The Best Mountain Bike Saddlebag: 5 Top Picks

December 28, 2021
best mountain bike saddle bag

Biking accessories can enhance your bike ride if you love mountain biking and take it seriously. One of the essential things a mountain biker must invest in is a saddlebag. 

This bag gives you additional storage to carry other necessities for the trip like food, water, or a first aid kit. You can also bring repair tools with you on cross-country rides or intense trails.

In this blog post, we will help you find the best saddle pack for your needs. So invest in one if you want to take longer and farther rides.

How to Choose the Perfect Bike Saddlebag 

You will come across multiple options for a saddlebag. However, it's not enough to look good; it should also be worth your money

We’d like to help you make an informed purchase decision, so here are some of the key considerations when buying a saddle pack for your bicycle. 

  • Size and weight. These crucial factors determine the items you can bring on your trip. For example, a small MTB saddlebag can carry small loads for short trips. Bigger saddlebags, on the other hand, can carry more and heavier-duty items. However, note that bigger bags will add more weight to your bike, affecting your balance and the way you ride. 
  • Zipper, roll-up, or buckle. Your ride will batter your saddle pack. Thus, it is important to consider how your bags close. Standard bags use zippers, which may fall open on bumpy trails. So consider roll-ups or buckles for a more secure hold. 

A Review of the Best Saddlebags for Mountain Bikes

We have compiled the best bags for your biking activities. Let's take a closer look at each bag's details and features and see what’s best for you. 

RZAHUAHU Saddlebag Seat Pouch 

Product Highlights

  • The RZAHUAHU Seat Pouch is compact but can carry a lot of things with your ride. You can place this bike bag on the rear, the bike frame, and even on the top handles without affecting the quality of your ride. 
  • The pouch has multiple compartments where you can organize your biking needs and a mesh layer with a zipper where you can store your valuables such as ID, wallet, cards, and cellular phones. 
  • The seat pouch has a loop strap and a hook for easy installation—no tools needed. The hooking mechanism lets you attach and detach the bag in seconds so that you can access it whenever you need something. 
  • The seat pouch is made from polyester, a fabric that has excellent water-resistant properties. It can protect your things from splashes during wet rides. However, we do not recommend submerging it in water because it’s not entirely waterproof. 


  • The RZAHUAHU saddle pack is excellent for carrying bike repair tools. Because of its compact size, you can only place small and thin carry-on items inside the pouch. If you want to bring food or water, you would have to bring another saddlebag. 

ROCKBROS 3D Hard Shell Mountain Bike Saddlebag

Product Highlights

  • The ROCKBROS bike saddlebag is made from high-quality ethylene vinyl acetate material that gives the bag a luxurious look and feel. The smooth surface of the bag makes it easy to clean with water and a simple washcloth. 
  • It has a large carrying capacity. The inside of the bag also contains mesh layers where you can safely store small things such as keys, credit cards, and cellphones. 
  • It has a quick-release strap for easy installation. The clips ensure that the bag stays in place even on bumpy rides. Refer to the manual for proper installation of the clips. 
  • The saddlebag also has a taillight hook to attach your taillights if you don't have a hook on your seat. The hard shell also has a reflective surface so that car drivers can see you at night to avoid accidents. 


  • The design of the bag is a bit bulky; if you have big thighs, you can feel it rub against you when you ride. 
  • The zipper quality is cheap. Some users report having difficulty navigating the zipper; in some cases, it completely falls open. 

Roswheel Race Series Ultra-Light Saddlebag 

Product Highlights

  • The Roswheel saddlebag is crafted from jacquard cloth, which is highly wear-resistant. You can also take your saddlebag on riverside rides because jacquard cloth is water-repellent; it can protect your item from getting wet. Just be careful not to submerge it in water because it's not entirely waterproof. 
  • The fabric is woven with intricate designs and lined with PVC leather, making it a stylish and durable choice. 
  • It has a quick installation and quick-release feature. You can loop the bag into your seat post with a high-grade Velcro strap, which you can adjust accordingly to the fit you want. 
  • It has a 0.8-liter carrying capacity, and it is 30% lighter compared to other saddlebags.


  • The strap of the saddlebag is made from cheap fabric, so avoid putting heavy items in the saddle pack. Some users report that the strap can snap off during the ride. 
  • The cloth used is durable but not hard enough to act as a protective layer for your items. If you want to store fragile items, it's better to use additional protective wrapping to avoid breakage. 

Rhinowalk Professional Cycling Accessories Pannier Bag Set 

Product Highlights

  • The Rhinowalk pannier bag set is made from 1000D polyester. This type of polyester is a heavy-duty fabric and is commonly used for outdoor gear because of its wear resistance. In addition, it has two times the strength of cotton and can carry heavy objects.  
  • It is completely waterproof and has anti-tear properties. Thus, you can make sure that sharp objects won't cut your bag and your things won’t fall off the trail. 
  • You can purchase the pannier bag set with a bundled rear trunk rack. It also comes with a removable shoulder strap if you want to carry your bag on your back when you are not cycling. 


  • The Rhinowalk saddlebag is bulky because it is designed to carry heavy loads. As a result, it can add significant weight to your bike. If you’re not used to it, you’ll find it difficult to adjust on your first few rides. 
  • Make sure to secure all the zippers before you ride. Some users report that the zippers loosen during the ride; backsplash can enter the bag and get your things wet.

Topeak MTX Bicycle Trunk Bag with Molded Panels 

Product Highlights

  • The Topeak MTX trunk bag is made from 600D polyester coated with PVC, making it extremely durable and water-repellent. 
  • It has three carrying compartments. The main compartment is lined with 420D nylon, which is strong and has water-tight properties. Meanwhile, the side compartments have a rigid design to protect the items in your bag from bumps and impacts. You can also expand them for more storage room.
  • It comes with a RedLite clip so that you can securely clasp the bag under your seat, as well as elastic top bungees for a more stable hold on your bicycles. 
  • When you are not cycling, you can use the Topeak trunk bag’s carry handles and shoulder straps. It also has an extra bottle holder so that you can bring more fluid on your bike ride. 
  • The bag is lined with 3D reflective strips that can serve as an additional taillight when riding on dark and dim roads. 


  • The Topeak MTX trunk bag is one of the most expensive saddlebags in the market. It costs almost $100. If you have no problem splurging on bike accessories, this is the best bag money can buy. 
  • You have to add a rear rack to your bike to attach the bag. The bike seat cannot support the weight of the bag and can make your ride wobbly.  

Other Road Bike Essentials

Have you decided to get a saddlebag? Let's prepare you further for your next bike adventure. Here are some essentials you should pack before you hit the road for a more enjoyable and smoother bike ride.

  • Inner tube. The most common problem you will encounter during a ride is a flat tire. So when you go out, especially on long rides, bring at least one inner tube with you. Even if your bikes use tubeless tires, you can use inner tubes to temporarily seal punctures in your wheels. 
  • Quick link. Broken chains can be frustrating, especially when you are already far from your starting point. A quick link can fix your broken chains with a simple snap for a tool-free repair. You'll be back on the road in no time.
  • Tire patch. You can never be sure when your wheels will get punctured during your ride, especially on tough terrains. Thus, it's always good to be prepared when it happens. Tire patches can instantly cover small holes in tubes, so you'll be on your way in a jiffy.
  • CO2 canister. You can go for mini air pumps that can fit in your saddlebag, but a CO2 canister is lighter and pumps air faster than compact air pumps. Also, certain tires require 90 psi or higher to inflate them, and small pumps will have difficulty providing this. Just remember: when using CO2, put the nozzle properly to avoid air leaks.
  • Personal items. If you’re going on a long and tiring ride, include personal items in your bag. Saddlebags have a secret compartment for your cash, cards, and cell phones. You can also bring snacks and food for the road. 

Final Thoughts 

Most bike enthusiasts focus on upgrading bike parts for maximum performance. However, investing in other biking accessories such as saddlebags can make your rides more comfortable and provide security while you are riding. 

We hope this list of the best mountain bike saddlebag has helped you make an informed decision. You can check out our other blogs if you are looking for top-rated mountain bikes and other premium bike parts. 

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