The B-52 Stealth Electric Bike: A Silent Yet Powerful Ride

February 8, 2022
stealth electric bike

We commonly attribute power to loud and flashy bikes. The thick tires, the bulky gas tank, and the gleaming chrome of these bikes make us do a double-take or downright drool. 

Love them or hate them, these wheeled stallions are impressive. Some may think all the unapologetic revving is unnecessary; nonetheless, they always put on a good show for a large audience—from the big bike enthusiasts to the legislators that outlaw these motorcycles on the highways.

Only fuel-powered beasts can pull off such a spectacle, right?

Stealth thinks otherwise. The brand makes the statement that there’s power in silence through the B-52. 

About the Stealth Brand

Stealth defies the idea of what electric bikes should be. The Australian brand is all about perfecting every iteration of their e-bike, ensuring it wields power and beauty without the ostentation and loudness of a revving motor engine.

From design to production, Stealth makes sure each model is high-performing. They bring the value of a 30-year experience in giving you raw and noiseless speed at a flick of the throttle.

The Stealth Bomber electric bike is the product of this pursuit for high-performance and off-the-road ideals. Stealth has made it unbelievably powerful that it raises the stakes for every performance e-bike manufacturer on the playing field.

What Makes the Stealth B52 Electric Bike Powerful?

Heavy-duty package

The Stealth B-52 will arrive at your doorstep in a heavy-duty wooden package, with the aura of cargo-carrying ammunition for the war.

On one side of the crate is the word “Fragile” in intimidating print. To carefully but efficiently dismantle the package, you need a screw gun to twist lose all the metal rivets holding the planks of the crate together. 

Once you have taken the crate apart, it will reveal the Stealth B-52 bike frame.

Monocoque chassis design

At first glance, the frame of the B-52 is beefy. Taking a closer look, you’ll see an astounding unibody design. This technology maximizes the structural integrity of the frame and the chassis, holding it all together as a cohesive unit of pure strength.

The monocoque chassis also includes a large battery pack and an electronic system. Also, it makes wire management easy for the assemblers, resulting in a neat-looking body that’s almost akin to a full-electric motorcycle.

The hard-framed chassis is suitable for riders with a standing height of 162 centimeters (5′4″). It is also adjustable to fit riders up to 193 centimeters (6′4″) in height with a 120-kilogram weight capacity.

Large hub motor technology

The rear motor of the Stealth B-52 is a silent giant. Its diameter is a little over 200 millimeters—truly one of a kind.

It can consistently provide 3,000 watts of power but can push it up to 6,200 watts in a short burst. But beware: the rear motor can go from 0 to 30 miles per hour on a slight throttle twist. If you can handle it, you’ll manage a quick wheelie. But twisting it too fast and too hard can turn you and your heavy steed upside down on the dirt bike track.

50-mile-per-hour top speed in silence

The top speed of an average electric bike ranges from 20 to 30 miles per hour or 48 kilometers per hour. The Stealth B-52 spits out speed almost double that at 50 mph or 80 kph, hitting the speedometer’s red line—and that’s without making a significant sound.

The Stealth B-52’s top speed surpasses that of a moped with a 50-cc displacement, so it is practically a motorcycle. And because of this speed, its product designers have decided to withdraw the pedal-assist option, which could be a risk factor given how fast this beast can go.

Coupled with the top speed is a sensitive throttle with an allowance. This throttle dead zone lets you flick the throttle without accelerating the bike, giving you a safety measure should you accidentally squeeze the handles.

Aircraft-grade alloy material

Chromoly alloy is the main material used for Stealth B-52. Commonly used in aircraft, it weighs 112 pounds but delivers tremendous toughness that’s twice its weight.

Stealth allows you to customize the surface of the material with different color scheme options before they ship your purchase. So make sure you get a personalized yet minimal design.

High-capacity power pack

The Stealth B-52 boasts substantial power. The battery is larger and heavier than a hollow concrete block and packs 2,000 watts. It can suck in all the power it needs from an outlet in two to three hours. Once it’s ready, it can punch out over 60,000 miles of travel to the Stealth bike.

If you decide to take the Stealth on a stress test and go all out with your speed, you can expect it to run for at least 60 miles before it hibernates.

On-road freak

The Stealth e-bike is like an outlaw that roams off the grid. Due to its top speed, it surpasses the standards for official registration as a moped. You cannot register this electrical-mechanical bike as an official motorcycle either. Authorities might raise their eyebrows if someone claims this speed freak is an everyday electric bike. That’s why it's illegal to ride this thing on the road.

Despite this limitation, the Stealth B-52 is unwavering. It roams difficult off-road terrains and owns plains and mountain trails with such a degree of freedom that a non-biker will miss.

Shifting without distractions

The Stealth’s drivetrain system is as unencumbered. Shifting gears without going back to neutral and stepping on a clutch is a huge deal if you want to reach maximum speed as you manage your cornering.

Aside from this, you can make quick transitions on the nine-gear sequential V-box component situated at the bottom of the bracket. It keeps the weight of the bike balanced. The left handlebar controls the gear switch and is sensitive to each turn of the handle yet delivers smooth transitions.

A Silent Form of Power

Stealth has made quite an impressive product with the Stealth B-52 electric bike. It is sleek yet simple. It doesn’t have many bells and whistles, no head-turning growl from a fuel-hungry engine. It dashes like air.

Yet it packs tremendous speed and power around and underneath the frame that you can only discover when you take it for a ride. And the quiet motor—its main selling point—delivers speed above the rest of its kind. 

It is truly a shame it’s not permitted on the road for everyone to enjoy. But then again, it may just be hiding in stealth, playing it cool outside the concrete pavements until the right time comes.

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