Aventon Level Electric Bike Review: Your Work-to-Weekend Companion

July 18, 2022
electric bike review

Some people may agree that one of the better outcomes of the pandemic was the rise of bike usage all over the world. According to BBC, COVID-19 reported a significant surge in bicycle sales in response to the pandemic. 

With the rising demand for bicycles, innovation has taken place to accommodate different needs and preferences. What was once popular in the late 90s rose to popularity during a global pandemic to aid the heightened anxiety over public transportation. Now, people worldwide enjoy different kinds of bikes, including electric ones, as means of transportation and recreation. 

And to help this transportation demand, Aventon introduced Level Commuter, an electric bike designed with the daily commuter in mind. It is stylish without sacrificing endurance and ride-ability. 

Is this Aventon Level electric bike worth it? Let's dig deep into what makes this bike a bang for your buck!

Who This Bike Is For

Aventon's Level Commuter Ebike is a good option for someone who wants to ride a bike but doesn't want to look like it. It looks similar to a traditional road bike but has the comfort of an electric one. This makes it perfect for riders who want to commute by bike but can't handle the full leg-burning intensity of a regular cycle. 

This means it is also a good option for those who struggle with physical activities yet are keen on remaining active. There are different reasons for deteriorating physical health that can affect one’s activities; one might be old age or health conditions. With electric bikes, older or physically challenged people will still get to enjoy the benefits of riding a bike without the labor of pedaling too much. That is, of course, if their doctors approve it. 

Aside from older or physically challenged people, this bike is for anyone who wants time-saving, relaxing commutes. Riding public transportation can be a bother, especially during rush hours. Instead of being comfortable, you might be cramped up in the subway or bus with other people. With this electric bike, you can say goodbye to that and enjoy your trips around the city. Talk about empowering its rider!

Who This Bike Isn't For

If you're looking for a bike to do tricks with, this is probably not the right one for you. The Aventon Level electric bike is designed with commuters in mind, and as such, it has a very upright riding position that's comfortable but not ideal for acrobatics. 

In addition, this electric bike comes with a pre-installed rack. With this, you can transport your Level Commuter ebike from workdays to weekends, no matter how much gear you have. It might be good for busy bees living in the city, but this bike isn't for you if you want to travel light or do tricks. 

The same goes if you want a bike that lets you get up close and personal with nature on trails or dirt roads (or anywhere else). A change of scenery is something one would want every now and then. Unfortunately, the Aventon Level Electric Bike isn't made for that scenario. It is designed with the everyday commuter in mind, not adrenaline enthusiasts. We have a listicle for an electric mountain bike review if you want to check that out.  

Cruise in Comfort and Style

Imagine going to the office in your best clothes but ending up looking soiled upon arriving at your workplace. As it turns out, your means of transportation didn't help much in keeping your outfit neat. However, because the Aventon Level electric bike was created for people in the city, it comes with features that benefit that kind of lifestyle–including protecting you and your clothes regardless of the weather. 

Thanks to the front suspension fork and integrated fenders, you get maximum comfort while riding on any surface. Best believe that you can cycle anywhere with confidence in this electric bike, even on rough roads.

Not only does this bike provide comfort to its users, but it is also easy on the eyes. Available in the color Stone Grey, this electric bike is set to fit any kind of lifestyle in the city. Whether you're a 40-something business owner or a 20-year-old corporate employee, the color will suit you nicely because of its flexibility. 

The physical features aren't the only things worth raving about. Level comes in three sizes to accommodate most adults' frames.

Available Sizes:

  • For Small: 5'1" to 5'7"
  • For Medium: 5'7" to 5'11"
  • For Large: 5'11" to 6'4"


The Aventon Level is a high-end electric bike that doesn’t feel like one. It comes with high-quality components that are built to last. Even though it's double-butted for durability, it weighs only 62 lbs because of its aluminum alloy frame.

Payload Capacity

Regardless of the light material, it has a 300 lbs maximum payload capacity, giving you plenty of luggage space in its pre-installed rack. No more worrying about if your groceries or picnic basket will be accommodated by the Aventon Level electric bike because it will. 

Battery Life

Apart from its impressive build, this electric bike includes a replaceable, extended battery that charges your bicycle in around five hours. With its 750W (Peak) motor, you can keep up with traffic in both directions of your commute. It might even last until your commute from happy hour if you're feeling lucky.

Pedal Assist

Five levels of pedal assist, which you can choose from your right handlebar, ensure you'll never run out of breath while traveling to your destination. Who said commuting is a hassle? Not with this electric bike.


With 20 mph throttle speeds, you can easily keep up with the traffic around you, cruising on the streets with faster vehicles, all without pedaling. It is ideal for city commutes, long-distance rides, and work-to-weekend adventures. You'll glide past traffic and sail across the city with Aventon Level–sweat-free and on time.


The Aventon Level's tires are 27.5" ebike-rated, reflective sidewalls that offer excellent grip on the pavement as well as a slippery bike path. Paired with its hydraulic disc brakes, the response time to braking is immediate. Because of its high-tech hydraulic disc brakes, you are guaranteed superior performance and efficiency.


It also boasts a backlit LCD that lets you track your speed, battery capacity, and other key parameters while you speed around town. In case you're still out during nighttime, this device has a backlight feature.


Lastly, this electric bike is built to the IPX4 water-resistant standard, which means it can withstand water sprays from any direction. With this, riding or parking your electric bike in the rain is fine. It will not be affected by road spray or rainfall.

The Aventon Level electric bike is a dream ride and feels like a high-end vehicle.

The Level is an electric bike that can be used for commuting, touring, or plain fun. It's made from premium aluminum alloy, has integrated lights and fenders, and offers multiple riding modes for all kinds of riding conditions. Plus, its battery pack mounts on the frame and not on the rear rack, so it doesn't interfere with your cargo capacity—which is nice if you want to haul groceries or anything else!

The Aventon Level bikes are great for anyone who wants to commute without breaking a sweat (or having those annoying hills get in your way). People of old age usually prefer this to enjoy a cruise around their towns, but that doesn't mean it isn't perfect for active yuppies. It offers convenience for anyone who needs: 

  1. to get around town efficiently, 
  2. to cut down on their commute time, 
  3. and to lessen greenhouse gas emissions while remaining active.


For as low as $1,799.00, the Aventon Level Commuter electric bike is a good investment, especially if you want to hit the nail on your first electric bike purchase. Understandably, it's a gamble to base your purchasing decisions on a piece of review. But Aventon has proven through time, from its first launch until now, that it is the best commuter electric bike in the market.

It has all the features you need, like ergonomic grips, hydraulic disc brakes, a comfortable saddle, a powerful motor, an LCD, and a one-year warranty. Considering the things you'll get in exchange for the price, $1,799.00 is conveniently affordable at its price point. So if you are in the market for an electric bike but don't want to spend a lot of money making the wrong decision, this one is worth checking out. It is probably one of the best electric bikes we've ever reviewed.

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