Feel The Big Bike Difference With The Ecotric Fat Tire Electric Bike for All Your Adventures

April 13, 2022
ecotric fat tire electric bike

Not many riders know the benefits of owning a fat tire bike. These bikes are great for improving your skills. From balancing, steering, and handling, fat tire bikes have a lot of challenges in store for you. It may not look like a cool bike, but you'll feel a big difference in your riding experience once you ride them.

In this article, we'll share some of the benefits of using a fat tire bike. We'll also look at the unique features of the Ecotric fat tire 500w electric bike to convince you that big bikes are what you need. 

The Odd Choice: Why Ride Fat Tire Bikes? 

Many people are choosing biking as a hobby nowadays. Even with the bike choice, the most in-demand always seems to be the best choice for everyone. But we're here to explore other options. Let's look at some of the compelling reasons you should switch to fat-tire bikes. 

Lets You Ride in All-Terrain Types

Standard mountain bikes are excellent for mountain trails and downhills. But you'll find it harder to ride on muddy grounds, gravel, and sandy terrains. 

The bigger wheel of the fat tire bike allows you to conquer every terrain with ease. The big wheels provide better traction, which is especially useful for unforgiving roads. It adds more bounce to your ride, making it easy to navigate and pick up speed on soft grounds like sand and mud. 

A Bike for All Seasons 

Don't you hate it when it's pouring outside or snowing all day, and you can't bring your bike out for a ride? With regular mountain bikes, it can be hard to control your ride when the pavement is wet. 

On the other hand, bigger wheels allow for better control in any weather condition. The big traction of the wheels acts as the non-slip grip that enables you to handle your bike in all weather conditions. 

Furthermore, the wide tires help you balance better. Fat tire bikes are not only for extreme weather conditions. It's also a great choice if you're a beginner rider. If you want to master balancing in no time, fat tire bikes are your best companion. 

fat tire bike in snow

Provides Extra Comfort on Rough Rides

Most fat-tire bikes have rigid frames, which lessens the vibrations you receive from rough rides. If you have suspension systems installed in your ride, you'll be able to experience a better and smoother ride. 

In addition, the big wheels of this bike also contribute to the comfort you feel when you ride. The wheels also dampen the vibrations, which lessens the stress received by your legs and lower back so that you can go for further rides. 

Helps You Improve Your Biking Skills 

Most standard fat-tire bikes in the market come with a single speed. Single-speed bikes make it hard to ride on uphill trails, but they can help you develop your core and leg strength and stamina. When you upgrade to multi-speed bike gear, you'll be able to pick up speed easily and help you last longer on an endurance ride. 

Furthermore, since these big bikes are heavier, handling and control can be tricky. So, navigating on sharp turns and even doing bike tricks will be easy for you when you transition to standard mountain bikes. 

What We Recommend: The Ecotric Fat Tire Electric Bike  

If you're all in the big bike hype, here's the perfect bike you can check out. This bike is powerful and affordable. Let's take a look at this ride and explore its different specifications. 

Powerful Gear Motor 

The ecotric fat tire electric bike has 500w and a strong battery that gives you strong driving power. The 500w hub motor is perfect for off-road rides without much effort. You can ride on mountain trails, sandy slopes, and other terrains faster. 

The motor's top default speed is 23.6 mph, which is faster than other 500w electric bikes. If you want to go faster, you can adjust the setting as instructed in the e-bike's manual. 

Four Functions Pedal Assist Modes 

You can swap pedal assist modes depending on how you want to ride. These modes are especially helpful when you want to converse your bike's battery and go for long rides. The first assist mode gives moderate power that aids you with your pedaling. The second mode is the full-electric mode. You can ride your bike without pedaling with the help of twist-grip throttles. 

The third mode is the manual mode, where you pedal the bike without the help of the motor if you're up for a challenge. Finally, the last mode is the booster mode. The booster mode allows you to push your bike faster when not riding it. You can push the bike at a speed up to 6 mph in this mode. 

Powerful and Long-Lasting Battery 

The bike battery is a 36v, 12.5AH removable lithium. You can get an ecotric fat tire electric bike 500w battery replacement or a spare because of its removable function. So, instead of waiting for your battery to charge, you can have another one and use it to go further. 

In addition, the removable battery is convenient because you don't need to carry your entire bike near the charging outlet all the time. 

e bike in sandy terrain 

Superior Build and Premium Quality Bike Parts

The ecotric electric bike is the best deal you can get on the market. You get a quality build at an affordable price and the same premium bike parts expensive bikes have. It has a dual suspension system that promotes smoother rides. The bike's frame is aluminum, one of the lightest materials, and has excellent durability. 

In addition, the ecotric electric bike features a Shimano 7-speed gear which is usually found on high-end mountain bikes. These will help you navigate and ride your way through steep slopes and tough mountain trails. Moreover, the bike capacity can carry up to 260 pounds, and you can attach cargo if you want to go on a camping trip and bring plenty of things. 

Furthermore, the bike's wheels are puncture-resistant. So you won't have to worry about getting a flat when you're in the middle of your ride. The bike also includes an LCD screen and shows important details for your ride like battery power, speed, and distance. 

Ready to Ride? 

It's not always the trendiest bike to give you the best riding experience. Explore your options, and maybe you'll enjoy riding more with a fat bike. It's perfect for beginners and enthusiasts looking for more challenges in their rides. 

Don't know what to get? There's no better entry bike than the Ecotric fat tire electric bike. It has powerful motors for your challenging and uphill roads, several pedal assist modes, and a huge battery capacity to let your ride longer and further. The best part is it's a budget-friendly bike with a premium build. It's hard to find a bike to top this one. 

If you want to know more about bikes, biking needs, safety gear, and buying guides, you can visit our blogs for more information. Happy ride! 

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