Bring Your Bike On Your Weekend Getaway With the Best Bike Rack for Hatchback Cars

November 11, 2021

Having your car makes the commute to work less stressful and more enjoyable. With their giant rear door that swings upwards, hatchback cars fill the need for a compact and practical type of vehicle. You can have a lot of fun driving these tiny yet very capable cars around!

A drawback that steers potential owners away from hatchback cars is the lack of space, especially when storing equipment such as bicycles. Fortunately, there is a solution: a bike rack for hatchback cars.

If you’re both a hatchback owner and a bike enthusiast, you would certainly benefit from installing a bike carrier on your hatchback car. A rear bike rack can fit more than one bike, depending on the design, and has security features to keep your precious bicycle protected at all times.

We have reviewed hundreds of bike racks sold in the market today and narrowed down the options for you. So check out our recommendations for the best bike rack for hatchback cars below!

Our Recommendations

Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Hitch Mounted Rack

best bike rack for hatchback-2

Specs at a Glance:

  • Made of durable materials that can withstand the elements
  • Guaranteed to be free from defects by undergoing rigorous testing
  • Designed to comfortably fit 2 to 4 bikes simultaneously
  • Features an easy-to-use installation mechanism that requires no tools
  • Engineered to be user-friendly with intuitive features
  • Has broad compatibility with different kinds of heavy bikes
  • Meticulously designed to never scratch the bike frame
  • Features a superior anti-theft mechanism with multiple features
  • Allows an add-on that upgrades the capacity

Wide Compatibility

Biking enthusiasts don’t settle with only one bike. Some have an entire garage filled with bikes, while others have two or three. Bikers see the need for multiple bikes because bikes themselves are designed to cater to different needs and situations.

Thrill-seekers usually go for mountain bikes as they are built to withstand the demands of going off-road. On the other hand, those who prefer to avoid public transportation would most likely opt to ride folding bikes on their commute to work. Whichever the case may be, a bike carrier should be able to carry all kinds of bikes.

The Thule T2 Pro XTR 2 hitch mounted rack is specifically designed to be compatible with as many types of bikes as possible. Fat bikes, folding bikes, mountain bikes, eBikes, and even bikes with carbon frames can all fit this bike carrier. With the T2 Pro XTR 2, you don’t need to worry about bike compatibility.

Reliable Security

Leaving your bike alone at the back of your car might be ill-advised but you might encounter situations where you have to do it. For instance, you could be on a solo weekend trip to your favorite trail when you have to do a quick stopover. Stepping away from your car in such a situation will certainly cause you anxiety.

The T2 Pro XTR 2 saves you from worrying about bike theft with its sophisticated security mechanism. Its security mechanism secures your bike on the bike rack while the bike rack itself is locked onto the hitch receiver by both an integrated cable lock and a security knob. These multiple features make it extremely difficult for any thief to get away with your bike.

Easy Installation

Some bike racks are notorious for being hard to set up. They can take up a lot of time and effort to install and maintain. The worst ones even have proprietary screws and mechanisms that require you to purchase additional tools besides your standard screwdriver.

If you need to remove the hitch mounted rack from the back of your hatchback, Thule’s proprietary system saves you from any frustration. The toolless design of the T2 Pro XTR 2 makes the entire assembly easy to install and remove. In addition, you don’t need any tools to remove the bicycle rack from the receiver thanks to Thule’s AutoAttach system.


While the Thule T2 Pro XTR 2 is easy to install, the instructions that came with the box aren’t as easy to read. The instructional manual consists mostly of illustrations that are difficult to follow. Thule was most likely hoping that their approach of not including step-by-step text instructions would be better for most customers.

Another downside is its steep price of $699.95. As of writing, the bicycle rack is not eligible for discounts on Thule’s website due to extremely high demands and a shortage of stocks. However, while it does have a hefty price tag, you can expect premium features and high quality from the T2 Pro XTR 2.

RockyMounts Monorail 2

best bike rack for hatchback-3

Specs at a Glance:

  • Effortlessly carries up to 2 bikes at the same time
  • Available in another variant that can be expanded to carry 3 bikes all at once
  • Grabs the front wheel of the bike to prevent scratches and dents
  • Compatible with larger bike sizes such as fat bikes with thick tires
  • Tilts down to allow hassle-free entry to the rear of your hatchback
  • Secures your bike firmly in place with its anti-wobble mechanism
  • Protects your bike against theft with its triple-lock system

Rear Access

The namesake of the hatchback car is deemed as its greatest feature. The rear access door that opens upwards allows you to place large objects such as luggage behind the passenger seats. Besides using it as storage for precious cargo, you can use the space to turn your adjustable seats into a makeshift bed inside your car.

As such, access to the rear door is crucial for the functionality of your hatchback. Unlike other bike racks, the RockyMounts Monorail 2 doesn’t hinder you from retaining access to the rear door. Instead, it sits flat against the rear door until you gently pull it towards yourself, tilting the bicycle rack by 30º.

Scratch-Free Attachment

Saying that bikers love their bikes is a mere understatement. Biking enthusiasts spend hours on end meticulously maintaining every component of their bikes. Some even do paint jobs to breathe new life into their aging bikes. Thus, biking is not only a passing interest—it’s a lifestyle.

As such, bikers are very careful when choosing the best equipment and accessories to complement their bicycles. In addition, the Monorail 2 prevents scratches by taking the bicycle by its front wheels instead of grabbing the bike frame as other hanging racks do. By doing it this way, the Monorail 2 relieves your mind of worrying about damaging your bike.

Durable for Everyday Use

Bikes are a very versatile piece of equipment. You can ride them on your commute to work or spend your weekends riding a mountain bike along a forest trail. Whichever the case may be, you need a bike rack that can match the versatility of your bikes.

The Monorail 2 is designed to keep up with your day-to-day activities. With its user-intuitive design, you can easily and effortlessly load and unload your bike. By gently pulling the lever, tightening the clamp on the front wheel is straightforward and simple.


Compared to the offerings of other brands such as Kuat and Yakima, the Monorail 2 has a bit of a clunky locking mechanism. Some customers have a difficult time figuring out how to secure their bike onto the rack properly and hitching the rack onto the receiver. You can get used to it after a few tries, but it does feel like a chore.

After a long day at the trail, you wouldn’t want to be spending more than a minute trying to figure out how to load your bike on the bike rack.

Allen Ultra Compact Trunk Bike Rack

best bike rack for hatchback-4

Specs at a Glance:

  • Seamlessly fits hatchbacks, sedans, pickup trucks, SUVs, and other types of vehicles
  • Shrinks to a very portable size when not in use for stress-free storage
  • Secures your bike with its extra-strong cradles made of dual-compound material
  • Comes with a carrying bag for on-the-go storage
  • Protects your hatchback from accidental scratches and dents with its foam padding
  • Fast and simple to install, taking only a few seconds to set up fully
  • Made of alloy steel that is both lightweight and highly durable

Highly Portable

Having a bike rack hitched perpetually to the rear of your hatchback could be cumbersome. Besides ruining the sleek aesthetic of your car, the bike rack could potentially snag something during your drive and cause accidents. In such cases, you might want to have your bike rack stored somewhere in your car.

The Allen Ultra Compact features a patented design that allows you to fold it down to the size of a shoebox. So finding a space for it inside your hatchback will be no problem. In addition to this nifty design, the Ultra-Compact also comes with a carrying bag for you to store the bike rack in.

Padding All-Around

You might encounter bumps on the road that might nudge your trunk bike rack out of place. This can result in your car getting scratched or, worse, dented. Whichever the case may be, it’s going to cost you money to have your car refinished at the shop.

Fortunately, the Ultra Compact saves you from the hassle and stress of such situations with its lower frame covered with foam padding. This padding absorbs shock from a bumpy ride, saving your car from being damaged. As a result, you can rest easy knowing that both your car and your bike are safe and secure as you drive towards your destination.

Exceptional After-Sales Support

Manufacturing defects are inevitable with any product, bike racks included. Usually, companies offer warranty policies that cover factory defects and, if the company is generous enough, even accidental damage. However, reaching out to the manufacturer can be like spinning a roulette wheel—you don’t know what you’re going to get.

However, customers who have bought the Allen Ultra Compact report responsive assistance from the company. According to their experience, the company responds to their emails and calls within a reasonable time frame. In addition, most of those who share their feedback also report their issues having been resolved.


Despite the soft padding covering its lower frame, the Ultra Compact can still damage the surface of your car, as had been reported by customers. They also faced issues when setting it up for the first time. For example, some parts of the bike frame are hard to reach, making loading bikes difficult, depending on the car.

Before you make a purchase, ensure that your car is a perfect fit for the Ultra Compact. Unfortunately, a minority of customers report unsatisfactory experiences due to incompatibility with their cars.

KAC K2 Overdrive Sport

best bike rack for hatchback-5

Specs at a Glance:

  • Easily carries 2 bikes at the same time
  • Seamlessly locks onto a 2” hitch receiver for a secure fit
  • Compatible with most kinds of bikes, from eBikes to fat tires
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer
  • Made of strong materials such as powder-coated steel
  • Protects your bike with a secure lock and key feature
  • Makes room for rear door access with one pull of a lever
  • Features an anti-wobble technology for a firm and solid assembly

Wobble No More

One common frustration among bike owners is how their bike racks come slightly loose after a long drive. The bumps from your trip can shake up the hitch rack assembly, resulting in loose screws and unmade straps. Such a situation could lead to accidental damage on your car and beloved bicycle.

To avoid this exact situation from happening, KAC implemented a patented Anti-Wobble system in the K2 Sport Overdrive hitch rack. The system is intuitive and easy to set up as it requires no special tools. As a result, the entire bike rack system feels more solid, firm, and stable.

Durable Material

Substandard bike racks can damage both your car and your bicycle by literally breaking in half. Cheap bike racks are often made of low-quality materials that cannot withstand the demands of frequently loading bikes and the ups and downs of the road. These cheap bike racks can cost you more in the long run in repairs and damages.

You can set your mind at ease with the K2 Sport Overdrive hitch rack, which is made with powder-coated steel. Typically, this kind of material combines strong metals, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses. The steel is then subjected to a powder coating process that lends protection and durability to it to make the material stronger.

Patented Tilt System

Due to its small form factor, the hatchback has little room for passengers and cargo. Planning a trip also means budgeting the precious real estate to fit all your luggage in. Unfortunately, some bike racks have flawed designs that turn them into obstacles when reaching for the rear cargo space.

The K2 Sport Overdrive features KAC’s patent Smart Tilt system. With one gentle pull of the quick-release lever, you can easily gain access to the rear cargo space of your hatchback car. The Smart Tilt feature saves you from the dilemma of choosing between your bike rack and your luggage.


While most of the rack is made of powdered-steel material, the locks are constructed using less durable materials such as plastic. Due to the inherent nature of plastics, these locks could break and come loose in the middle of a drive. You can supplement the built-in locks with additional cable locks to rest your mind at ease.

Another common complaint is the unclear instructional manual. A complete beginner would have a hard time understanding the instructions in the manual. This poses the risk of ending up with a poorly assembled bike rack that can come undone when too much force is applied.

Allen Deluxe Trunk Bike Rack

best bike rack for hatchback-6

Specs at a Glance:

  • Comfortably fits 2 bikes simultaneously
  • Comes in a sleek black color with a glossy finish
  • Made of durable and strong alloy steel material
  • Has broad compatibility among different kinds of vehicles
  • Uses straps to prevent unwanted sidewards motion during travel
  • Comes fully assembled for a stress-free experience
  • Can be installed within mere seconds after opening the box
  • Comes with a warranty if bought from Allen directly
  • The company website offers documentation on vehicle fit
  • Intuitively folds into a flat form factor for storage

Stores Easily

When not in use, you might want to unmount the trunk rack from the back of your hatchback. However, you might find it a bit cumbersome and inconvenient to store such a bulky piece of equipment at home. In addition, finding a place to store your bike can be a challenge.

Fortunately, the Allen Deluxe trunk rack neatly folds into a flat configuration that can fit in any tight space in your home. If you wish, you can even bring it along with you in your hatchback by storing it in the rear cargo space.

No-Fuss Installation

Undecipherable instructional manuals can have you scratching your head as you figure out how to assemble and install your trunk rack. The worst trunk bike rack could even have an overly complicated installation procedure that can take you from half an hour to an entire day to figure out.

The Allen Deluxe comes fully assembled right out of the box. No more fumbling with screws and bolts as you decode the installation instructions. It’s so easy to install on your car that you can do it in 12 seconds!

Compatible With Any Ride

Other bike racks are designed to fit a certain kind of vehicle and nothing else specifically. While this approach does have its advantages, this leaves people with multiple cars in their garage spending more on similar equipment.

Thanks to Allen Deluxe’s design, you can use the same bicycle carrier for any of your cars. It’s only a matter of attaching the car bike rack from one car to another. Coupled with its easy installation feature, you can seamlessly switch between your cars for your weekend biking trip.


Customers report that the Allen Deluxe seems to be too small to fit two bikes simultaneously. Others complain about the loose assembly that sags a bit, especially during travel. Overall, the car bike rack could use some improvements in the capacity and stability departments.

Final Thoughts

Hatchbacks are a practical option for those seeking to get around—in and out of the city—in an affordable and versatile vehicle. These small form factor vehicles offer great value, especially for new drivers and would-be car owners. A car bike rack would exponentially increase the value that you can get out of your hatchback.

Choosing the right bicycle carrier for your car is no easy decision to make. There are many things to consider: weight capacity, material, durability, cost, ease of use and installation, and security features. The bike racks we have reviewed ticked all of the checkboxes and passed our rigorous testing.

Discover new trails whenever and wherever with the best bike rack for your hatchback car!

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