Cycle Your Way to Work With a Badass Electric Bike That Looks Like a Motorcycle: Our Top 3 Picks

November 22, 2021
electric bike looks like motorcycle

Make each workday the best day ever! Shove away any negative self-talk and look forward to each day of the hustle on a badass-looking bike. Bikes are great for many things, but mainly, people use bikes for three reasons: (1) to live an active lifestyle, (2) to save money, and (3) to save the environment. However, taking your trusty manual bike every day on and off work may not be the most efficient routine. You don’t want to risk being late for a meeting, all tired and sweaty.

Thankfully, most anything comes in electricity or battery-powered packages nowadays, saving you the trouble. We will help you look for an electric bike that not only carries you to work fuss-free but also excels in the style department—an electric bike looks like motorcycle fantasies coming to life with less carbon footprint. Sounds interesting, right? Here are some of the best ones in the market.

Meijs Motorman

If you want to go biking, visit the Netherlands. It is said that there are more bicycles in the country than people because the majority of the population supports this mode of transportation. Developed and handmade in this country is our first pick—the Meijs Motorman. 

Bike Specifications

Meijs Motorman falls under mopeds or bikes powered by electricity or a lithium-ion battery, to be specific. When charged for 3-4 hours, it can run at a top speed of 28 mph, so you can drive it quickly when running late. Going back and forth to work wouldn’t be a problem; the Meijs Motorman can cycle for up to 31-40 miles. 


Bring to life precisely the bike of your dreams and imagination as the Meijs Motorman is highly customizable. You’ll get an idea of what you’ll have with their existing designs of red, brown, black, and white frames, with a headlight that looks straight off a motorcycle. The tires are knobby, adding a badass look to your ride, but the seat is similar to a regular bike’s, keeping close to its traditional bike origin. 

Daymak Beast 2.0

Bicycle? Motorcycle? Scooter? Why buy them separately when you can have all of them in one electric hybrid bike through the Daymak Beast 2.0. Get a little flashback of childhood, teenage, and adult memories as you ride this cute yet badass ride. Comfortably ride to work as you enjoy the city breeze. 

Bike Specifications

The 6-8 hours of waiting time for charging will be worth it once you ride the Daymak beast and drive it at 20mph on city roads and up to 25 mph on rough terrains. If you are biking through new destinations, the Bluetooth controller can give you directions and speed information. Smooth or challenging roads, the knobby tires of the Daymak Beast will surely get you where you aim to go. 


If you are into black and red hues, you’ll be satisfied with the Daymak Beast 2.0’s color. The exterior somehow blends into the terrain you are driving on. It looks classy on city roads but takes on challenging terrains with ease. You can also choose among other designs: the Daymak Beast, Daymak Boomer Beast, and the Daymak Deluxe—each with its own unique appeal. 

ICON E-Flyer

The ICON E-Flyer is commonly described as a retro-looking ride. Still, with its sleek and geometric design, it could also be considered a contemporary or even futuristic-looking bike. At a single glance, you can easily get the electric mountain bike x electric motorbike vibe. 

Bike Specifications

This bike isn’t just a beauty, but it is also a reliable ride that can drive you up to 35 mph. In addition, you don’t need to remind yourself that patience is a virtue while charging as it only takes 2 hours. You can charge it while preparing for work and drive as far as 30 miles on a full charge. 


The reason behind the ICON E-flyer being described as a retro bike is the huge headlight typical of motorcycles in that era. Nevertheless, because of its all silver body and frame and hints of black for the tires, seat, and brakes, the bike looks pretty modern. 

Final Verdict: Which Motorcycle-Looking Bike Takes the Cake?

That depends on you! When you want to channel the retro, go for the ICON E-flyer, but if you're going to spark a little renegade, go for the Meijs Motorman. If chill with a little spark is what you want to achieve, the Daymak Beast 2.0 is the way to go. You’ll have a bike that channels your mood or matches your style.

Work isn’t always fun, but you can make your way to your office or return home after work blissfully with the best electric bike. 

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