Comfortable Bike Rides: The Top Bicycle Seat Shock Absorber

November 23, 2021
bicycle seat shock absorber

Suspension seat posts are a great invention for cyclists. This special bike seat uses the design of springs to provide suspension when riding over bumps, cracks, or other objects on the road. Not to mention, they are especially important if you plan on riding long distances or doing any off-road biking. 

Individual riders have different needs, and there is a right bicycle seat suspension for each person. That said, the suspension bike seat has been shown to increase comfort and reduce fatigue in riders by up to 40%. Let’s talk about more pros, shall we?

Benefits of Having a Bike Seat Suspension

A bike dropper, more commonly known as bicycle seat suspension, is the most unnoticed bike component. Many people will spend a lot of money on gears, rims, wheels, fork suspension, and other bike accessories but never on a dropper. 

There are several benefits a shock-absorbing dropper can give you, especially if you enjoy long and rough riders. Here are some: 

Comfortable ride 

From bike frames and shock-absorbent wheels, seat posts help you achieve a smoother ride. A standard road bike comes with a regular metal seat dropper that allows you to adjust your bike seat height. Upgrading into a shock-absorbent seat dropper lessens the vibrations coming from your bike ride. 

Rough and jagged trails can be hard on the body— these rides can give riders lower back pain and fatigue on the arms and legs. The seat post can help lessen the vibrations that travel through your body, making your ride smoother and helping you last longer on endurance rides. 

Precise bike handling 

Because of the reduced vibrations, it gives you more control over your bicycle. As a result, you have better traction turning corners, more control on downhill rides, and precise handling when you ride at top speeds on flat terrains. 

How to Find the Right Bike Seat Shock for You? 

There are different types of bike droppers, and depending on your needs, there is a right one for you. Here are some key factors you might want to consider in this seat post bike buying guide:

Build material 

Shock-absorbing seat posts are made from different materials. If you want a superior performance with vibration dampening, lightweight, and durability all in one, carbon fiber material is the best option for you. There is also a seat post made from titanium and steel alloy. 

If you want to feel a little vibration on your rides, the alloy material can give you that experience. However, not all riders are used to smooth rides, and it may take a few practices to gain control. So choose the right material based on your preferred riding experience.

Length of the seat post
You can adjust your seat post to be higher or lower. The height of the seat post can affect your bike depending on the terrain you are on. Always take note of the perfect height for your needs.  Posts that are too short can make the ride uncomfortable, while the higher ones can make riding difficult and even dangerous. 

Weight and pricing 

Upgrading to bike seat suspension can add weight to your bicycle to reinforce a tight grip on your seat and dampen the vibration. But if you want to keep all the parts of your bike lightweight, you can also buy lightweight materials—but be reminded that these premium seat posts can be a bit expensive.

If you have spare cash to spend a bit more on suspensions, you won’t have any regrets with the pricier models.

The 5 Best Bike Seat Suspensions for Comfortable Mountain Biking 

1. Origin8 Pro Fit UL Suspension Seatpost - $52.84 

Product Highlights 

  • The Origin8 Pro suspension seatpost is made from steel alloy and 6061-T6 construction, meaning it is a strong material that is also lightweight.
  • It has a 2-bolt zero offset head clamp, and the seat post is adjustable up to 45mm. 
  • The Origin8 PRO fit can carry a rider’s weight up to 300lbs. 
  • It has an excellent rating at EN MTN safety approval. 


  • The seatpost tends to change position or twist during long rides for heavier riders because the weight and vibration dampening is ineffective compared to riders with less weight. 
  • The seatpost sticks and can be difficult to adjust. It would require grease or a wrench when you install it for the first time. 
  • It can significantly lessen the shock from gravel terrains, but the shock absorption on more intense rough rides is weaker to almost non-existent. 

2. Satori Beatbox Mountain Bike Suspension Seatpost - $89.98 

Product Highlights 

  • The seatpost has a diameter of 31.6mm, a length of 350mm with an offset of 17mm, and an adjustable seat cradle between -5 and 18 degrees. 
  • The Satori Beatbox bike suspension can consistently dampen vibration on small bumps on gravel roads, double tracks, and trails, making it perfect for longer rides. 
  • For a comfortable ride, its recommended weight capacity is between 70-80kgs. 
  • It is crafted from a steel alloy with AL6061 3D construction and weighs only 487 grams. 


  • Riding into big bumps at fast speed can make you lose control of your bike. 
  • The screws of the bike post can wear down easily. Some users report that it is snapped in the middle of rides. 
  • The spring action of the seatpost works better for people who weigh less than 150lbs. 

3. Cane Creek Thudbuster LT Suspension Seatpost - $189.99 

Product Highlights 

  • The Cane Creek Thudbuster seatpost is a new design of the Cane Creek brands that gives the rider a more comfortable ride and a more durable suspension. In addition, it comes with a tool-free elastomer changer and a single-bolt seat clamp. 
  • The seatpost is designed to carry heavier weight up to 113kg. However, you can buy an elastomer separately if you wish to carry heavier weight on your bike ride. 
  • It is compatible with both mountain bikes and electric bikes. 


  • The seatpost's normal height is almost 5 inches higher than a normal seatpost. As a result, small riders may have a hard time using this suspension seat. 
  • The seat holder tends to loosen, so you have to tighten it regularly to avoid inconvenience and accidents. 

4. REDSHIFT ShockStop Suspension Seatpost - $229.99 

Product Highlights 

  • The ShockStop suspension seatpost is perfect for e-bike, gravel bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrid bikes. This seat suspension can give you a comfortable ride at your top speed with full control. 
  • Proven to dampen up to 60% of vibrations coming from intense rides and bumpy roads, it can significantly help riders lessen lower back pain while riding. 
  • It has 35mm tunable suspension travel. The four-bar links ensure that your bicycle seat remains in the constant angle you set and prefer on your entire ride. 
  • It comes in a standard sizing that fits most modern bikes available in the market. 


  • This bike shock absorber costs more than four times a standard seatpost. 
  • The bike seat is not recommended for riders under 5’4” because of its high-standard position. 

5. KINECT 2.1 Aluminum Bike Seatpost with Suspension - $249.00

Product Highlights 

  • The KINEKT 2.1 aluminum bike seatpost comes with a higher preload capacity and effectively separates your body from the vibrations of bumpy terrains. 
  • The seatpost is available in two length options: 350mm and 420mm. Measure your bicycle’s seat post so you can get the perfect fit when you upgrade to KINEKT 2.1 suspension seat post. 
  • It can also fit a wide range of bikes, available in diameters: 25.4 mm, 27.2 mm, 30.9 mm, and 31.6 mm. 
  • It also comes with two spare springs so you can customize the suspension action on your bike ride. Additionally, there are different spring sizes to carry a particular rider perfectly. Small for riders 100 – 150lbs, medium for 150 – 200lbs, and large for 200 – 240lbs. 
  • It is made from Aircraft Grade 6061 AL stainless steel that is durable and corrosion-resistant.


  • The KINEKT is one of the most expensive seatpost in the market. As a result, it may not be a good option for people looking to stay within their budget. 
  • The screw that comes with the KINEKT can easily break. However, you can change it to a better quality screw to make it last longer. 
  • If you have a carbon frame bike, the seat post can have a chemical reaction with your bike frame. 
single clamp seatpost adjustment  

Final Thoughts 

There's nothing more fun than comfortable bike rides. Dampening vibrations lessens your body's stress from the extreme terrains that allow you to go farther and faster. Invest in upgrading the components of your bike and complete your accessories with the best women’s mountain bike jerseys because girls can conquer the roads too! 

We hope we have helped you pick the best bicycle seat shock absorber for your road adventures. Upgrade now and experience a smoother and more enjoyable ride. 

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