge.
  • Rear suspension aluminum fork for consistent, smooth rides on various roads (gravel, trails, city streets, or steep hills).
  • 21-speed Shimano gears for smooth rides on bumpy roads and weather adjustments.
  • Consists of 3 modes: normal bike, assisted bike, and e-bike mode to fit your daily needs.


  • Some users find that the assembly is tricky. It also doesn't go as far as advertised, but this might have to do with your load and charging hours.
fastest electric dirt bike -  speedrid 26-inch commuter bike

Speedrid 26" Commuting Bike for Adults

A commuter bike is more exposed to road abuse than off-road bikes because you use it more often. Therefore, you need something durable. If you're willing to spend some more (and still not break the bank) for a long-term investment, the Speedrid 26-inch E-bike is a good choice.

Top Feature

High-Quality Components - This Speedrid bike is a rare find. The price is a bit higher due to the bike parts: a sturdy alloy frame, double-walled rims, 7-speed gears, front and rear disc brakes, and a front suspension fork. You can find these parts in other competitor e-bikes, but the quality here is much better.

Other Notable Features

  • A 36V 10.4Ah Lithium-Ion battery takes 22 to 40 miles per charge.
  • Front and rear racks for your cargo. Spare yourself the hassle of carrying shoulder bags and place them in these racks.
  • A 350W brushless motor to handle both daily commute and mountain cruising.
  • There are three work modes with a LED 4-speed smart meter button for the e-bike power you need. Choose between e-bike, normal bike, or assisted bike mode.


  • This e-bike comes 85% assembled. The rest of the assembly doesn't come easy; you still have to learn through a video tutorial or contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Not Everyone Fancies Fast E-Bikes, And That's Okay

If you're looking for the fastest electric dirt bike for adults, you might be disappointed. While there are some incredibly fast e-bikes around, they're not for everyone. So if you prefer slow and steady cruising to speeding down the street, there are plenty of commuter bikes that will fit your needs.

We gathered some of the most favored commuter e-bikes on Amazon for easy shopping! Here's to hoping you can set your heart on riding one and take pleasant everyday rides from here on out. 
Meanwhile, if you still want to check on fast e-bikes, we also have reviews of the fastest electric dirt bike, mountain bike, or commuter bike! Navigate through our website for more information.

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