A Best Bike Trunk Bag Buyer’s Guide: 10 Best-Selling Brands Online

December 22, 2021
best bike trunk bag

Bike trunk bags are some of the best bike accessories you can get in the market. In addition, they're an awesome way to carry your gear and other items while biking, making everyday errands more manageable. They attach to the rear of most bikes so that you can access them easily. 

Bike rear rack bags and bicycle saddlebags can be used separately, depending on your needs and how much stuff you have to carry on your bike. In this article, we will talk about its features so that you know what to look for on the hunt for the best bicycle trunk bag. But first, let’s review the 10 best-selling ones you can find online.

Top 10 Best-Selling Bike Trunk Bags Reviewed 

Best Bike Trunk Bag- A bike with a trunk bag and tumbler

BV Road Bike Bicycle Panniers 

Price: $29.98 


  • The panniers have padded pockets with zippers, reflective trim, and carry handles. 
  • The angle of the pocket design allows for ample pedaling space. 
  • Visibility at night is ensured by 3M Scotchlite reflective trim. 
  • The package includes 2 height-adjustable bungee hooks and 4 shelf straps for easy installation.
  • Price-wise, this bike trunk bag is one of the most affordable you can find in the market, but even if it is relatively cheap, the quality and features are among the top. 

Roswheel Multifunction Bicycle Pannier 

Price: $39.99-41.99 


  • Water-resistant, durable, and solid 1000D reinforced polyester fabric coated with PU 
  • A 37L bag is ideal for storing everyday essentials, biking gear and cycling accessories, and supplies for several days. 
  • An angled corner design for the two side bags allows enough pedaling space. 
  • Installation is quick and easy with tool-free Velcro strap. 
  • This bag has large reflective logos on both sides and reflective trim handles to increase low-light visibility. 
  • Though the price point of this trunk bag is high, it is perfect for adventurous people who always need to carry multiple things simultaneously and on the go. 

Ibera Bike Trunk Bag

Price: $64.98


  • The bag mounting mechanism with quick release allows you to install and remove the bag in under three seconds.
  • Affordable and, most significantly, spacious enough to accommodate all of your belongings.
  • It boasts a clever clip-on design that makes mounting it on your bike rack a breeze.
  • The bag is well-made, with a firm and secure structure. It is composed of 1680D Nylon and measures 15′′ x 8′′ in size. 7′′ x 11′′ 4″.

Bushwhacker Mesa Trunk Bag

Price: $39.95


  • Fabric is 600 denier polyester, which is tough and long-lasting.
  • Attachment of a rear light clip and reflective trim for visibility.
  • The bag's main section is 12" long, 6" wide, and 7" high.
  • The trunk bag's interior is completely insulated and will preserve your drinks cold or warm for hours.
  • The two large side pockets provide additional storage for goods that you must retrieve quickly.

BV Bike Commuter Carrier Trunk Bag

Price: $28.98


  • Has a 3m Scotchlite luminous trim that increases your bike's safety in the dark.
  • Multi-compartment storage for a variety of riding tools and supplies.
  • It's made of 600D polyester and 1000D Cordura, making it a high-end bike trunk.
  • Two big side pockets are ideal for storing extra items like wallets, keys, and other small items.

BLUETOP Bicycle Trunk Bag with Rear Seat Rack

Price: $21.69


  • It has a large interior capacity of 15.3"L x 6" W x 6.7" H, so it can carry a lot of stuff.
  • It's made of water-resistant polyester, which means it'll last a long time.
  • It comes with a water bottle.
  • The reflective stripes make it ideal for night riders.
  • You can fill it with your most valuable items without fear of it bending in a short period of time.
  • Furthermore, the bag comes with an adjustable strap that makes slinging it across your shoulders a breeze and prevents shoulder and back pain.

ROCKBROS Bike Trunk Bag

Price: $54.99


  • Internally, it measures 13.9" x 6.6" x 6.4 inches.
  • The backpack has fluorescent straps and side pockets for increased visibility.
  • It has a rain cover, which protects the contents from getting drenched.
  • The divisions of the bag can be folded out and enlarged to create more storage space.
  • It is simple to connect to the rack because it has velcro straps and fixed buckles to keep it tight.

Lixada Bicycle Rack Bag

Price: $25.99


  • It has a wonderful compartment system, is simple to install, and comes with additional safety measures.
  • Has a large compartment, two side outside pockets, and a back pocket that can store up to 13 liters of cargo.
  • The main compartment can store small to medium-sized objects of different weights, such as clothing, laptops, shoes, and books.
  • The setup system is also rather impressive. It is attached with a fastening strap for convenience.

COFIT Bike Trunk Bag

Price: $26.99


  • It's a conventional trunk bag with a top pouch, side outside pockets, and the primary compartment. It has ratchet straps so you can quickly keep drinks in a water bottle holder for easy access.
  • The reflective tapes ensure safety and nighttime visibility.
  • With its handle and adjustable shoulder strap, this bike trunk bag is great for daily commuting, errands, and even weekend trips or brief vacations.

Rdffensy Bike Rack Bag

Price: $25.99


  • The bike cooler for the back rack is constructed of water-resistant fabric with protective padding that acts as a shock absorber when riding on the road.
  • Organization is made easy with its multiple pockets and spacious main compartment.
  • Stability is ensured by two adjustable Velcro straps and two fixed buckles, making it easy to load and unload in seconds.
  • This bag fits the racks of most road or mountain bikes, including mountain bikes, cruiser bikes, e-bikes, and so on.

How to Choose the Right Size for Your Bike

Choosing the right size of bike trunk bag can be a bit difficult, but it's completely doable with enough research. 

The first thing to think about is whether or not you already have panniers on your bike. If so, measure them and compare those measurements with the dimensions of different bags to find which one will fit best. Take into account that these bags come in a variety of sizes, including small, medium, and large, as well as lengthy and small.

Generally speaking, though, most standard-sized panniers measure at around 12 inches wide by 16 inches high by 7 inches deep, so keep this in mind when comparing measurements of different bags. Also, remember that these measurements are only a guide because there should still be some wiggle room to make sure the things you store in the bag are safe. When choosing a bicycle trunk bag, make sure it is large enough to hold everything. 

Top 7 Features of the Best Bike Trunk Bags

The best bike trunk bags are not just the ones with lots of features but with those that cater to your individual needs. For example, if you love riding your bike at night and prefer running errands in the evenings, a bike trunk bag with reflective lights would be ideal. Let’s find out if yours has them: 


Durable material is essential for a bike trunk bag because it will be rubbing against the bike frame. A bicycle trunk bag made from a strong fabric such as nylon or polyester will ensure that it lasts. 


Consider your needs and how much space you have on your bike before purchasing a bag. A bicycle trunk bag should fit over your bicycle wheel and not interfere with your bicycle's gears or brakes. What you want to carry with you and when cycling will influence the capacity of the pack.


Padded straps are important to prevent sore spots from developing on your back or shoulders. In addition, the bicycle trunk bag should be padded to keep your bike safe from scratches or scuffs. 


Look for adjustable straps so that the bag can fit many different types of bikes and multiple riders if necessary. 

Locking mechanism 

Find one with an easy-to-use locking system so that it's safe to leave outside when not in use. 

Stripes that reflect light 

This improves visibility at night and when the weather is bad to avoid further cycling problems. 


Nothing is worse than getting soaked in the rain with your bicycle trunk bag. So make sure you choose something waterproof so you won't have to worry about getting your essentials wet.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bicycle Bag

Bicycle bags are essential for your bike and should be purchased at the right time. Here are a few things that you might want to consider when buying a mobile-bike storage system: 

1. Consider the weight of your bike. If it's heavy, you'll need a bag with more support. 

2. Determine what size bike trunk bags are available for your bike. Some are general, while others are unique to specific bike models.

3. Think about where you will be riding most often and how far away from home or work you will go on average. 

4. Consider the number of pockets and storage space available in the bag. 

5. Make sure there is enough space for everything you need to store.

Benefits of Bike Trunk Bags

  • Bike trunk bags are an excellent way to transport groceries, school supplies, and other items. 
  • It can also be used as a small day pack for commuting by bicycle. 
  • It has adjustable straps that allow you to carry the weight on your shoulders or hips. 
  • The best ones are made of durable materials like nylon or polyester with water-resistant coating. 
  • You should consider purchasing one with reflective stripes so cars can see you when it's dark outside. 
  • The best bike trunks will also come equipped with two zippers for easy access to all the contents inside the bag. 


Whether you ride your bike to live a more active lifestyle or save up on gas on your everyday commute, bicycle trunk bags can definitely make trips more convenient (and stylish too!) The benefits of having this handy bike accessory are plenty, especially with the best ones in the market. In addition, we have provided an overview of all the benefits that come with using this type of storage option when out biking or riding around town. 

There really is no reason not to take advantage of these awesome products if it means being able to pack up quickly and head out without any hassle whatsoever! We hope this review + guide has helped you see your everyday transportation in a different light!

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