Powerful and Affordable: The Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under $2000

January 21, 2022
best full suspension mountain bike under 2000

A full-suspension bike can elevate your riding experience on leisure rides and extreme trails. Having a full suspension bike also gives you an edge when it comes to biking competitions. That is why more and more cyclists prefer full suspension bikes. But the high-quality bicycles also come with an expensive price tag. These bikes cost three times the price of standard mountain bikes. 

However,  if you want that rugged yet comfortable suspension experience, there are entry-level cheap full suspension mountain bikes for beginners you can try—the same experience with premium quality bikes with a more affordable price tag. 

The Best MTB Under $2000: Marin Rift Zone 2 29"

The Marin Rift Zone 2 dual suspension bike is the calm of the chaotic terrain. This 29-inch full suspension mountain bike can bring out your best performance in any trail you take. 

Let's look at the build and the different features of the Marin Rift Zone and why it is worth investing in. 

Bike Frame  

The majority of the dual suspension bikes use carbon frames. Carbon is very popular with bikers because of its lightweight properties and durability. Another excellent choice for bike frames is titanium steel. It is not as light as a carbon frame but can withstand incredible wear and tear conditions. Unfortunately, for bikers on a budget, these premium materials with excellent properties don’t come cheap.

The Marin Rift Zone 2 uses Series 3 6061 for the body frame—a high-grade aluminum usually used for aircraft. In general, aluminum is inferior to carbon and titanium, but a series 3 6061 steel is enhanced using technology to improve its performance. 

Series 3 6061 can withstand pressure up to 51,000 PSI, so you ensure that rough roads won't make a dent or scratch your bicycles. This material is also enhanced with anti-corrosion properties, so your bike frame will last longer. 

Bike Suspension 

The Marin Rift Zone 2 introduces the Mutitrac Suspension system. This system is exclusively used and tested on Marin Bikes, reinforcing their suspensions with the best performance. The system is simple: more bumps equal more control. The Mutitrac suspension system can take big and small hits while giving the rider control and pedaling efficiency. 

The front suspension fork is a RockShox Recon Silver RL 29", which has concentrated materials on the brace, offering more stiffness and steering precision control. The fork fits 110 mm tires and has enough space for full fenders. The RockShox Recon has motion control and a locked low-speed compression, so you are sure that vibration dampening takes effect at the beginning of your ride. 

The rear suspension RockShox Deluxe Select R dampens the shock you receive from bumpy rides and lessens the stress on your lower back and legs. In addition, it is lightweight and powered by air compression that acts like coil suspension, giving you the ultimate dampening power. Additionally, it has a dampening fluid that minimizes the friction and the dampening noise during rides. 

Bike Wheels 

The Marin Rift Zone 2 has 29-inch wheels, which offer excellent traction and are perfect for mountain trails and rocky roads. It gives more stability even in bumpy rides. In addition, 29-inch wheels add a significant height to your bike, making them suitable for tall riders. 

It has Vee Tire Flow Snap wheels, which are excellent for endurance racing. Moreover, the lug design of the wheels ensures that debris like small stones, clumps of sands, or mud cannot affect your speed. 

The bike rims are double-walled aluminum alloy, which is the standard for most mountain bikes. Double walls are a practical choice because they last longer and carry more significant weight than single-walled ones. It is also suitable for extreme sports because it can take strong impacts during rides. Additionally, the rims of the Marin Rift are compatible with both tube and tubeless tires. 

Bike Gear 

The bike gear makes the Marin Rift Zone 2 the best budget full suspension mountain bike. This mountain bike rocks a Shimano Deore, 12-speed gear set, which is also common in premium full-suspension mountain bikes. 

The shifting lever of the gear is found near your hands’ gripping position so that you can reach it without any difficulty. It also features a HYPER GLIDE shifting technology, so you can shift and press the level with minimal effort to change your bike's gears even in between rides. 

The gear cassette is all metal for ultimate durability. In addition, the chain uses quick link technology to repair your bike chains and customize them without using any tools. 

Other Bike Components 

  • Brakes. The Marin Zone Rift 2 uses Shimano hydraulic brakes. These brakes use a special fluid that releases into the disc when you pull the brake lever in your handle. Glycol-ether-based fluids are integrated into hydraulic disc brakes, adding more stopping power than standard mechanical disc brakes. This is a great deal for money for full suspension mountain bikes under $2000. 
  • Bike Handle. The line of Marin bikes is installed with different bikes handled specifically created by the brand. For example, the Rift Zone 2 has a Marin mini-rise handlebar measuring 28 mm and can be adjusted 5 degrees upwards and 9 degrees downward. The handlebars are made with the same type of aluminum used in the bike's frame so that you can ensure the same quality and durability. 
  • Seat Post. The Marin Rift uses the TranzX seat post with a quick-release feature so you can smoothly adjust your seat even in between rides. This seat post comes in small, medium, and large and has different height ranges, so you can find the perfect height you are comfortable with. 
  • Pedals. Unlike other mountain bikes, the Marin Rift Zone 2 does not come with a default pedal installed. You can freely choose which pedal you want for your road bike. We recommend hard plastics like resin or choosing metal pedals. This will serve you longer than cheap plastics and is more suitable for extreme rides. 

You can also check out the Marin 27.5 full suspension mountain bike. It has the same performance as the Zone Rift 2, with the same affordable price only with different wheel sizes—a more suitable ride for short riders who seek thrill and adventure. 

Silhouette of full suspension mountain bike

5 Reasons to Ride a Full Suspension Bike 

A full-suspension bike can be intimidating for first-time riders. But in reality, you can ride it with your basic mountain biking skills, and as you do, you can have more room for improvement, developing new skills. If you aren't quite convinced, here are some of the reasons why you should ride a full suspension bike. 

  1. Full suspension bikes allow for more traction, motion control, and stability. In addition, the springs and the air pressure found in the suspension give more control over your movements and prevent you from falling over during rides. 
  2. The suspension allows for a smoother ride. In addition, because of the dampening features, the vibrations and shock reaching your body are significantly lesser, enabling you to ride for longer periods with comfort. 
  3. The parts of a full suspension bike are more open to adjustments. It allows more customization so you can adjust your bike to your most comfortable setting. 
  4. Suspension bikes are faster on harder trails. Also, because of the air pressure and compression that brings the bounce in your rides, you don't need a full stop when you hit a big bump. 
  5. In reality, full-suspension bikes are more forgiving. Because it is highly customizable and more versatile than other bikes, you can have more room for errors. In addition, you can adjust the bike to your skill level and eventually upgrade your settings once you improve. This way, you can focus on one skill at a time for better mastery. 

Is a Full Suspension Bike Not For You? 

Professional cyclists prefer full suspension bikes for their biking activities and sporting events. It takes skills and a lot of practice to perfectly handle a bike like this. Here are some of the lowlights that may want you to consider another ride. 

  • The suspension system installed can add weight to the whole bicycle. Heavier bikes are harder to control and require more effort to ride compared to lighter ones. 
  • Even an entry-level full-suspension bike is expensive. This goes the same as the prices of their accessories. MTBs are customizable; from the wheels, pedals, handlebars, gears, etc. But, expect an expensive price tag for every part. A premium upgrade for a premium bike. 
  • Experts say that a dual suspension bike is a more advanced version of the standard hardtail bike. Riding this bike requires you to know more than just the basics of mountain biking, not just for a better riding opportunity but also for repairs and maintenance needs. 
rider in red going down a steep downward slope 

Final Thoughts 

Choosing a bike is no easy feat. There are so many things you need to consider before you arrive at your final decision; from the build to the bike's price, everything must be according to your means and preferences. 

We hope that this review on the best full suspension mountain bike under $2000 helped shed light on your biking inquiries. For more information on bike buying guides and reviews, you can check out the website and look for articles to help you make a more informed choice. 

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