Achieve Adaptability: The Ancheer Folding City Commuter Electric Bike

September 15, 2021
Commuter bike rider

The road is dynamic, and riders who fail to adapt accordingly will be burdened.

The pavement isn't always smooth. The sun isn't always shining, and you don't always get home before nighttime. In your everyday commute, there will be a situation when you have to bike hurryingly at night, through a sudden downpour, hoping your stuff won't get soaked.

It's best to be prepared for anything that could happen on the road; to be adaptable to any condition or changes. Let Ancheer's Folding Electric Commuter bike give you the road adaptability you need.

In Focus: The Ancheer Folding City Commuter Electric Bike

The Ancheer Folding Electric Bike is packed with practical features. It's a hybrid commuter bike that challenges today's slow-moving, bulky, and rigid analog commuter bikes. Here's what you'll get when you buy Ancheer's commuter e-bike.

Bike Specifics

Bike Style - This Ancheer E-bike belongs to the commuter category of bikes and is built for riding on paved roads with a capacity to carry a load of up to 150 kg. The primary colorway is black, red, and white. This is characterized by several physical features like the rack and wheel fenders—typical of a commuter bike. This Ancheer Electric Bike can be folded and has an overall weight of 22 kg.

Frame - Most commuter bike types have rigid frames, but this Ancheer bike has a semi-rigid frame. The carbon steel, front fork suspension of the bike's frame, and a single triangle chain and seat stay are akin to what you’ll find on a hardtail mountain bike. It's a hybrid commuter that borrows a few of the hardtail MTBs' resilience.

Brake System - The mechanical disc brakes are an appropriate brake system for a folding e-bike like Ancheer. The motorized bike can get to a consistent speed which can only be managed with a good rotor-based brake.

Wheels - The Ancheer Commuter Bike is fitted with two 20-inch wheels with double-walled aluminum alloy rims that are tough enough to withstand sudden impacts on the road without it bending. Ancheer's low tread depth and tight tread patterns also make it suitable for riding on dirt roads.

Handlebar - The short and flat handlebar stretches 26.7 inches across the rider. This is proportionate for a 20-inch wheelbase—enough to deliver responsive handling. The flat handlebar style is a practical choice for Ancheer to give it more control and pedal leverage.

Battery - The removable battery is a convenient feature for electric bike owners because it makes charging easy. The 36V 8Ah lithium-ion battery is portable enough to be carried anywhere. The battery can be fully charged in 4–6 hours, and when reinserted on the e-bike, it can yield a range of 15–30 miles.

Motor - The Ancheer's 48V 10Ah brushless rear hub motor has 250W power that can push a top speed of 15 mph. Ancheer has the adequate speed to give you a boost on smooth roads and mild uphill rides.

Drivetrain - The drivetrain is composed of a 7-speed Shimano rear cassette and a rear derailleur. It also includes a twist shifter that you can use to bring the speed level down. On the other hand, it's easy to shift your speed gears upward because of the push-button trigger innovation from Shimano.


Twist Throttle - Twist throttles can only mean one thing: there's an option for full motor assistance. The twist throttle controls the power of the hub motor and thus your bike's speed. But the real benefit of the twist throttle is the complete transfer of workload. It lets you ride your bike like a motorcycle, so you can rest your legs from the toil of constant pedaling.

3 Driving Modes - The three modes are motor-assisted, full electric, and manual. You can choose to get a boost from the motor, use your electric bike like a motorcycle, or you can go all out with pure pedaling power. The driving mode also allows you to budget your battery's power consumption effectively and, come to think of it, your physical energy as well.

Compact - The foldable sections of the bike located at the frame tube and the bottom of the stem gives this bike portability. It also saves storage space. You can store your bike in your room or in your garage without a hassle. You can also transport the bike by just putting it in the trunk of your car without having to use a bike rack.

Water-Resistant Battery - Commuter bikes are subject to environmental elements. These "errand" bikes are frequently used and are at high risk of being exposed to rain. A water-resistant battery gives you peace of mind in situations wherein you're cycling outside, and a sudden rain comes pouring down. You don't have to go full manual. You're welcome to use the full motor assistance to get you home as soon as possible.

Integrated Headlight - The integrated headlight on Ancheer gives the bike significant flexibility. A bike that doesn't have a headlight (even a tail light) becomes a road risk during nighttime. In addition, there are other places where electric bike users are discouraged from riding at night as they are prone to accidents. Ancheer's integrated headlight gives you the option to ride at night safely right after assembly.


  • The adaptability of the Ancheer Folding Electric Bike is what differentiates it from other commuter bikes. The water-resistant battery, the headlight, the full motor assist features, and the front suspension expands its range of use. It's ready for whatever conditions you encounter on the road: be it rain, dirt, hills, and bumps.

  • We appreciate the rack and fender features included. There are MTBs that can be fitted with a rack and a mudguard but looks awkward on an MTB. But the rack and fender on Ancheer's Commuter Bike is an appropriate mix of function and style.

  • The front suspension is an amazing addition. The issue with commuter bikes having rigid frames is the lack of smooth transition.

Areas for Improvement

  • Display. It would be nice to have an LED screen attached to the handlebar. The control panel of the Ancheer will be difficult to use during nighttime because the details aren't lit.

  • The 250W motor power is not enough if you're into speed. We understand that 250W is the standard limit in many locations where this bike can be ridden, but it wouldn't hurt to push it up to 300W.

Achieving Road Adaptability

Ancheer's Electric Commuter Bike has achieved a level that only a few commuter bikes can compete with. Ancheer has addressed the issue of a shaky bike frame with the addition of a front suspension. You can carry the bike by hand anywhere with zero awkwardness. You can ride the bike at any time of the day, even in rainy conditions, and on dry, dirty, or muddy roads.

There are a lot of good reasons to invest in a foldable bike. But if you're a heavy commuter and want to achieve adaptability on the road like never before, Ancheer's Electric Commuter Bike will give you your money's worth.

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