Need an Ancheer Electric Bike Alternative? Switch to the Engwe Ep-2 Pro and Put the ”Fun” in Functional E-bikes!

June 1, 2022
ancheer electric bike - closeup of ebike frame and battery

You have been eyeing an Ancheer electric bike these days. Bikes from this brand are often trendy, affordable, and high-quality. But it's currently unavailable on Amazon. So now you're torn between waiting for new stock or choosing another bike. 

There are many incredible bikes around, so it wouldn't hurt to look for an alternative. We looked into the Engwe EP-2 Pro Electric Mountain Bike and found it a great candidate.

We acknowledge the excellent value of an Ancheer electric bike battery and parts, but we also want to help you find an alternative if you can't afford to wait. The Engwe EP-2 Pro Urban Commuter Bike is the perfect choice for off-road and city trail cycling on a budget.

Can't Find an Ancheer Bike on Amazon? Take the Engwe Ep-2 Pro E-bike for Your On- and Off-Road Rides Instead!

Have you heard of the Engwe EP-2 Pro Electric Mountain Bike yet? If not, that's understandable. After all, it's not one of the mainstream e-bike brands. But Engwe has been producing for decades and is quite a reputable name, so you might as well give their products a shot.

This bike could be the hidden gem you're looking for. It offers incredible mountain bike features for a reasonable price. Let's break down the details below.

ancheer electric bike battery - engwe ep-2 pro bike

Top Feature: Versatility at Its Finest

The Engwe EP-2 Pro Bike is versatile in many ways. First, you'll notice that this electric bike incorporates three types of bikes. It's a fat-tire folding e-bike, which means you get a fat bike, a foldable bike, and an electric bike in one package! For a bike under $1000, you can get more than what you pay for. 

Another versatile factor of this bike is its universal frame. The one-size frame fits most riders, so you and your family or friends can take turns using it for fun off-road or city tours.

It's also adaptable in terms of application. Going on an off-road adventure? Commuting for work or school? Perhaps, you're in the mood for a slow and casual city tour. The Engwe EP-2 Pro can get you anywhere with ease and adequate power.

Other Features You Can Look Forward To

Of course, the benefits of the Engwe EP-2 Pro don't stop there! Here are more incredible features you might like about this electric bicycle.

A Powerful and Reliable Motor

The Engwe EP-Pro Electric Bike has a 750W high-speed rear hub motor. It's an intelligent system that gives you instant torque and steady and reliable power within the battery range. It also has a brushless 48V controller, allowing you to cruise at 28 mph in electric mode effortlessly.

Depending on your most comfortable pace, it can go very fast or very slow. The EP-2 Pro can easily take you from casual commutes to tricky and thrilling off-road hills.

3 Riding Modes and 5 Pedal Assistance Levels

This Engwe bike also comes with easy-to-operate riding modes and power levels. The three riding modes are Pedal Mode (for regular cycling), Pure Electric or Throttle Mode (for no pedaling), and Assistant or Pedal-Assist Mode (for pedaling with motor power assistance). 

Meanwhile, the power levels range from Level 1 to 5, with 1 having the lowest motor assistance. You only need to press the "M" key on the bike to modify these levels and adjust them according to your needs.

Reliable Brake System and 7-Speed Drivetrain

Do you want to cruise around town or experience the thrill of off-road adventures? This folding fat-tire bike adjusts quickly and securely to your unique demands. It comes with dual disc brakes combined with a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain for maximum riding comfort and protection, no matter the terrain.

ancheer electric bike parts battery- engwe ep-2 pro light closeup

Front Ambient 48V LED Lights

Safety is a must when riding at night or on low-light paths. The Engwe bike incorporates a built-in ambient 48V LED light system that makes it super visible to other commuters at night. As a result, you can cycle through the gloom, darkness, or thick fog without issues.

Striking and Sturdy Construction

You want to ensure this bike is steady enough to make you feel safe, comfortable, and confident while riding. Great news—this bike comes from a company that specializes in electric bikes! The construction is well thought out, from the frame to the protection features.

The low step-over foldable frame is made of solid aluminum and designed for convenience and better bike control. The folding safety latches, chaining protection, side stand, carry handle, rear rack, and derailleur protector make your rides safe and hassle-free. 

Other Technical Specifications

Here are a few more technical details for your reference. 

Suspension TypeFront
Battery48V 12.8Ah removable lithium battery 
Available Frame ColorsBlack, slate gray, dark orange
Maximum Speed28 mph
Maximum Range28-34 mi (electric mode) or 50-56 mi (assistant mode)
Charge Time6 hours
Dimensions56 x 30 x 12 in
Weight154 lbs
Tire20 x 4.0 fat tires (all terrain)
Shock Absorber TypeFork

Some Notable Drawbacks

Before purchasing the Engwe EP-2 Pro E-bike, be aware of these few shortcomings.

  • Because it's a three-in-one functional bike, it is heavier than ordinary e-bikes.
  • It takes some time to charge this bike and even makes a certain noise.
  • The drivetrain needs tuning now and then.
  • Because of the bike's weight, the mechanical disk brakes are naturally squeaky.
  • Sometimes, the digital display shows inaccurate data. It also doesn't include the remaining mileage.
  • When you fold and unfold the bike, the cables can get easily misaligned.

Better Bike And Better Experience With Engwe Ep-2 Pro E-Bike

Overall, the EP-2 Pro is an excellent alternative to Ancheer bikes. It's a sturdy and affordable model. While it might not have the highest quality of bike components, it's not made of cheap materials, either. This bike is the ideal companion for stress-free and safe weekend rides, everyday commutes, or thrilling off-road excursions.

Most of the bike's drawbacks are minor, so you won't regret purchasing it. It might cost a little more than an Ancheer electric bike parts and battery, but it's worth the extra bucks because you'll have a much better riding experience. 

If you want to know more about e-bikes in general or look at other options, navigate our website for more product reviews. We also have informational articles and buying guides for specific bike components like an Ancheer electric bike replacement battery. We want to ensure you make a wise purchase decision. Happy cycling!

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