The Best Electric Bike Pump: CYCPLUS Electric Air Pump A4

January 12, 2022
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If you're a cyclist, you know that having the right tires for your riding style is important. But even with the best tires, you can still experience problems while cycling. It’s very inconvenient to get a flat tire in the middle of mountain biking, and it’s worse if you don’t have any means of fixing it.

With an electric bicycle pump, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck on roads or terrains. You’ll have freshly inflated tires in a matter of minutes! There’s no need to break a sweat or spend a lot of time pumping flat tires with a manual pump.

We looked for the best portable air pump on the market, so you don’t have to waste time and effort comparing many different brands! Let’s take a look at CYCPLUS Electric Air Pump A4 and find out why it’s on top of every biker’s list!

Why CYCPLUS Is Leading the Electric Bike Pump Market

CYCPLUS is a well-known brand when it comes to intelligent cycling equipment designs and development. The top alumni of China’s University of Electronic Science and Technology are in its research and development team. And with their smart and innovative work ethic, they have been specializing in advanced bicycle equipment and superior technology since 2014.

CYCPLUS Electric Air Pump A4 is undoubtedly a package deal you shouldn’t miss out on. You can rely on this multifunctional tire inflator to get you through even your longest journey with your bike.

Product Specifications

ColorsBlack and orange
Size55mmx55mmx180mm / 2.1 x 7 inches
Weight351g / 0.77lb
Work current1-5A

Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries(500mAh 12.8V)
Charging modeMicro-USB
Charging time3-4 hours
USB output5V 1A

Maximum pressure
150 Psi and 10.3BAR /990 kPa and 10.5 kgf/cm²
Operation temperature-10℃~ +60℃


  ✅ Affordable

  ✅ Portable

  ✅ Ergonomic design

  ✅ Bike, motorcycle, and car tire compatibility

  ✅ Voltage and current surge protection

  ✅ LCD with a user-friendly interface

  ✅ Pressure preset

  ✅ Auto-stop feature

  ✅ Real-time pressure display

  ✅ Rechargeable li-ion batteries

  ✅ LED light


  ❌ Peak pressure output decreases occasionally

  ❌ Doesn’t have a power bank

  ❌ Doesn’t have a bike mount

  ❌ Doesn’t have a dual-power mode


CYCPLUS’s handheld electric bike pump is the perfect tire sidekick, especially for long-distance rides. This multifunctional device is portable and has an ergonomic design, so you can use it comfortably and efficiently. Thus, you can carry it anywhere, even without a bike mount. 

The electric bike tire inflator has a powerful pressure output of 150 Psi that ensures its compatibility with a bike, motorcycle, and car tires. And you won’t have a problem with its power level even without a power bank as long as you charge its li-ion batteries properly.

It also keeps track of the tire pressure through its LCD and user-friendly interface. Furthermore, it has an air preset and monitor mode, an auto-stop feature, and voltage and power surge protection. Thus, you don’t have to worry about overinflating your bike tire or having battery problems.

It is quite a disadvantage that its peak pressure output decreases occasionally and that it doesn’t have a dual-power mode. But it’s not much of a big deal since you’re mainly using it for bike tires.

Taking everything into consideration, CYCPLUS Electric Air Pump A4 is a very competitive battery-operated bicycle tire pump. It offers the utmost efficiency when you need it the most. What else can you ask for when you can have a handy, versatile device at an affordable price?

How to Use CYCPLUS Electric Air Pump A4

  • Connect the air tube to the air pump and the tire valve.
  • Turn on the power by pressing the air pump’s power button until the LCD shows the current pressure.
  • Switch the units from Psi, bar, kPa, or kgf/cm² by pressing the unit button.
  • Follow the recommended pressure range indicated on the tire.
  • Adjust the target pressure through the (+) and (-) buttons.
  • Start inflating the tire by pressing the power button once.
  • Pause or continue inflating the tire by pressing the power button again.
  • Prevent air leaks by removing the air tube immediately after inflating the tire.

Additional notes:

  • You should set the target pressure higher than the current pressure, or the air pump won’t function.
  • You must fully charge the bike pump before and after using it. In addition, you must charge it once a month if you don’t use it.
  • Ten-minute intervals are recommended after continuously using the inflator for five to ten minutes.
  • The air hose heats up after continuous use, and you should not pull it out unless it has cooled down.

Things to Consider When Buying Electric Bike Pumps

While we already have a credible recommendation, it’s still important that you know what factors to consider when purchasing an electric air pump. Here is a detailed buying guide to keep you informed!

Nozzle and Valve Compatibility

It is crucial that your bike’s valves are compatible with the air pump’s nozzles. Presta and Schrader are the two common types of bike valves. You can lock the Presta valve with a nut while you need a spring to hold shut the Schrader valve.

It’s possible to buy an adapter for your bike pump. However, ensuring the compatibility of your bike’s valves to the inflator saves you from spending a few extra bucks for an adapter.

Pressure Gauge

Built-in pressure gauges give an estimated real-time tire pressure. But if getting the exact pressure measurement is crucial for your bicycle use, you can get a manual pressure gauge. With it, you can get a precise measurement and avoid overinflating your tires. 


If you’re going to use the bike pump on the go, you should make sure that it is handy and portable. The electric pump’s size matters a lot if you’re going to carry it while cycling. You don’t want to carry a big and heavy inflator that can hinder your comfort while riding your bike. Instead, you must have a lightweight bike pump with an ideal size for your cycling plans. 

Design and Durability

The bike pump’s design greatly affects its durability. Therefore, you must ensure that it’s cost-effective and you can use it for a long time. Check the inflator’s materials and body construction so that you can choose the one that best suits your preferences.


Getting a multifunctional tire pump is practical. With several other applications aside from bike tires, you can save a lot of money. Additionally, it is very convenient if you can also use your tire inflator on your motorcycle tires, car tires, and other inflatables.

Additional Features

You can also look for other handy features that a bike pump can offer. For example, inflators like the CYCPLUS Electric Air Pump A4 allow you to preset a target pressure and automatically switch itself off once it reaches the target pressure. There are also inflators with internal compartments where you can store cables.

Look out for available features so that you can get a custom bike pump for your needs. You don’t have to deprive yourself of additional convenience when there are many useful features to choose from.

Final Thoughts

Looking for the best electric air pump can be a tricky task because there are so many different brands available on the market. Furthermore, you need to consider a variety of things to find a bike pump that’s perfect whether you’re using MTBs or road bikes.

We hope that you found this review useful for deciding which type of bike inflator to purchase. If so, then don’t let the possibility of flat tires stop you from enjoying your cycling adventures. Get a CYCPLUS Electric Air Pump A4 now!

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