Boost For Less: The Best Electric Mountain Bike Under 1000 Dollars

October 1, 2021
Standard E-bike

Electric mountain bikes are known to be expensive.

It seems unfair for bike enthusiasts to pay 1,500 to as much as 8,000 dollars for a bike that's merely slapped with a motor and a battery.

But there's a way to ride an electric bicycle and reap its benefits without burning through your savings. We've gathered our top choices of electric bikes less than 1000 dollars that will give you a boost on the trails for much less than what you’re willing to pay.

Ancheer Power Plus

Price: $600–800

Tagline: Mountain bike built for cruising.

The Ancheer Power Plus eMTB makes it to our list of the best electric mountain bikes under 1000 USD. The catch is that this eMTB is designed to look like a tough, hardtail mountain bike but is more suitable for cruising around flat roads.


  • The bike can pedal at a top speed of 15 mph, and the 250-watt motor can boost it to as fast as 18 mph.
  • The 36-volt lithium-ion battery can give you a range of 8 up to 18 mph before it runs out. The battery takes 4–6 hours to charge fully.
  • The bike frame, crank, pedal, and stem of the bike are made of low-cost, high-quality aluminum alloy.
  • It has a disc brake system with 160 mm rotors on the front and rear wheel.
  • The frame is designed to be ready for front and rear rack installation.
  • Ancheer has a Shimano shifter setup with a 3-speed crankset and a 7-speed rear cassette, adding up to a total of 21-speed combinations.
  • The integrated headlight is great for night cruising.
  • The grip has a twist throttle to control the motor's acceleration.


  • We love the cable management work put into this bike. It's bundled up nicely and tucked under the bike's down tube, so the cables don't tangle or get in your way.
  • The rack provisions and the headlights are perfect for grocery runs or regular city commutes. Normally these features are found on commuter bikes, but it's nice to have it on a hardtail mountain bike as well.


  • It isn't meant for rides on trails. The stanchions on the fork are short, so it regularly bottoms out even on shallow bumps. This makes riding on mountain trails a little more challenging.
  • The motor's output is low considering there are 350-watt to 500-watt motors out there that can spit out more power.

Nakto Ranger

Price: $800–900

Tagline: Your off-road ranger.

The Nakto Ranger is positioned as an all-terrain electric mountain bike under 1000 USD. If you're more inclined to go off the road, then this bike is a worthy purchase. It has enough speed, range, and power to let you ride it well on rough terrains or even challenge its top speed on flat roads. It also gives you good stability, aesthetics, and aerodynamics.


  • Ranger has a good range. It can go as far as 22 to 28 miles with PAS (pedal-assist sensor), its 36-volt, 10 amp/hour, lithium battery. Charging time is between 4–6 hours for full capacity.
  • A portable display at the center of the handlebar shows you the battery bar, your current PAS mode, and your distance.
  • Ranger's brushless rear hub gear motor is a decent 300W. It can give you an adequate boost on a mild incline and even on a steeper climb.
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum frame.
  • 26-inch tires offer excellent handling and are suitable for trickier off-road courses.
  • The bike has integrated HD-LED headlights and a horn for visibility and night riding capabilities.
  • It's equipped with a 6-speed Shimano drivetrain with one crank gear and six rear gears.


  • The battery is installed inside the thick downtube frame. The good thing about this setup is it doesn't have an awkward bulging battery pack on top of the downtube. This makes you more comfortable on trails. Plus, you get adequate space to put your tumbler or bike frame bag.
  • The 28 mph speed coupled with a powerful disc brake motor hits the sweet spot for speed and stopping power. This is essential if you're riding on an open road riddled with intersections and you have to slow down or stop completely from time to time.


  • The speed options are limited. This isn't a major impediment, but it may be an obstacle for riders who are used to shuffling their speeds depending on the trail conditions.
  • The motor may die out if you push it hard on a rough climb. You'll have to taper using the motor, so you don't stress it out.

Ecotric Fat Tire

Price: $800–900

Tagline: For riding on snow, sand, and grass.

If you're looking for a practical fat tire electric bike under 1000 dollars, you can gamble on the Ecotric Fat Tire eMTB. This bike is built with generic parts and there are no unnecessary additions that would jack up the price, but it is assembled adequately to perform its function daily, most especially on snowy roads, sand, or grass.


  • The Ecotric's frame is made of 6061 aluminum. It's light and sturdy at just the right cost to get Ecotric's price below the 1000 dollar range.
  • Ecotric is equipped with a mechanical disc brake made by Tektro. The 160 mm disc brake rotors give it reasonable stopping power at moderate speeds.
  • The rear hub motor has a 500W power that supports a top speed of 20 mph.
  • It has an LCD display where you can view the speedometer, battery status, and the PAS level.
  • The Ecotric has a twist throttle feature added to the handlebar's grip for better motor control.
  • Ecotric has 36V and 12Ah that gives you a good range between 15 to 30 mph, relative to the frequency of throttle or motor assistance used.


  • Fat tires bring a significant contact patch on the surface it rolls on. You'll feel the grip and traction when on a flat surface, and significantly on snow, sand, or grass. It rides smoothly and effortlessly on the terrains mentioned.
  • The full-throttle option on the Ecotric bike is a fun feature to have, especially if you want to use the bike for cruising around without breaking a sweat.


  • The 500W motor will have difficulty carrying the rider and the bike's weight uphill on the throttle alone. So you will have to pedal considerably on those steep climbs to help the motor.
  • There's no front suspension on this bike, which makes it challenging to ride on trails with mild to adequate bumps and obstacles. This bike is meant for flatter surfaces.

Ride1Up Roadster V2

Price: $900–1100

Tagline: Fixies with a boost.

If you like to ride on smooth, concrete roads in style, Ride1Up is one of the best e-bikes under 1000 dollars that can make it happen. This fixie will surprise you with its minimalist appearance that packs innovative features such as the belt chain, the minimalist display, and the hidden battery pack. It's a stylish bike with an added electric feature that can give you a boost on your daily commute.


  • The 6061 aluminum of the rigid frame keeps it light and stylish at the same time.
  • The Roadster V2 has a classic rim brake system from Tektro. It has dual-pivot caliper brakes controlled by handle levers installed on both wheels.
  • The hub motor installed on the rear wheel peaks to 500W and brings power that could give up to 24 mph at top speed. The steady output of the motor yields 350W.
  • There's a minimalist display on the handlebar that shows the speed, battery, and PAS modes.
  • This fixie bike has a single speed with an innovative belt chain that keeps the drivetrain moving.
  • The Roadster V2's battery has 36V with 7Ah that can last you from 20 to 35 miles before you’ll have to charge it.


  • We love how the Roadster V2 has kept it simple and neat despite its added electric components. The battery pack is neatly placed inside the bike frame to keep the integrity of the bike's style, making sure it looks as good as its analog counterpart.
  • The handling and braking capacity of the Roadster V2 doesn’t disappoint. The bike can turn tight corners and brake to a full stop despite having a less powerful rim brake system.


  • The belt drive feature shaves some weight, but it looks flimsy. In addition, it is prone to snapping if you exert too much force on the pedal.
  • It doesn't have an option for front and rear rack installation, if you're using this as a commuter bike and you carry stuff around, that option is nice to have.

Hyper E-Ride

Price: $500–600

Tagline: Certified budget hybrid bike.

If you're heavy on commutes and light on the budget, Hyper is the best hybrid electric bike under 1000 dollars for you.

We're calling it a hybrid bike because it has some features taken from a typical mountain bike. It has a front fork suspension and an integrated headset, which commuter bikes normally don't have. These are great features to add to improve the handling of a budget commuter bike. The Hype E-ride gives a lot of value for its low price.


  • The aluminum frame of this commuter eMTB hybrid keeps it light and stylish at the same time.
  • The rim brake system is composed of caliper brakes installed at the front and rear wheels of the bike, and is controlled by a responsive pull brake lever.
  • It has a 250W motor on the rear hub wheel of the bike.
  • The freestyle handlebar improves the handling of this commuter-slash-eMTB hybrid bike.
  • It has a Shimano 6-speed rear cassette and a 3-speed crankset controlled by twist shifters. This totals 21 different speed options. The same brand also makes the derailleurs.
  • The 36V and 7.8Ah yields a 20-mile range and has integrated flush-mount lights. The battery is removable and also has a lock-and-key feature.
  • A rear rack installed on this commuter bike is great for carrying heavy objects or even another passenger.


  • The rear rack is a great addition to this bike. The rack is essential for a bike that angles as a city commuter as this type of bike is normally used to carry items around from place to place.
  • The front suspension makes riding this commuter-eMTB bike almost seamless. While you won’t be riding this bike in the mountains, the suspension absorbs the impact on very light dips and humps on the road perfectly well.


  • The LCD is missing, but you can substitute the display with your phone. The bike's display is replaced with a control panel instead.

Going for a Range of Terrains

We're choosing the Nakto Ranger as the best electric mountain bike under 1000 dollars.

Among the list of the e-bikes under 1000 featured, Nakto Ranger is the one that encompasses all the features of a good mountain bike. It's a good candidate for anyone who wants to enjoy the full range of benefits an electric bike can give.

Nakto delivers a mountain bike that can function on a wide range of terrains. It can carry you from smooth roads to mountain trails. This characteristic makes Nakto the perfect choice for an eMTB that's under 1,000 USD.

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