There are several different ways to commute. You can walk, use public transit, or ride an electric bicycle. The last option is a great choice for those who want to save money while avoiding traffic and getting healthier at the same time. 

There are many reasons someone might not want to choose this option, though. Whether it's because they don't have enough space on the train or bus or worry about leaving their bikes outside all day long in an unsafe area, plenty of people would rather opt for something else. 

That's why Cycle Buddy is here! If you're considering biking but don't want the downsides that come with typical bikes, here's something you should know: folding electric bikes are perfect for commuters like you!

Reasons Why Folding Bikes Are Perfect for Commuters

A folding electric bike can make your commute easier.

Don't let the motor taunt you! A folding electric bike is easy to ride, transport, and store. The folding mechanism allows the bike to be put away in a compact space when not in use. Most people will be able to find space for their e-bikes in small apartments and dorm rooms. 

If you live in an apartment or condo building, storing your e-bike inside is always an option—just ask if there's any extra storage available! This makes it easy for building managers or landlords to accommodate those who own these bikes by providing space for them at no additional cost.

E-bikes are also easy to transport because they have small footprints compared with traditional bicycles. This means less time spent loading up cargo into vans or taxis when you need something from home before setting off on your journey. They're also quite light, so carrying them upstairs or placing them into cars won't be too much trouble at all!

Finally, being able to fold up an e-bike means that riders can take advantage of paths where cycling isn't allowed but walking certainly is. This can be on sidewalks along busy roads where high speeds might otherwise pose a risk factor.

You can easily stow away a folding electric bike when you don't need it.

It's no secret that electric bikes are great for commuting. They're faster than traditional bikes and can be used in the rain, snow, and even on muddy trails. But what if you live somewhere where there are no hills but still want the benefits of an electric bike? A folding electric bike is your answer.

When it comes to folding options, there are two main types: 

  1. Step-through bikes
  2. Step-over bikes

Step-through bikes provide the most upright position while riding, making them the easiest kind to mount and dismount for riders. These bicycles are appropriate for short journeys or commuting to and from work. Additionally, they give comfort and style on every ride. 

In contrast, step-over bikes aren't recognized for their relaxed, cruising rides. Most step-over bikes, especially ones that are traditional, are created with materials that are light. This ensures that their frame delivers strong and speedy performance. 

Additionally, this helps the rider exert less energy while cycling. They can be found on city and road, mountain, high-end racing, and hybrid bikes. Riders benefit from increased pedal power and a more stable ride. 

You can take the folding electric bike on public transport.

A red and grey train with a bicycle sign and the International Symbol of Access on its door

File name: The designation of the car for transportation of bicycles.jpg

Alt tag: A red and grey train with a bicycle sign and the International Symbol of Access on its door

Here are some examples of when you can and can't take your folding electric bike on public transit:

A quick note: Many trains have special luggage compartments where you can store the folded-up bicycle until you reach your destination. However, if there isn't enough space for the folded-up e-bike or if there aren't any storage options available, it might not be possible for you to bring one on board at all times during regular hours of operation. 

However, it is still best to speak with personnel on matters like this!

A folding electric bike requires little storage space and is lightweight.

A folding electric bicycle requires very little space for storage. It can be stored in a closet or under a bed, as well as in a car trunk, bike rack, locker, and even a bag. The compact design of an electric folding bike makes it easy to store anywhere you might want it to be, out of sight or protected from weather conditions. 

On top of its flexibility to fit anywhere, it is also lightweight. A folding bike weighs about 26 pounds on average. Thus, folding electric bikes are likely to be a bit heavier. But nothing too drastic compared to regular bikes, don't worry! 

A folding electric bike is eco-friendly, easy to use, and safe.

If you're searching for the perfect commuter vehicle, look no further than the folding electric bike. In addition to being good to nature and your wallet, it's also safe and easy to store.

What distinguishes an e-bike from a traditional bicycle? The motor is powered by electricity instead of human energy, which means no pollution and less fatigue for you. Electric bikes also use rechargeable batteries instead of oil-based fuels like gasoline or diesel. 

Each electric bicycle has a battery that supports the pedal assist and other functions. Reliance on electricity helps reduce our dependence on foreign resources and creates cleaner air in crowded urban areas like Toronto or New York City!

Because they have motors that start when pedaling isn't enough to keep moving forward (like when going up hills), these bicycles are inherently safer than those without them. No more worrying about tipping over! This means you can ride confidently, knowing that if anything goes wrong while commuting around town, there won't be any injuries involved.

If you're thinking of purchasing a bike, consider an electric folding bicycle.

1. They are easy to carry and store. 

They can be folded down in seconds and stored in your car, office, or even at home. If you want to take it on public transportation with you, the handlebars fold inwards for easy carrying (and sometimes even fit under bus seats). 

2. They aren't as heavy. 

Folding electric bikes typically weigh less than most standard bicycles, so there's less strain on your body when riding them. This makes them the perfect mode of transport for those with limited strength but still want to get around efficiently. 

But the convenience doesn't stop there!

3. Riding is a breeze with a folding electric bicycle.

They being equipped with a motor makes them very easy to ride! You'll feel like you're riding an everyday bicycle when taking it out for a spin since they have similar features, such as gears and brakes, that make pedaling simple and enjoyable. 

4. Bonus: they can come with seatbelts. 

Some brands provide seatbelts per bicycle so that riders don't fall off while going up hills or other difficult terrain. It is especially important if someone is elderly or has had surgery recently.


If you've never tried a folding electric bike, we recommend giving it a try. It's an eco-friendly but fun way to go to places; you can take it wherever you go. That means no more worrying about storing your bike in your apartment or riding at night. Instead, you can simply fold your bike up when you're done with it and carry it around all day long!

Read more of our reviews for more information on the best bicycles and features to look out for. 

Most kids are itching to try out the exhilarating hobby of being active outdoors. One of these activities probably is they dream of riding on an electric scooter or gas dirt bike with a large knobby tire. But they can be dangerous for younger kids who aren't used to them.

A training-wheeled electric dirt bike can be the ideal beginning for them! This kind of ride is for prospective young riders who wish to enjoy a relatively stable ride while getting a taste of the thrill and excitement of off-road bicycling.

Learn about the benefits of having training wheels for starters in this guide. Then, see which bike is the best for your child by looking through our top four picks for kids' ebikes!

How Can Training Wheels Boost a Parent’s Confidence?

Parents constantly strive to strike a balance between safety and fun to make their child's experiences priceless. At this point, they think of training wheels as essential to a kid's biking and riding journey. 

Although they are not truly necessary, training wheels can provide parents peace of mind, especially since kids are not immune to the dangers of the outdoors. Here’s other information that may assure parents that training wheels are a great deal:

Achieving Balance and Fun: 4 Best Kids’ Electric Dirt Bike with Training Wheels

It takes a lot of effort to find the “close-to-perfect” electric dirt motocross bike for your kids.

Luckily, you don’t have to immediately check Monster Moto mini bikes or Razor Mx650 for your little ones. We have put together a list of four cheap electric dirt bikes for kids with training wheels. More than balance, each of them has superb traits that can amaze and entertain your child at any moment.

#1 TOBBI 12V Kids Electric Dirt Bike

TOBBI Kids Electric Dirt Bike

First on our list is the TOBBI Kids’ Electric Dirt Bike. This kid-friendly motocross electric dirt bike has all the components that will get your kids off the couch and into the great outdoors.

How does TOBBI entail the perfect combination of safety and excitement?

When kids first learn to ride, they need a stable motocross bike that is easy to control. TOBBI has the right amount of power to get young riders pumped up without putting them at risk. 

The following factors make it possible for kids to get out and take a spin:

What areas does TOBBI need to strengthen?

While TOBBI has made great strides in developing the best electric dirt bike for kids, they can improve specific areas in this bike.

#2 HUFFY 6V Kids Electric Dirt Bike

Huffy 6V Kids Electric Dirt Bike with Training Wheels

Get your kids to move and speed safely with Huffy 6V Kids Electric Dirt Bike with Training Wheels. It has various features like a rear brake, disc brake, and a full-throttle that provide a smooth, stable ride for beginners.

Where do the fun and safety start on a HUFFY 6V electric dirt bike?

Young riders will have a blast zipping around the street with the following qualities of the Huffy electric bike that make it more fun yet secure.

What areas does HUFFY need to strengthen?

Huffy has made a significant effort to enter the electric dirt bike market, although some gaps in this electric bike still need to be filled in.

#3 AOSOM 6V Kids Electric Dirt Bike

AOSOM 6V Kids Electric Dirt Bike

Give your little ones a memorable ride without falling off with this AOSOM 6V Kids Electric Dirt Bike. It is comparable to a gas-powered dirt bike but without noise, fumes, or messy cleaning.

How does a 6V AOSOM electric dirt bike protect kids while having fun?

Adventurous slash safe electric dirt biking is achievable with the electric bike’s accompanying features:

What areas does AOSOM need to strengthen?

It’s not surprising that the AOSOM electric dirt bike is a terrific bike for kids, although they can still modify it in a particular aspect.

#4 QABA 6V Kids Electric Dirt Bike

A young adventurer in life deserves hours of outdoor fun, and a QABA 6V Kids Electric Dirt Bike might be the right choice for them!

What makes a 6V QABA electric dirt bike adventurous?

A QABA electric dirt bike shouts adventure for some reason. Perhaps it's the absence of gas-related hassles or the experience of a novice motocross rider.

Whatever the reason, the QABA electric dirt bike's outstanding trademarks may provide your kids the winning sensation of a motocross rider like Jeremy McGrath without endangering themselves.

What areas does QABA need to strengthen?

Despite the electric dirt bike's dependability, a few areas may hinder its progress.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know a little more about each of these four kids’ electric dirt bikes with training wheels, it should be simpler and easier to choose one. Whichever you decide on, we hope your child has a blast riding their new electric dirt bike and experiencing the joys of balance and fun. 

If you want to learn more about a specific motocross bike, electric dirt bikes, or other related products, feel free to browse Cyclebuddy’s cycling reviews!

You're a newbie cyclist who loves colorful bikes. Unlike people who prefer it low-key when they're learning the ropes, you don't shy away from standing out on the streets. So it's no surprise if you are looking for a new bike with a colorful frame.

Usually, entry-level riders go for a Roadmaster mountain bike. It is popular for its beginner-friendly features and affordable price. Unfortunately, it’s not always accessible or appreciated. If you're in these situations, we got your back with some alternatives!

Plenty of incredible mountain bikes out there with colorful frames will make you stand out on the trails. Here are five of our favorites, and we'd be delighted if you explored them!

5 Roadmaster Mountain Bike Alternatives with Colorful Frames

Want to hit the trails with a colorful mountain bike? We got you. Can't find a Roadmaster mountain bike at Walmart or other shops? We got you. Maybe you also want to explore other brands? We got you!

Check out these five mountain bikes with colorful frames. They're perfect for brave beginners who'll love an eye-catching and durable ride.

roadmaster mountain bike walmart - roye union purple mtb for women

1) Royce Union 27.5" Eggplant Purple Women's Mountain Bike

If you like the look of the purple Roadmaster Granite Peak, this bike closely resembles that. Check out what the Royce Union Women's MTB can offer.

Frame Anatomy

This bike's 17-inch frame is molded from lightweight, durable aluminum. It makes the bike easier to maneuver (even with a luggage rack) and simultaneously resistant to forces.

Royce Union makes one of the most reliable bike frames, so it's worth considering. If that's not enough to make you think about it, this bike also has a limited 10-year warranty for the frame!


Useful Bike Technologies

Limitations to Note

2) Mongoose Flat Rock Blue Hardtail Mountain Bike for Adults

The next one on our list has a blue frame with orange prints. Mongoose is a popular bike brand for beginners, so you'll love and benefit greatly from the Flat Rock Hardtail Mountain Bike!

Frame Anatomy

This blue frame is one of the four other color variations (purple, red, silver, and teal). It comprises a 6061 aluminum frame that offers great stability and maximum momentum. Moreover, it has internal cable routing and modern bike geometry for light rides.


Useful Bike Technologies

Limitations to Note

roadmaster bike mountain bike - hiland gamille mountain bike

3) Hiland Gamille HIM014 26-Inch Mountain Bike

How about a bike frame between hot pink and red? The Hiland Gamille 26-Inch Mountain Bike can be your go-to eye-candy bike for uphill or pavement rides!

Frame Anatomy

The M frame is made up of ultralight aluminum. The structure promotes a low standover height, perfect for shorter riders who want to straddle the bike easier and better. You also get two color options to match your preference: pink or mint green.


Useful Bike Technologies

Limitations to Note

roadmaster bike - dynacraft red magna echo ridge MTB

4) Dynacraft Red Magna Echo Ridge 24-26" Mountain Bike for Teens

Meanwhile, you might be seeking a bright bike for your little cyclist. For this reason, we included the awesome Dynacraft Red Magna Echo Ridge MTB. Surprisingly, it's also suitable for some adults!

Frame Anatomy

The Magna Echo Ridge comprises a 24-inch steel frame, which weighs more but is stronger than aluminum. With proper care, you can make use of this bike for a long time.

Furthermore, the luxurious red paint adds charm while serving a practical purpose: it's bright enough to keep you or your youngster safe on the road.


Useful Bike Technologies

Limitations to Note

5) Pacific Orange Mountain Sports Bike for Adults

Here's another lovely mountain bike for adults that can also suit adventurous teens! The Pacific Orange Mountain Sports Bike is an easy and affordable purchase if you can't decide where to start.

Frame Anatomy

This bike frame is made of steel, so you can expect it to last for a while with proper care. Furthermore, you get four color options: orange, blue, light blue, or gray.


Useful Bike Technologies

Limitations to Note

Colorful Frames for Safe and Retro Rides

Bikes with colorful frames are more than just eye candies. Their bright appearance makes you more visible on the road. As a result, people will know you're there and can help you ride safely.

Try our five alternatives if you need a colorful Roadmaster bike but couldn't find one that satisfies you. They will get you where you need to go in a vibrant style.

And for our best choice, we pick the Hiland Gamille! It will give you a colorful, first-time ride on a mountain bike. It's affordable, packed with efficient technologies, and has two frame color options for all genders!

Still want to look at a Roadmaster bike mountain bike review? Explore our website categories for more information.

Cycling isn't for all people. The idea of balancing on two wheels or conquering challenging terrain intimidates you. Perhaps, you've had a few close calls or even fallen off your bike in the past. 

Don't let that fear take over your curiosity! Check out the Addmotor Motan 3-wheel electric bike. This electric cargo bike is perfect for those who want to enjoy the freedom and fun of cycling without worrying about staying upright.

So, restore your confidence and read on to see what this electric tricycle can do for your situation.

Initial Glance of the Addmotor Electric Three-Wheel Bike

Addmotor Motan 3-Wheel Ebike

On first inspection, you'll see that this metallic black electric trike looks like a well-made and sturdy ride. It appears to have a strong steel frame that can support a heavy rider's weight. The wide, fat tires and three-wheel design also mean that it can handle rugged surfaces. Plus, the spacious rear basket makes it easy to haul groceries or other items.

The built-in LCD and the integrated headlights and taillights are rare in electric bikes, making this one stand out even more. All things considered, the Addmotor electric tricycle seems like a great option for anyone who wants to try an outdoor adventure without the fear of falling off.

Delving into the Details: Addmotor Electric Three-Wheel Bike

Don't let the regular bike fall deplete your energy. Instead, bring back your joy in cycling and discover new things with the Addmotor electric bike. This motorized tricycle has many remarkable features, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of riding a standard electric bicycle.

Technical Specifications

Let’s narrow down the Addmotor trike’s technical specifications. This way, we can see if our first impression visualizes its real physical features.

Product Name: Addmotor Motan 3-Wheel Ebike
Bike TypeElectric Trike
Wheel Size20''
Suspension TypeFront Suspension
Speed Number 7
Frame MaterialAluminum
Item Weight88 lbs.

What Makes the Addmotor Electric 3-Wheel Bike the Solution to Overcoming Cycling Fear?

Overcoming the fear of cycling is a huge barrier for many people. It's understandable given that it's easy to lose balance and fall with any traditional bike. But with three wheels, you have more luck staying in position. 

This is only one factor that makes an Addmotor adult 3-wheel electric bike the right choice for boosting your confidence in balancing. Besides that, it has other excellent components that let you protect yourself from an accident and enjoy the journeys ahead.

Does Addmotor 3-Wheel Bike Need Improvement?

Although the Addmotor Motan bike is one of the best electric 3-wheel rides today, that doesn't necessarily mean it possesses all the good qualities of an electric trike. Of course, these improvements aren't a real deal-breaker, but they are still worth noting for future consumers.

FAQs About the Addmotor Motan 3-Wheel Bike

If you're thinking about getting an Addmotor Motan 3-wheel bike, you probably have some questions. So here are a few of the customers’ concerns and their corresponding answers.

No, the Addmotor Motan trike is not water-resistant. It can handle some light rain and splashes, but it's better if you don’t use it during extreme weather conditions.

Yes, the fenders can help keep you clean and dry while riding, especially in wet or muddy conditions.

The seat on this trike can be changed to a wider cruiser-type seat if desired for a more comfortable or upright riding position.

It would be best if you were at least 5'2" to ride this bike, with the maximum height at 6'4".

Conquer the Fear Factor of Cycling with 3-Wheel Electric Bikes

Cycling can be a great way to get around, save money on gas, and improve your fitness. But for some people, the fear of cycling keeps them from reaping these benefits. 

With the Addmotor Motan 3-wheel electric bike, you can put that distress to rest. This sturdy and stylish e-bike makes conquering hills and distances easier than ever. With this, you can focus on enjoying the journey instead of fretting about keeping up.

Ready to face another bike path? Head over to Cyclebuddy and check out more bicycles and safety gear for your cycling needs!

If you're scanning the Internet for your next mountain bike, Huffy's Stone Mountain might be just what you're looking for. This top-rated mountain bike is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors and wants a reliable, durable bike to take on the trails. 

In this review, we will discuss its components and why it's one of the top-rated bikes on the market. So, get your gears in check and read on!

What is a hardtail bike?

A hardtail mountain bike is a bike that has suspension in the front and a rigid frame in the back. It's the ideal setup for those who want to ride on both technical and non-technical terrain. The suspension in the front will help keep you comfortable while riding over bumps and roots. Meanwhile, the rigid frame in the back will give you more control when you're riding on smooth surfaces. 

Hardtail mountain bikes are also great for beginners who want to get into trail riding. They're less expensive than full-suspension bikes and simpler to maintain. So, a hardtail mountain bike is an excellent option if you're searching for a bike that can do it all.

mountain bike huffy - Huffy Stone Mountain 

Huffy Stone Mountain Bike

Price: $178.50 - $263.50

The Huffy Stone Mountain bike is a great choice for those looking for an affordable and durable mountain bike. This bike boasts 4.2 stars out of 5 with over 3,000 ratings on Amazon, so you can relax knowing you're getting a quality product

The bike features a lightweight steel frame that makes it easy to maneuver on rough terrain, and the 21-speed Shimano drivetrain ensures that you'll always have the right gear for the situation. Additionally, the front suspension fork helps absorb shocks from bumps and obstacles, making for a more comfortable ride.

The Huffy mountain bike is a great option, whether hitting the local trails or rolling around town.

Technical Specs at a Glance



Stone Mountain Options

Do you need the bike for yourself? Are you planning to get it as a gift for your teen? Don't worry! Huffy Stone Mountain comes in different sizes and builds. Here are your options:

Huffy 20-Inch Mountain Bike

Huffy 24-Inch Mountain Bike

Huffy 26-Inch Mountain Bike

Frequently Asked Questions

Which parts of the bike do I need to assemble?

The Huffy Stone Mountain comes mostly preassembled, but you will need to attach the handlebars, front wheel, saddle, pedals, and any accessories you may have. We recommend taking it to a bike shop and having it expertly assembled for safety reasons.

Can I replace the bike seat?

Yes. Many people enjoy biking as a form of exercise or transportation, but one of the most important aspects of biking is having a comfortable seat. If you're uncomfortable, you're likely to spend less time biking or may even give up on it altogether. So replace the bike seat as long as the clamp fits and accepts the post.

What tools will I need to assemble the bike?

We highly recommend getting an expert to assemble the bike. The parts may come loose if not fitted properly, and you'll experience some issues after a few rides. But if you enjoy doing it yourself, here are the tools you'll need:

What's the weight limit?

The weight capacity varies depending on the bike size. Although the steel frame is sturdy and the suspensions can absorb a certain degree of impact, it's important to know the weight limit to stay safe. According to the manufacturer, their adult bikes can support up to 250 lbs. of load.

The Bottom Line

The Huffy Stone Mountain is a great mountain bike for anyone looking for a quality ride at an affordable cost. With different size and build options, there's sure to be a perfect fit for you. And with features like a Shimano drivetrain, Kolo 1200 front suspension, and a sturdy steel frame, you'll be able to take on any terrain easily.

The bike also comes 90% preassembled, so you don't have to do much work to get it ready to ride. However, some users have found that the saddle is slightly uncomfortable and that the instruction manual is not very helpful. Plus, the parts come loose over time, but it's something you can avoid with a change of parts and expert assembly. 

Overall, the Huffy Stone Mountain is a great value for your money and perfect for anyone looking for a light to moderate trail bike. And if you're looking for something more hardcore, be sure to explore our other mountain bike reviews.

Do you enjoy riding your dirt bike on muddy trails and steep hills? You can share your passion for motocross with your little girl or boy by getting them a fast electric dirt bike. While electric dirt bikes are not as powerful as your adult-sized gas-powered dirt bike, you can teach your child the basics of motocross and help develop a fondness for off-road riding.

Read further to discover the best electric dirt bike for your kid!

What Specs Should You Check When Buying Really Fast Electric Dirt Bikes for Your Kid?

Parents know better than anyone else when it comes to their children. However, it wouldn’t hurt to gain more insights about buying a dirt ebike for kids. Buying the wrong kind of electric motorcycle will not only waste your hard-earned cash but may also seriously injure them.

So take the time to read this section and learn what you have to keep an eye out for when buying electric dirt bikes for younger riders.

Build Quality

Motocross is a very rough sport. The sport involves riding into muddy and uneven terrain and climbing and descending hills. As you can imagine, your kid’s electric dirt bike has to survive these extreme conditions. You should check what materials the frame is made of to ensure whether the dirt bike will hold up. 

Another spec you should consider is its suspension system. It is responsible for absorbing shocks and impacts from the ride, determining the rider’s comfort.


What makes motocross different from casual bike riding is how involved the rider has to be. Unlike riding on a bike on paved roads, motocross demands fast reflexes to respond to the obstacles along the trail. Your kid’s electric dirt bike has to keep up by having a responsive throttle and brakes. A responsive ride can make your kid’s experience more enjoyable and safer.


Why did you get into motocross in the first place? One of your reasons could be because it looks cool. When buying an electric dirt bike for your child, consider as well how cool it will make them look and feel. How a dirt bike looks influences the rider’s confidence in the trail and their appreciation for the sport. Trust us — your kid will dislike you for getting them a tacky bike.


Dirt bikes that are slow as snails aren’t fun to ride off-road. For instance, your kid wouldn’t make those jumps without gaining momentum using a fast bike. Indeed, speed is a big deal when it comes to motocross. 

As such, check how strong the electric motor is and what speeds it’s capable of reaching. Also, it would be good to know how quickly the bike can accelerate to its top speed.


Have you ever run out of gas during mid-ride? Nothing can get your spirits down like a sputtering engine in the middle of an exciting trail. That’s why you have to check the battery’s specifications when considering an electric dirt bike for your kid. The battery determines how far the ride can go and how long your kid can enjoy it.


When it comes to weight, the rule of thumb is that lighter bikes perform better off-road. For instance, imagine a heavy and bulky one on a muddy trail. The rider would have to struggle to get the tires off the mud and prevent them from sinking further. Likewise, your kid will find a lighter dirt bike easier to maneuver and control.

After-Sales Support

Extreme conditions on dirt trails can take a toll on your kid’s electric bike, causing it to fail or break down. While you may know a few tricks up your sleeve and attempt to troubleshoot problems, the manufacturer knows best when it comes to their bikes. A warranty on parts and service, coupled with a responsive after-sales support team, will come in handy when you need them.

What Is the Best Super Fast Electric Dirt Bike You Can Buy from Amazon?

Razor MX650

Reasons to Buy

Reasons NOT to Buy

MotoTec 36v Pro

Reasons to Buy

Reasons NOT to Buy

Razor MX400

Reasons to Buy

Reasons NOT to Buy

Razor SX500

Reasons to Buy

Reasons NOT to Buy

Voltrik Bolt 500

Reasons to Buy

Reasons NOT to Buy

Are There Fast Electric Dirt Bikes for Adults?

If you already have a gas-powered dirt bike, you may appreciate how electric dirt bikes perform off-road. Moreover, electric dirt bikes are cleaner for the environment and won’t damage your eardrums. Fortunately, some electric dirt bikes are designed for adults, so you can join your child and enjoy off-road riding with electric bikes together.

Here are some companies that make electric bikes for adults:

Final Thoughts

Purchasing an electric dirt bike for your kid will help introduce them to a more active and healthier lifestyle. Who knows, they might grow up to be a motocross champion someday!Besides teaching them the love for the sport, you should also teach them the value of safety. Head to our gears and accessories section for helmet and other safety gear reviews!

You're an urban cyclist looking for a lightweight e-bike and find the hubless electric bicycle appealing. Who doesn't? It offers a head-turning, futuristic construction unlike any bike ever built. It sure is light, but not for your wallet.

The price starts at two to three thousand dollars, which might not be a practical purchase for many urban commuters. So if you want something easy to take on public transportation or store in your small apartment, some alternatives will work.

Would you be interested in considering another e-bike? We gathered five of the most lightweight e-bikes to meet your financial and cycling needs!

Easy Rides and Light Pockets: 5 Lightweight E-bike Alternatives to the Dreamy Hubless E-bicycle

There are many reasons you would prefer lightweight bikes for urban cycling. They're easier to carry, reduce pedaling effort, are space-saving, and are affordable. Such bikes are certainly not perfect, but they're more beneficial for casual, everyday use.

So don't waste your time dreaming about the expensive Reevo hubless e-bike when it's out of your budget. Instead, check out these lightweight alternatives for easy rides and light pockets!

1: Swagtron EB12 City E-bike With a Detachable Battery

Here's a simple and sleek urban e-bike to start with. The Swagtron EB12 E-bike is designed to make you feel comfortable while cruising busy city roads. Let's see how light it can make your daily rides.

Light and Easy Features

What makes this e-bike lightweight and convenient for urban cycling?

Heavy Drawbacks

Meanwhile, here are some areas of improvement.

2: Xprit 14-Inch Folding Electric Bicycle

One Amazon customer once said, "small bike, big fun," and it's something we can agree on. The Xprit Folding E-bike is an affordable, compact, and classy bicycle that offers great potential and convenience in low-light conditions!

Light and Easy Features

What makes this e-bike lightweight and convenient for urban cycling?

Heavy Drawbacks

Meanwhile, here are some areas of improvement.

3: Heybike Race Plus 26-Inch Electric Bike

Here's a simple-looking bike that exceeds the expectations of many urban riders and even bike experts! The Heybike Race Plus might be an excellent deal for you.

Light and Easy Features

What makes this e-bike lightweight and convenient for urban cycling?

Heavy Drawbacks

Meanwhile, here are some areas of improvement.

4: VIVI S5 26-Inch Mountain E-Bike

Here's another chic bike design in black with small hints of yellow. Suppose you haven't cycled in a while and are now looking for a comeback. Then, the VIVI S5 26" MTB would make a good starter e-bike!

Light and Easy Features

What makes this e-bike lightweight and convenient for urban cycling?

Heavy Drawbacks

Meanwhile, here are some areas of improvement.

5: Ride1UP Roadster V2 Electric Bike

For the last item on this list, let's make a big jump in the price. The Ride1UP Roadster V2 E-Bike might not seem light for your pockets, but it is still affordable compared to the hubless electric bike's wheel and other accessories.

Light and Easy Features

What makes this e-bike lightweight and convenient for urban cycling?

Heavy Drawbacks

Meanwhile, here are some areas of improvement.

You Don't Need Heavy Pockets for a Light Urban Ride

The hubless electric cycle is the ultimate dream of many modern cyclists. It offers game-changing features for better, lighter, and cooler urban rides. However, there's not one bike that everyone likes. 

It's understandable if some can't afford it or feel skeptical of the bike's reliability. If you're looking for a lightweight e-bike to help you with your commutes around town, any of the five bikes on this list can suffice. 

Want to know our best bet? It's none other than the VIVI S5! It's the second most affordable bike on our review, and you get more than what you pay for! It's a mountain bike slash cruiser e-bike with sturdy and lightweight features that hold up well. The drawbacks are few and minor, so you can easily address them.
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Do you know of a busy woman who could use a break? She loves the idea of getting away but doesn't always have enough time or money to do so. So you want to offer her something that will help her get on a quick vacation, and a bike comes to mind.

Great idea! Bikes are accessible and long-term solutions for those who do not have the luxury of time to book a grand trip. But there are numerous types and brands of bicycles, so it can be confusing to choose the perfect bike for a woman who will use it for leisurely rides.

In that case, we recommend getting her a Schwinn cruiser bike! It's designed for anyone who prefers enjoying the scenery to racing on trails. And if there's one bike we want you to take a look at, it's the Schwinn Perla Cruiser. Hop in for a discussion and see what it can offer!

Schwinn Perla Women's Cruiser Bike Review: A Quick and Affordable Getaway Gift for Busy Women

Are you seeking a practical and beautiful getaway gift for a busy woman? Look no further than the Schwinn Perla Step-Thru Cruiser Bike! It's designed for superior comfort and convenience, making it easy to enjoy a relaxing day outdoors.

Whether she needs to take a quick, scenic route through the neighborhood or pedal down to the beach, this bike is sure to make the journey more fun!

Bike Specifications

First, let's look at the important technical details about this cruiser bike.

Reasons Women Will Love This Bike

Below are the reasons your recipient might fancy this step-thru cruiser bike from Schwinn.

Bright, Vintage Design

The first thing most people often notice about the Schwinn Perla is its lovely, eye-catching design. It has fenders that give off a vintage yet timeless design, which also goes well with today's trends. Furthermore, this bike comes in two colors: pastel yellow and pink! The colors on this bike are soft, light, and relaxing, making it ideal for a getaway vehicle.

Comfortable Bike Parts

This cruiser bike stays true to its purpose, which is comfort. Many customers find the bike components comfortable, especially the upright handlebar and the vinyl saddle. It's also ideal for people who want to cycle without having to worry about neck, shoulder, or back pain from long rides. Rest easy while riding this bike all day!

Reliable Gear Changes and Brakes

Oh, but the Schwinn Perla isn't just vintage flair and comfortable rides. It also features sturdy, reliable systems to ensure safe and hassle-free cycles on the road. The 7-speed Shimano twist shifter adjusts easily, and the front and rear linear pull brakes provide dependable stopping power. As a result, you can confidently ride this bike on different roads and in weather conditions.

Convenient Rear Rack for Extra Cargo

Need to bring a bag or two with you on your journey? The Schwinn Perla has got you covered with a convenient rear rack. This cruiser bike can carry backpacks, picnic baskets, or anything else essential your recipient might want to bring on her little getaway. If she wants, she may add some bungee cords to secure the items, albeit they're a separate purchase.

Fairly Easy Bike Assembly

The Schwinn Perla is fairly easy to assemble. Fortunately, it comes with a user manual, so don't worry if you or your recipient is inexperienced with bike assembly. The manufacturer also provided a customer support number so that you can call them for additional help or queries.

One of the Most Affordable Beach Cruiser Bikes

Finally, let's talk about the price. When it comes to Schwinn bikes, the lowest price will always be an advantage. On Amazon, the Schwinn Perla is just around the $300 range. It’s easily one of the most inexpensive cruiser bikes on the market. 

What's better than purchasing a well-functioning bike at such a low price? The rider will absolutely love this as a getaway gift!

Reasons Women Might Not Like This Schwinn Bicycle

Meanwhile, here are a few things she might not like about this cruiser bicycle.

Assembly Can Be Tricky

While the bike is easy to assemble for most people, some customers still find it difficult to do so. In addition, the user guide may not be enough, given that we've seen a few people ask for assembly videos. So if you still feel lost after reading the manual, better ask for professional help.

The Back Brakes Are Noisy

The front and rear linear-pull brakes might be reliable, but they're also quite noisy. It is especially evident in the rear brakes. In addition, some people find that they're quite tricky to assemble.

Back and Front Tire Issues

Unfortunately, the tires of this bike aren't reliable and durable. Some customers even end up with issues of damage. So be sure to take a good look before buying or prepare to replace them with new ones instead.

schwinn bike cruiser - woman on a dress with the Schwinn Perla yellow cruiser bike

You Don't Need a Fortune for a Smooth Ride

It can be hard to think of a getaway gift for busy women, especially if you're on a budget. So if you're wondering if there's a quick, accessible, and comfortable gift idea for a low price, go for cruiser bikes! They're pretty, functional, and, most importantly, affordable.

A busy woman won't have to worry about making time to book a grand trip because she can hop on a bike whenever she likes. Plus, she doesn't have to find a far destination; it can be on a nearby track or beach, both of which offer breathtaking scenery.

And if we talk about pretty, budget-friendly cruisers, the Perla Schwinn Bike Cruiser is a wonderful choice. This bike has everything she needs for a quick, stress-free, and comfortable ride. She can take this comfort bike on any trip (with or without cargo) and feel like a queen.

Life’s a Beautiful Ride with Cycle Buddy

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If that's not enough, we also talk about bike accessories, safety gear, tips and tricks, and general information. Here's to good bikes for wonderful rides!

Are you seeking an off-road venture with a dirt bike? You know it can be intimidating and dangerous if you're a novice rider, so you’d want to start small. Naturally, an electric adult dirt bike comes to mind.

Many benefits make electric dirt bikes an excellent choice for beginner off-road cyclists. First of all, they release zero motorcycle emissions. That also means they're cheaper, more low-maintenance, and more child-friendly than petrol-powered options. Furthermore, they have silent engines.

With a good electric dirt bike, you can surely ease into the world of off-road riding for your first venture. If you're ready to get one, here are four adult dirt e-bikes at $1,000 and below that are powerful, lightweight, and easy to control.

Find Your Venture Vehicle: 4 Electric Dirt Bikes for Adults Priced at $1,000 and Below

As an off-road novice, you want to buy an adult dirt bike that won't overwhelm you and require you to spend more than $1,000. We've written about four dirt bikes that are high-quality and affordable. 

Check out our roundup below, ranked from lowest to highest rate!

1: Razor MX500 Electric Dirt Rocket Bike

Here's a popular brand known for budget-friendly and efficient dirt bikes. The Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket is a mini electric motocross bike, which is good news if you're up for a venture without breaking the bank.

Top Features



2: Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket E-Bike

Everyone just can't get enough of Razor bikes, so here's another one but with greater speed and efficiency. If you prefer yellow to red, the Razor MX650 is perfect for getting you that retro minibike look!

Top Features



3: Burromax TT350R Mini Dirt Bike

Now, let's tackle a dirt bike closer to the thousand-dollar range. The Burromax TT350R Electric Mini Dirt Bike is the brand's best-selling e-bike for kids and adults, and we'll enumerate the features to find out why.

Top Features



4: Hiland Rockshark Rockm005 Fat Tire Electric Bike

The final item on our list hits the $1,000 range. If you prefer a different dirt bike for a pleasant ride on tough trails, the Hiland Rockshark Trail Bike is a good option.

Top Features



3 Additional Tips for Newbie Dirt Bike Riders

Now that we've looked at bike options, it's time for some tips to ensure you'll have a pleasant first experience with a dirt bike.

1) Know the Things to Check in a Dirt Bike

When you're just starting, it's best to know what to look for in a dirt bike to determine if it's a good fit. This is especially important for online purchases. 

2) Be Aware of Regulations

When you get a new bike, the first thing that might come to mind is: "Are electric dirt bikes legal on the road?" Depending on the state and country, the law may or may not require a license. So make sure you are aware of that before hopping on your new venture electric vehicle.

The federal law, for instance, needs an e-bike to set a maximum speed limit of 20 mph to become street legal. Still, specific areas may have different rules, so do your research and comply.

3) Find a Practice Dirt Track

Finding a practice track for your first dirt bike experience is essential. This is where you can safely ride and explore the new electric bicycle without issues. It can be a nearby single track, a hilly area, or an old and flat dirt road. 

Take it easy and slow until you have enough confidence to maneuver the bike on more challenging tracks.

Don't Put Your Safety and Pockets at Risk

Electric dirt bikes are becoming more popular as people look for an eco-friendly option to a gas-powered bike. They're environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, and inexpensive. How much is a dirt bike for adults? Well, there's a low and high range for everything, but you can get dirt bikes for less than $1,000!

We reviewed four of the best affordable dirt e-bikes for beginners. What's your pick? If you ask us, we choose the Razor MX650 as the best electric dirt bike! It's not the fastest electric dirt bike, but it's affordable, has a professional design, and is perfect for both kids and adults.
Find more Trek, Schwinn, or Harley Davidson e-bike reviews from our website blog categories. Happy dirt biking!

Some people may agree that one of the better outcomes of the pandemic was the rise of bike usage all over the world. According to BBC, COVID-19 reported a significant surge in bicycle sales in response to the pandemic. 

With the rising demand for bicycles, innovation has taken place to accommodate different needs and preferences. What was once popular in the late 90s rose to popularity during a global pandemic to aid the heightened anxiety over public transportation. Now, people worldwide enjoy different kinds of bikes, including electric ones, as means of transportation and recreation. 

And to help this transportation demand, Aventon introduced Level Commuter, an electric bike designed with the daily commuter in mind. It is stylish without sacrificing endurance and ride-ability. 

Is this Aventon Level electric bike worth it? Let's dig deep into what makes this bike a bang for your buck!

Who This Bike Is For

Aventon's Level Commuter Ebike is a good option for someone who wants to ride a bike but doesn't want to look like it. It looks similar to a traditional road bike but has the comfort of an electric one. This makes it perfect for riders who want to commute by bike but can't handle the full leg-burning intensity of a regular cycle. 

This means it is also a good option for those who struggle with physical activities yet are keen on remaining active. There are different reasons for deteriorating physical health that can affect one’s activities; one might be old age or health conditions. With electric bikes, older or physically challenged people will still get to enjoy the benefits of riding a bike without the labor of pedaling too much. That is, of course, if their doctors approve it. 

Aside from older or physically challenged people, this bike is for anyone who wants time-saving, relaxing commutes. Riding public transportation can be a bother, especially during rush hours. Instead of being comfortable, you might be cramped up in the subway or bus with other people. With this electric bike, you can say goodbye to that and enjoy your trips around the city. Talk about empowering its rider!

Who This Bike Isn't For

If you're looking for a bike to do tricks with, this is probably not the right one for you. The Aventon Level electric bike is designed with commuters in mind, and as such, it has a very upright riding position that's comfortable but not ideal for acrobatics. 

In addition, this electric bike comes with a pre-installed rack. With this, you can transport your Level Commuter ebike from workdays to weekends, no matter how much gear you have. It might be good for busy bees living in the city, but this bike isn't for you if you want to travel light or do tricks. 

The same goes if you want a bike that lets you get up close and personal with nature on trails or dirt roads (or anywhere else). A change of scenery is something one would want every now and then. Unfortunately, the Aventon Level Electric Bike isn't made for that scenario. It is designed with the everyday commuter in mind, not adrenaline enthusiasts. We have a listicle for an electric mountain bike review if you want to check that out.  

Cruise in Comfort and Style

Imagine going to the office in your best clothes but ending up looking soiled upon arriving at your workplace. As it turns out, your means of transportation didn't help much in keeping your outfit neat. However, because the Aventon Level electric bike was created for people in the city, it comes with features that benefit that kind of lifestyle–including protecting you and your clothes regardless of the weather. 

Thanks to the front suspension fork and integrated fenders, you get maximum comfort while riding on any surface. Best believe that you can cycle anywhere with confidence in this electric bike, even on rough roads.

Black Aventon Level Commuter electric bike

Not only does this bike provide comfort to its users, but it is also easy on the eyes. Available in the color Stone Grey, this electric bike is set to fit any kind of lifestyle in the city. Whether you're a 40-something business owner or a 20-year-old corporate employee, the color will suit you nicely because of its flexibility. 

The physical features aren't the only things worth raving about. Level comes in three sizes to accommodate most adults' frames.

Available Sizes:


The Aventon Level is a high-end electric bike that doesn’t feel like one. It comes with high-quality components that are built to last. Even though it's double-butted for durability, it weighs only 62 lbs because of its aluminum alloy frame.

Payload Capacity

Regardless of the light material, it has a 300 lbs maximum payload capacity, giving you plenty of luggage space in its pre-installed rack. No more worrying about if your groceries or picnic basket will be accommodated by the Aventon Level electric bike because it will. 

Battery Life

Apart from its impressive build, this electric bike includes a replaceable, extended battery that charges your bicycle in around five hours. With its 750W (Peak) motor, you can keep up with traffic in both directions of your commute. It might even last until your commute from happy hour if you're feeling lucky.

Pedal Assist

Five levels of pedal assist, which you can choose from your right handlebar, ensure you'll never run out of breath while traveling to your destination. Who said commuting is a hassle? Not with this electric bike.


With 20 mph throttle speeds, you can easily keep up with the traffic around you, cruising on the streets with faster vehicles, all without pedaling. It is ideal for city commutes, long-distance rides, and work-to-weekend adventures. You'll glide past traffic and sail across the city with Aventon Level–sweat-free and on time.


The Aventon Level's tires are 27.5" ebike-rated, reflective sidewalls that offer excellent grip on the pavement as well as a slippery bike path. Paired with its hydraulic disc brakes, the response time to braking is immediate. Because of its high-tech hydraulic disc brakes, you are guaranteed superior performance and efficiency.


It also boasts a backlit LCD that lets you track your speed, battery capacity, and other key parameters while you speed around town. In case you're still out during nighttime, this device has a backlight feature.


Lastly, this electric bike is built to the IPX4 water-resistant standard, which means it can withstand water sprays from any direction. With this, riding or parking your electric bike in the rain is fine. It will not be affected by road spray or rainfall.

The Aventon Level electric bike is a dream ride and feels like a high-end vehicle.

The Level is an electric bike that can be used for commuting, touring, or plain fun. It's made from premium aluminum alloy, has integrated lights and fenders, and offers multiple riding modes for all kinds of riding conditions. Plus, its battery pack mounts on the frame and not on the rear rack, so it doesn't interfere with your cargo capacity—which is nice if you want to haul groceries or anything else!

The Aventon Level bikes are great for anyone who wants to commute without breaking a sweat (or having those annoying hills get in your way). People of old age usually prefer this to enjoy a cruise around their towns, but that doesn't mean it isn't perfect for active yuppies. It offers convenience for anyone who needs: 

  1. to get around town efficiently, 
  2. to cut down on their commute time, 
  3. and to lessen greenhouse gas emissions while remaining active.


For as low as $1,799.00, the Aventon Level Commuter electric bike is a good investment, especially if you want to hit the nail on your first electric bike purchase. Understandably, it's a gamble to base your purchasing decisions on a piece of review. But Aventon has proven through time, from its first launch until now, that it is the best commuter electric bike in the market.

It has all the features you need, like ergonomic grips, hydraulic disc brakes, a comfortable saddle, a powerful motor, an LCD, and a one-year warranty. Considering the things you'll get in exchange for the price, $1,799.00 is conveniently affordable at its price point. So if you are in the market for an electric bike but don't want to spend a lot of money making the wrong decision, this one is worth checking out. It is probably one of the best electric bikes we've ever reviewed.

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