Cheetah Electric Bike: Unlicensed and Undeterred

March 4, 2022
cheetah electric bike

Owning a motorcycle can be tedious. If you're starting from scratch, you'll have to take motorcycle driving classes and apply for a license. You also have to pass the driving test before you're considered fit to ride. You go through all these hoops, and you'll still be a hundred miles away from owning a motorcycle because you also have to save up as much as $25,000 to get a really good one.

Punishing yourself this way just to get a nice-looking motorcycle is senseless. You can have a good two-wheeled ride right now, and you can have it if you're willing to take the short (but much better) route.

Quick Facts About the REVI Cheetah Electric Bike

Revi and Civi are often confused as two different and competing brands that offer the exact same bike—they aren’t. REVI, also known as Revi Bike, is the new Civi Bike. The same company that manufactures the Predator announced its name change in 2020.

Rebranding can be challenging, but to avoid confusion, Revi Bikes made an official statement and also edited their title headers on the search engine results to include the previous brand.

What The Cheetah Motorcycle E-Bike Can Offer

Aesthetics, grace, and range. That's what Cheetah brings to your lap when you get it. The outer appearance looks clean and minimal, yet it retains the classiness of the motorcycle design from which it takes its inspiration. The whole motorcycle look will draw you in, but what it's packing will make you want to have it as soon as possible.

A taste of classic with a modern twist

The Cheetah frame is designed to look like one of the coolest motorcycles from the pre-retro decade. The café bike is resurrected with a new modern look and the integration of a battery.

The no-suspension design is molded from a 6061 aluminum alloy. It weighs 76 pounds with every part included, but can hold up a weight of up to 300 pounds and a rider that stands 5'4" to as tall as 6'3".

The most distinguishing physical aspect that completes the café racer look is the headlight. This 8-inch diameter beam is mounted front and center on the bike's stem with a steel casing. The light can be toggled to low and high settings by a switch on the left handle.

The Cheetah also has color variations. You can get a Cheetah electric bike in red and black, or the more usual brown and black. 

The power of Cheetah's motor

The Cheetah's 80-newton meter rear hub motor seems measly in print, but once you take it for a spin, you'll be caught off guard. Yet the torque is only a part of a larger group of components working together. Take the 48V 750w Bafang gear hub motor, and you get a smooth and consistent speed that reaches up to 28 miles per hour.

Cheetah Electric Bike - An electric bike that looks like a cafe racer with brown teardrop tank, saddle, and handle grip

The Cheetah runs farther

The electric café bike makes up for its speed with range. The battery pack that's housed inside the protective tear-shaped gas tank casing can give you an estimated minimum range of 20 miles (32 kilometers) and a maximum of 50 miles (80 kilometers).

This lithium-ion battery packs a massive 17.5 Ah. It is substantial. It looks like a solid brick when you take it out of the gas tank casing.

If you mean to ride long distances using the pure throttle, you can purchase several spare batteries and put them in your backpack before you ride. The battery weighs only 1.5 pounds and is easy to carry along.

On the other hand, if you're using the Cheetah for intercity or urban commuting, the battery will hold up. You can even plug it into a nearby socket if it needs to be charged.

Smoothing the surface bumps

The Cheetah's lack of suspension makes up for it with a saddle spring. These shock absorbers are situated on both sides of your seat and absorb the impact of the pavement on the frame.

Take note that these springs are meant to cushion humps on the road. The Cheetah is still a cruiser and will forever roam the hard and cold pavements so if you're feeling a little adventurous and turn this elegant racer into a dirt bike then expect to get hammered. The rigid frame will transfer considerable shocks to your body.

A smooth pedal boost

The Cheetah electric bike is built with a cadence sensor. If you're on a pedal-assist mode and your legs are tiring out, the sensor will detect the deceleration of the chainring. It will send a signal to the hub motor to give you a boost. That means you don't have to rev the throttle or switch modes to rest your legs. The cadence sensor will do that for you.

This technology makes cruising on this electric bicycle even better. You get to enjoy a consistent speed with the right amount of effort that will keep your forehead free from sweat.

The Cheetah Cafe Racer Electric Bike Experience

The Cheetah e-bike makes a strong first impression. The bike's appearance is a real beauty straight out of the 60s with a touch of modernity. Riding this big cat will catch the attention of racer bike enthusiasts with both awe and intrigue.

Hop on the saddle, and you'll feel a cruiser vibe. The lowered seat post and the heightened, pulled-back handlebars give comfort that feels natural to a rider and something that all cruisers are known for.

As soon as you twist the throttle, the torque pulls with force. You'll get a miniature whiplash if you're unprepared. The torque is something you must not underestimate, and you'll have to ease in on the throttle if you don't want to risk breaking your chain.

The power of the Cheetah electric bike only begins at the initial pull. Once you get it moving, it will deliver every ounce of speed it can squeeze. But whether you know how to switch the gears efficiently or not, the electric café bike is going to be a fun ride on a pure throttle.

The Cheetah is swift, yet it also can be tamed. It notches down as soon as you put a few pedal strokes when you transition from throttle to pedal-assist.

Unregulated Big Cat Power

The Cheetah bike can be summed up as an electric bike that feels like a manual motorcycle. It carries the look of a motorcycle and behaves like one, too. In some sense, it also has gears you can switch up or down to accelerate, but the similarity ends there. The Cheetah brings the motorcycle look and feels yet takes away the problematic parts such as the pollution, the clutch, and the extra weight from the combustion motor. What's even sweeter is you can leave your driver's license at home and ride this on the road without fear of being pulled over.

If you’re still craving more beautiful and fast electric bikes that are similar to the Cheetah, head to our blog to find more information and rider experiences of different two-wheeled beasts.

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