A Bike Trailer for Dog Lovers: Ride With Your Best Bud

June 13, 2022
Bike trailer for dogs with a rider - an old man with his brown furry friend

Biking with your dog is a wonderful way to get some exercise and enjoy the great outdoors. But sometimes, your furry friend can get tired. That's where a bike trailer for dogs comes in handy! 

A bicycle trailer for dogs is a great way to keep your pet safe while you're out for a bike ride, but many of them are difficult to use and can be dangerous. Many of them might be a tad pricey. However, nothing beats the safety of and convenience for your dog. 

If you're a pet lover, there's no way you can pass up this bike trailer for dogs! Not only does it let your furry friend come along for the ride, but it also keeps them safe and secure. Read on to learn the reasons why cyclists love using these bike trailers. We will also share features to look out for. You and your best bud will be hitting the trails in no time!

Reasons for Using Bike Trailer for Dog Lovers

Dogs can walk and run alongside you. So what's the point of chauffeuring Fido around? Here are reasons why you should get a dog bike trailer for sale. 

They Lack Discipline 

Most dogs are energetic, and they would be willing to run while you bike for a while. But then, they can be easily distracted by the people, animals, and other random things you pass by. If your pup lacks discipline and focus, you might consider giving your pup a lift instead. 

By using a trailer, your dog will enjoy looking and sniffing around while you continue to cycle efficiently without being yanked off course every 30 seconds. 

They Tire Easily

Did you know dogs can run between two to five miles? Also, some dog breeds are built for speed, while others have stamina. Don’t underestimate small dog breeds as well. According to dog experts, chihuahuas can be excellent running partners compared to a larger dog breed. Nevertheless, they get exhausted at some point. 

In addition, you might enjoy longer trips on your bike, which can drain your dog's energy. You can put them in the pet trailer and catch a ride the rest of the way when they do. 

They Want to Tag Along 

Brachycephalic dogs like pugs and bulldogs may love to go out, but unfortunately, they aren't built to run very far due to their short noses. Or, perhaps, your four-legged friend has separation anxiety and simply wants to stay by your side. Dog bike trailers are a hassle-free solution to bring your pup around with you. 

They Need Recovery

Did your dog recently recover from an illness like Heartworm? Perhaps, they’re still having a hard time moving around. A pet bicycle trailer will help them get fresh air without taxing their bodies.

Features of the Best Dog Trailer for Bike Rides 

Our canine companions deserve only the best quality bike trailers. You wouldn't want a busted bike trailer leaving you stranded on the side of the road. You want to think carefully of the features that can cater to your dog's needs.

Size and Capacity 

Dogs can weigh from five to a hundred pounds, depending on their breed and diet. Therefore, when purchasing a dog bike trailer, you want to consider the payload capacity and the dimensions so that your furry friend can fit inside comfortably. Despite their steel frame, dog trailers have weight limits, so check first before buying one. Otherwise, your newly-purchased pet trailer might break due to your dog's weight. 

Connecting Hardware 

A good dog trailer has a hitch arm and coupler attachment that easily attach to any bike, whether road bikes or mountain bikes. Plus, some trailers are equipped with a secondary strap to avoid rollovers or accidents if the primary coupler fails. 

Handling and Maneuverability 

You’d want a bike trailer that is easy to maneuver while pedaling. You’d want to keep your eyes on the road rather than worrying about your dog trailer zigzagging behind. Thus, check out trailers with a low center of gravity for a smooth ride with your pet. 

Sturdy Construction 

Durability is a no-brainer when looking for a well-made bike trailer for your pup. Aside from checking its frame material, look at its air-filled tires, hitches, and fabric. Are they lightweight, UV-resistant, or waterproof? If you believe dog trailers are a luxury for your canines, you might as well invest in the best dog bike trailer on the market. 

Easy Storage 

Even if you like taking your dog out for a daily ride, you still need to stow away your bike trailer somewhere afterward. Dog trailers range from semi-collapsible to fully foldable features to save space and reduce clutter in your home. 

Safety Equipment

It's scary to bring your dog out where road accidents can happen at any waking moment. So on top of choosing long-lasting materials for your bike trailer, look for ones with reflectors, a safety flag, internal leash ties, parking brakes, and extra safety straps. 


Asides from being a comfortable ride for your pooches, some dog trailers are convertible to bike strollers or carts. Dog trailers with larger weight capacity can also be used to carry groceries or other items when you run for errands. 

Points of Entry

Some bike trailers allow dogs to enter from the side of the front. At the same time, many require you to load them in from the top. The more ways your fur friend can go in the trailer, the more convenient your bike trailer will be. 


Do you want a pop of color or a neutral shade on your dog bike trailer? Either way, there are a lot of variations that you will surely love. But it helps if you get a high-contrasting color that can be easily spotted by incoming vehicles and other cyclists.

Final Thoughts

Bike trailer for dogs - a happy white poodle in the dog trailer

Bond with your furry best friend and cruise around town with a dog bike trailer! It provides a comfortable space for your dog to relax while enjoying the fresh air and sights of your rides together. Not only is it great for recreation, but it can also be used as an essential piece of equipment if you need to transport your pet somewhere. 

We've highlighted some of the best features of dog trailers to get you started on finding the perfect one for you and your pup. Be sure to check out our other posts on biking accessories like helmets and locks – there's something for everyone!

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