The Best Fat-Tire Electric Bike Conversion Kit with a Battery

September 22, 2021
fat tire electric bike conversion kit with battery

Do you want to stand out when you are cycling? Then, you better ride a fat-tire bike! Today, fat-tire bikes are in demand because of the comfort they give to riders. You can also use them on rough and muddy roads. Assemble your regular bike with a fat-tire trike conversion kit, and you’ll have a hybrid mount that can give you a whole new level of riding experience.

A fat-tire e-bike gets even more powerful if you have the best electric bike kit with a battery. If you want to know more about conversion kits, let's help you find the best fat-tire electric bike conversion kit with a battery.

The List of the Best E-bike Conversion Kit

An electric bike conversion kit with a battery is a motor you attach to a bike's tire. It usually operates on a lithium battery, which offers many advantages compared to other batteries. Some of these advantages include a longer lifespan and fast charging time.

Nowadays, many cyclists choose to upgrade their old bikes instead of buying a brand new one. Upgrading a bike to an e-bike is way more practical, and you can save money. You get an e-bike by simply installing a conversion fat-tire electric bike kit on your old bike.

You can choose from three types of e-bike conversion kits if you want a custom fat-tire bike.

  • The front-wheel e-bike conversion kit provides you with a motorized wheel, controls, and speed sensors. The front wheel is connected to the battery and propels you forward.
  • The rear-wheel e-bike conversion kit is similar to the first one. The only difference is that the motor goes to the back of your bike, which is better for off-road cycling. If you are going to use this kit, you need a sturdier bike frame because the rear wheel supports most of your weight.
  • The mid-drive e-bike conversion kit is installed at the center of the bike. Attach the motor to your crank arm, and then assemble the rest of your chain system to motorize the wheels.

If you plan to upgrade your bike, check out the list below to find the best fat tire e-bike conversion kit with a battery for you.

conversion kit

NBPower Electric Bike Fat Tire Conversion Kit

NBPower has been in business for more than seven years, led by e-bike experts and enthusiasts. This fat-tire conversion kit is worth $859.00 and is available for 20-,24-, and 26-inch wheel sizes. It has a 750-watt brushless gear hub motor and a 48-volt, 13-ampere-hour Hailong lithium battery.

The set also comes with wheels, twist throttle, brake levers, freewheel, controller, pedal-assist sensor (PAS), controller box LCD, and battery. The all-in-one conversion kit has the controller, battery, and cable connectors already assembled, and when installed, it allows you to travel as fast as 37 miles per hour (60 kilometers per hour).

The kit comes with a two-year warranty.

AW Electric Bicycle Front Wheel Frame Kit

AW Cycles is a UK-based company serving cyclists from Reading since 1994. Over time, the company has developed and become one of England's most respected independent cycle shops. Aside from having a two-story headquarters with large showrooms, AW Cycles has online stores like the one it has on Amazon.

AW Cycles manufactures conversion kits aside from a wide range of e-bikes, and one of their finest is the AW e-bike front-wheel frame kit available for 20- and 26-inch wheel sizes.

The tires go with an aluminum frame. The kit is perfect for 5 5/16-inch front dropout spacing and 20-inch by 4-inch tires. It can give you a speed of 28 miles per hour (45 kilometers per hour) once installed. The brushless motor hub is noiseless, so you can definitely enjoy off-road cycling in peace.

The dual-mode controller allows you to switch between Hall and non-Hall effects to extend the life of your e-bike. It works by automatically switching the motor to non-Hall effect mode if the components break down. Don’t worry: the motor still works even in non-Hall effect mode.

The conversion kit has a durable frame made from an aluminum alloy to ensure durability and stability. The easy-twist throttle also makes cycling more convenient.

The kit also comes with PAS that can sense pedal cadence and automatically adjusts motor turning rate. It is great for long-distance cycling and even prevents wrist pain from hard pressing. The handbrake shuts off the motor automatically to save power and improve safety.

You can get this conversion kit for as low as $249.90. The conversion kit is also available for 26-inch wheel size for only $275.90

HALLOMOTOR Conversion Kit

HalloMotor is confident in providing top-quality products to its valued customers. Established in Shanghai, the company has outlets in Asia and massive networks around the globe.

The HalloMotor conversion kit is available for 20-, 24-, 26-, 27.5-, 28-, and 29-inch wheel sizes. The kit includes a threaded motorized wheel, controller and bag, two brake levers, twist-speed throttle with electric key lock, handlebar grips, PAS control, pedelec sensor, and cables.

When it comes to the hub, the motor's efficiency is more than 85%, and the speed can go as fast as 34 miles per hour (55 kilometers per hour). The front hub width (dropout) is approximately 4 inches (100 millimeters), and the rear threaded hub motor is 5 inches (135 millimeters). It also has a reinforced bike rim special for fat e-bikes, and the brake supports a six-hole disc brake.

The controller is 1000 watts with a rated voltage of 48 volts. The minimum voltage is DC 30/40±0.5 V, and the max current is 30±1 A.

You can buy this conversion set for a starting price of $329.00.

LOLTRA Fat Tire E-bike Rear Wheel Conversion Kit

The Loltra conversion kit is perfect for e-bikes with 26-inch wheel size. It comes with a disc brake style, and the rear frame size has a 7-inch (190 millimeters) rear dropout.

The high-quality brushless gearless DC hub motor is 48 volts and 1,500 watts. It also boasts a top speed of 31 to 37 miles per hour (50 to 60 kilometers per hour) when properly installed.

The SW900 display shows battery life, brake status, speed display, trip distance accumulation, motor power, temperature, and parameter setting. The conversion kit also contains a dual-mode controller.

This conversion kit is good for the price of $359.99.

EBIKELING Waterproof E-Bike Conversion Kit

Ebikeling is a Chicago-based company that sells e-bikes, conversion kits, parts, and accessories at affordable prices. You can have this conversion kit for a suggested price of $484.10. The Ebikeling waterproof e-bike conversion kit’s direct-drive motor can run on a 48-volt, 1200-watt battery, suitable for 26-inch wheels.

This conversion kit includes important pieces for installation, such as

  • the wheel hub motor,
  • pedal-assist system,
  • brake levers,
  • torque arm,
  • throttle,
  • cable ties, and
  • controller and display.

However, the conversion kit doesn't include the battery and tire.

It has an LCD/TFT 750C display that enables you to monitor the battery percentage, distance, speed, PAS levels, error codes, and wattage. The PAS makes it possible to ride your e-bike without a throttle response for a continuous and fun biking experience.

If you get this product, you will enjoy a 1-year warranty on hub motors and a 3-month warranty for all other components.

Final Thoughts

Fat e-bikes are fun, so instead of buying a brand new bike, you should try upgrading your old bike by incorporating a fat-tire electric bike conversion kit with a battery. From this list of the best conversion kits online, select the one that works for you and have a new experience with your customized fat e-bikes!

Before the fun, don't forget to use protection like a helmet, gloves, knee, and elbow pads to keep yourself safe as you ride your fat e-bike.

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