A Focus On Women’s Health: The Many Benefits Of Cycling And Using Cannondale Women’s Mountain Bikes

September 28, 2021
cannondale womens mountain bikes

Heart disease, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and pneumonia are some of the most common illnesses women suffer regardless of their age. When these illnesses remain untreated and get worse, they become one of the leading causes of death in the said population.

With all these threats, like a chess player planning your defense, proactively take care of your health by living a healthy lifestyle. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were fun and exciting exercises that you could do? Well, there are quite a few, and we suggest that you try biking!

If biking isn’t one of the exercises you have been doing, it’s time to start now. The sport keeps you from crowded places when you go trail riding, and it allows you to breathe fresh and clean air. Are you thinking about trying it? Here are more benefits to encourage you.

Improved Physical Strength

Regularly riding a bicycle is as good as going to the gym to get in a full body workout. All your body parts—from joints, ligaments, muscles, and internal organs—are worked out and stretched with every pedal. When you bike regularly, you’ll notice your leg, arm, and stomach muscles getting firmer and more toned. Your stamina also improves, and you won't get exhausted as quickly. If you have been monitoring your weight pre, during, and post-biking, you’ll surely see significant improvements after a few months as well.

Mental Wellness

These days, when hopelessness looms and negativity is spreading faster than good thoughts, keeping your mind full of positive ideas is as important as keeping your body healthy.

You can pick bike trails with relaxing views to help you unwind. After a long ride and the rigorous uphill and downhill challenges, end your day by watching the sunset or the sea of clouds with the afternoon wind blowing on your face. Be reminded that all of your problems are just a speck of dust compared with the vast beauty in front of you.

On the scientific side, the brain secretes endorphins after exercising, which allows the body to feel relaxed and euphoric—goodbye stress, the primary source of mental illnesses!

Prevention Of Diseases

Research shows that the leading cause of chronic diseases is lack of exercise, so do not wait for your body to give you a wake-up call through sickness before taking care of yourself. As early as now, you should have regular exercise (like bike rides). With each blissful cycling session, you are keeping yourself away from these diseases:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Dementia

When you sweat because of the distance you cover while cycling or because of the rugged slopes you need to overcome, you burn calories, work out your lungs, and stretch out your muscles and bones.

Driven And Challenged

Life is filled with ups and downs, successes and failures, victories and defeats—these rollercoasters of events are what make life exciting. They are what keeps people motivated each waking day. Have this same drive and keep yourself challenged by exploring new destinations and trails to conquer. For beginners, you can go for BMX bikes and start biking on smooth asphalt roads or even try urban biking! But if you are itching for more adventure that will keep your adrenaline rushing, go for off-road trails and mountain biking. Whichever you choose, there are plenty of paths to discover.

cannondale bikes

Cannondale Women’s Mountain Bikes: Inspiration To Keep Cycling

If you are ready to reap all these rewards by conquering both relaxing and adventurous bike rides, choose the perfect women's mountain bike to accompany you on each journey. As an excellent start, you can go through Cannondale bikes as they have a wide variety of rides to choose from, like the following:

  • Cannondale Road Bikes: A road bike is best for urban biking if you’re aiming for an environmentally-friendly way to travel around town or to work
  • Cannondale Mountain Bikes: If you want to bike off-road, go for more robust bikes with Cannondale’s Mountain Bike, Hybrid Bikes, and Hardtail Bikes designed for women.
  • Cannondale Racing Bikes: Level up your biking adventure by adding a little competition through racing. Cannondale also has race bikes for women!

When choosing, here are the considerations you must add to women’s bike checklist:

  • Bike material: Steel, carbon frames, and aluminum frames are common designs for bike frames. Pick any as they make your bike robust.
  • Suspension fork: If you are looking into using the bike only for smooth paths, bikes with no suspension will work. On the other hand, if you will bike on rough terrains, go for a trail bike with front suspension, rear suspension, or both.
  • Brakes: Front and rear brake line combinations are easy to control. Despite the notion that mountain biking is all about speed, having reliable brakes will keep you safe. You can slow down your bike with minimal brake handle pressure when you have good brakes.
  • Size: Finally, bikes have different sizes, from 24-inch to 29-inch. The easiest way to know which one is for you is to check the wheel size chart provided by the bike brand you’re looking at.

Final Thoughts

These are the different benefits of biking for women and the bikes to pick to make a healthier lifestyle happen. A trip to a mountain’s singletrack trail, seeing different views, and experiencing an adrenaline rush is healthier than going to the hospital or taking medications. Moreso, riding a bike is way better than riding a wheelchair, so start this journey as early as today!

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