Ancheer Electric Bike: The Perfect Solution for the Unprecedented Oil Price Hike

April 4, 2022
ANCHEER Electric Bike

Have you been updated with current events? If so, then you must also be aware of the domino effect this crisis has brought to the world—oil price hikes no one saw coming. Drivers around the globe are already complaining about how much they’re spending to fuel up their vehicles, prompting more individuals to make the switch to electric vehicles.

E-alternatives are out there waiting to be recognized. There are e-bikes in the market, and Ancheer is already taking the lead to a more eco-friendly, healthier, and low-cost means of transportation. Let’s face it—in today’s global and social climate, it’s becoming increasingly necessary.

Dig deeper into this Ancheer electric bike review and learn more about the benefits of electric bikes as you go.

Revolutionizing Everyday Travel 

Imagine another travel option that can get you around town faster than a car but consumes less energy over a 150-mile journey than a 10-minute hot shower; a mode of transportation that is perfect for everyday urban life in terms of convenience, agility, and mass. These attributes are present in an electric bicycle or e-bike.

The transition to battery-powered cars may garner more public attention, but the breakthrough in electric transportation may occur on two wheels soon. There has been an increasing disparity among people who consider buying electric bikes. It foreshadows a future in which more e-bikes move fast down city streets, making it easier for riders to use bicycling as their primary mode of transportation.

At its most basic, an e-bike is a normal bicycle equipped with an engine that generates a boost; this is called “pedal-assist.” Think of it as regular cycling but with a power-up. When attempting to overcome hilly terrains, haul goods, or travel large distances, that additional electric push can be extremely beneficial.

E-bikes are not new, but their popularity has grown in the last couple of years as technology has evolved, and buyers have become much more open to convenient, car-free, urban travel modes. These bikes have broader coverage and are extremely easy to use, enabling riders to travel without sweating, haul larger loads of items, and travel further distances. They also make cycling more accessible to older travelers, including those with handicaps.

Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike.

Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike, 350W 26": A Review

Those looking for e-bicycles should try out a range of models and styles since there are so many variations in power and speed. For example, an e-bike can be generally classified into three, each with its own acceleration and top speed specs:

  • Class 1 is a pedal-assist with no throttle.
  • Class 2 comes with a throttle assist and tops out at miles an hour.
  • Class 3 also has no throttle but can get up to 28 miles per hour.

Interested customers should think carefully about how they'll store their bikes, particularly in bad weather, because e-bikes can weigh 50 to 60 pounds and can't be carried up staircases as easily as with a normal road bike. You can find many online resources for choosing which e-bike model is best for you. Browse through our reviews and buying guides for more biking information.

A perfect example of this is the ANCHEER Mountain E-bike, 350W 26''.

Flexing the Mountain E-bike From Ancheer

Aside from an Ancheer folding electric bike, this 26-inch mountain e-bike is the best product for exploring different trails and improving your ride paths while having a great time. Its frame is an aviation-grade aluminum alloy, which is strong and lightweight. Its dual disc brakes and high-strength steel suspension fork provide an undeniably comfortable riding experience. In addition, it's specifically developed with human body mechanics in connection to mental acuity.

Ancheer's mountain e-bike comes with these primary components:

  • Brushless gear motors, 36 volts and 350 watts
  • Maximum speed of 32 km/h (20 mph)
  • Standard front and rear disc brakes
  • Fork is made of high-strength steel
  • Shimano 21 Speed Derailleur
  • Double-walled aluminum rims
  • 26-inch wheel diameter
  • Approximately 44 pounds vehicle weight
  • Load capacity of 300 pounds
  • 4-speed LED smart meter button
  • Lithium-ion Battery (36 volts, 10.4Ah)
  • 4 to 6 hours charge time
  • Aluminum alloy 6061 for the frame
  • Mileage in throttle mode is 36km/22miles and 36km/22miles to 65km/40miles in pedal-assist mode


  • A stronger 350 watts brushless motor with a high speed provides more than enough power
  • You can turn on the throttle or pedal-assist anytime
  • It also has a mountain bike configuration, such as an aluminum alloy material that makes it light
  • Convenient parts replacement design that allows you to swap out parts whenever you need to
  • It's simple to put together


  • No front-wheel safety washers to keep wheels intact
  • Some parts may come to you with a little defect since it is shipped overseas

Operating the Ancheer Mountain E-bike

E-bikes are highly-regarded for their user-friendliness and simplicity. Ancheer mountain e-bike has three operating modes at your disposal:

Pedal Mode

You can ride an e-bike at any moment, just like a standard one. However, because the engine creates no additional resistance, it will feel like a regular bicycle. Your bicycle can have three up to eight gears depending on the type you choose.


You can use a combination of human and electric power simultaneously in this mode. The motor will provide gentle electrical energy as you pedal when you activate this mode. You can change gears as the terrain changes to gain more power output or speed up. Employing pedal-assist mode is a fantastic experience because it makes the biking process easier.

The pedal-assist mode also has three support levels such as low, medium, and high. The percentage merely suggests how much additional electricity the motor can provide in addition to your riding. You can access the different levels by pressing a single button.


In this mode, you will be able to sit and relax as the motor performs all of the work. When you activate the electric-only mode, just twist the throttle. Then you'll instantly feel the engine boost in and speed up forward. Remember, the maximum speed in electric-only mode is 20 miles per hour pursuant to federal restrictions.

Grab an E-bike to Minimize Oil Consumption

With the continuous oil price hike, it's practical to find other alternatives that will reduce your dependency on oil. Ancheer e-bikes are the perfect solution for this problem. Not only do they help us get around town without using any gas, but they also let you enjoy the great outdoors and exercise at the same time. So if you’re looking for a way to save money and help the environment, an Ancheer electric bike is definitely the way to go.

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