The Best Classic Beach Cruiser? The Schwinn Huron Bike Might Just Be What You’re Looking For

June 24, 2022
beach cruiser schwinn - two women on the boardwalk having fun

There is something about a beach cruiser that just screams fun and relaxation. Maybe it is the laid-back style, or maybe it is the fact that it is perfect for a lazy day by the water. So if you are looking for two-wheeled fun on a nice sunny day, a beach cruiser may be the answer. 

This classic bike is perfect for cruising along the boardwalk or going on a leisure ride through the park. In this article, we will review a classic beach cruiser by Schwinn—the Huron.

First Impressions

The Schwinn Huron bike is a beach cruiser reminiscent of the retro design of beach cruisers. You would think it is an old model from the 50s, but it was actually produced in 2020. Its wide handlebars are made for comfort and have excellent grip. The seat is also large and cushioned for a nice comfortable ride.

Additionally, the bike frame looks solid and has an arch for a water bottle holder. Stepping on the pedals feels pleasant, especially when you are wearing flip-flops on a hot summer day by the beach. It has a rear mudguard to keep you clean from splashes. The wheels are also wide enough to ensure a stable ride and are in good proportion with the whole bike's look.

beach cruiser schwinn - Schwinn Huron

Schwinn Beach Cruiser Bike—Huron

The Schwinn Huron is a bike built for comfort and leisure. It has a padded seat and wide handlebars, so you can take your time cruising by the beach or around town. The Schwinn Huron also has a sturdy frame and an upright riding position, making it easy to get on and off of.

Whether looking for a smooth cruiser along the beach or a way to get around town, the Schwinn Huron is the perfect bike for you.

Product Specs

  • Ideal Rider Height: 5'4" - 6'2"
  • Frame Size: 17"
  • Pedal Size: 1/2"
  • Wheel Size: 26" x 2.1"
  • Drivetrain: Single-speed/Internal Hub Three-speed/Seven-speed Derailleur
  • Braking System: Rear Coaster/Linear Pull


  • The Huron is a brilliant bike for city streets, beach boardwalks, and modest slopes.
  • The single-speed option is popular for its simplicity.
  • It is robust and well-constructed.
  • The Huron's vintage design perfectly captures the retro look.
  • It is quick and easy to set up.
  • It comes in three colors—red, black, and gray.
  • The saddle is wide and comfortable, perfect for cruising.


  • The instruction manual can be confusing for some people.
  • The bike is quite heavy.
  • Scratches on the paint job and dried paint drips.
  • Users report that the back rims often cause the back tire to go flat.
  • Long-time Schwinn bike owners complain that the quality is not as it used to be.
  • Parts may come bent upon delivery, but it is more like a shipping and handling issue.
  • You need your own tools to assemble the bike.

Pricing Options

Single-speed: $369.99

Internal Hub Three-speed: $458.71

Seven-speed:: $447.60


Schwinn beach cruiser bikes have been on the market for over 100 years, and they are experienced in making bike frames. That is why the rigid steel frame on the Huron is incredibly sturdy but also quite heavy for balance. 

That might not be ideal for someone looking for a lightweight option, but it does mean that this bike is also built to last.


The Schwinn Huron bike is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a pleasant, stylish ride. The wide, plush saddle is extremely comfortable, and the wide handlebars make it easy to keep your balance. Plus, the bike is designed for riding in an upright position which is easy for your back. 

The bike is also perfect for daily commutes and relaxed rides in the park. With its vintage-inspired design and modern comfort features, the Schwinn Huron is the ideal bike for anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors in leisure and style.

Drivetrain Options

The Schwinn Huron bike comes in three different drivetrain options: single-speed, three-speed internal hub, and seven-speed. All three options have their uses that will appeal to different riders. 

Single-speed bikes are the simplest type of bike, with no shifters or derailleurs, which means there are fewer parts that can break or require maintenance. Three-speed internal hub bikes are a good middle ground option, offering a wider range of gears than a single-speed while still relatively low-maintenance. 

Finally, seven-speed bikes offer the most gears of the three options, giving riders more versatility when tackling hills or riding on flat terrain. Ultimately, the best drivetrain option will depend on how you ride and the kind of area you will be biking in most often.

Final Verdict: Is It the Best Out There?

Is the Schwinn Huron the best beach cruiser for you? It depends. This bike is a great option if you want something retro stylish and comfortable to ride on. The bike is priced in the middle between low-cost and high-end cruisers, but its simplicity attracts people. 

Some bike parts arrive bent due to mishandling, but you can always ask for a replacement. The instruction manual can also be hard to follow. Other than those, the Huron pleases buyers with its vintage design and smooth riding.

We only wish there were more color choices—some people might want something a little brighter for summer days. So, did you find what you were looking for? If not, check out our other bike reviews and guides here on site to find the ideal bike for your leisure and comfort.

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