Conquering The Extra Mile with Ancheer Electric Bike Battery 36V

May 3, 2022
Women with electric ebike with lake view

With rush hours and gas prices on the rise, more and more people are looking for alternate means of transportation to get to places quickly and easily. In addition, most mountain bikers and cyclists seek a way to have a long and thrilling ride that can take them off-road without adding to their carbon footprint.

Nowadays, it's incredible that electric bikes are becoming such a prominent mode of transportation. They help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, are affordable, and can be ridden practically anywhere. 

Biking to your desired destination does not have to be a pain. With the Ancheer Electric Bike Battery 36V, you can go places you never thought possible. So if you're ready to explore the great outdoors or want a more efficient way to get around town, read on for more information about this incredible electric bike battery.

Introducing Ancheer Electric Bike Battery 36V/8AH

ancheer lithium-ion electric bike battery 36v

The Ancheer battery is a great option for cyclists and commuters who want to travel beyond the extra mile. Here's how this lithium-ion battery can help your motor-powered bike zip through traffic and cruise up hills with ease.

Ancheer Battery Details


This electric bike battery only weighs 2.6 kg and has a dimension of 39*15*15 cm. It is suitable for cyclists looking for a lightweight battery for their electric bikes.

Rated Voltage

Ancheer's e-bike battery has 36V to ensure that the bike can use the battery for its intended uses without risking the user's safety.

Rated Capacity

This lithium battery consists of 8 Ah, representing the average amount of current it emits when used normally. 

Cell Type

The battery cell is designed like a long and elongated kettle berry that can be attached between the electric bike's seat tube and top tube.

Lithium Battery

This 36v 8ah lithium-ion battery for electric bikes has a longer battery life, high energy density, and a steady stream of power that can last your riding experience all day.


There are many good reasons to switch to a 36V, 8AH lithium-ion battery for your electric bike. So let's further understand why this electric bike battery is the way to go for any biking adventure.

Solid Built

This battery is well-known for its high efficiency and long life. A single charge can get you up to 30 miles of travel. In addition, Ancheer has a large battery capacity that allows you to last all day and night, from the office to the road or mountains to hills.

Save Money

These long-lasting battery packs from your ebike are a great way to get around town quickly and easily, without spending a fortune on gas or parking fees.

Plenty of Power

Lithium batteries pack quite a punch, so you will be able to go further and faster on your electric bike than ever before. In addition, lithium batteries last much longer than traditional lead-acid batteries, so you won't have to replace them as often.

Increases Your Bike Range

Whether you are only biking for a workout or a thrill-seeker among the trees and forests, the battery voltage helps you enjoy your ride without worrying about the battery span. You will be able to ride for longer before needing to recharge because they discharge more slowly than lead-acid batteries.

Lightweight Yet Convenient

Because lithium batteries are slimmer than lead-acid batteries, they don't add as much weight to your bike. They are easier to transport, so installing them won't be a dreadful task for you.


Despite the highlights of using an Ancheer e-bike, there are some lowlights to these battery bikes that cyclists, bikers, and mountaineers should be aware of before purchasing one.

Power Is Easily Lost

Most complaints are about how some battery easily loses its power after riding for a few hours. To sum things up, it is a frustrating task to charge your electric bike repeatedly.

Multiple Mechanical Failures

Users have experienced receiving faulty batteries that easily drain after riding a few miles. Worse, some users report that an explosion happened while charging.

Prioritizing Safety: Reminders When Charging Ancheer E-bike Battery

a girl alone biking by the sea at dawn

It is important to keep your Ancheer e-bike battery in good condition so it will last for years. Let's have a checklist of reminders so that we can properly charge our batteries.

  • Use an accurate brand of the charger where the product was supplied.
  • Whether it is day or night, never leave a charged battery unnoticed.
  • Please know that the battery takes 6–8 hours to charge the first time, and then it takes about 5 hours to fully charge. Remember, overcharging batteries is not a good idea.
  • Charge batteries away from flammable or dangerous materials. Instead, charge it in an enclosed environment for safety purposes.
  • Always avoid charging a battery that has been thrown, crushed, or otherwise compromised. As much as possible, kindly replace it with a new one.
  • If you are not knowledgeable about batteries, don't mess with your e-drive bike's system. Leave it to the expert.
  • Do not charge a battery in a hot environment, as this may cause an explosion or fire incident.
  • It is recommended to mount a smoke alarm in the space where you will be charging. This will help you quickly point out if the battery has been damaged or caught in a fire.
  • In case something happens, use water and a fire extinguisher to put out the fire from the lithium-ion battery.

Power Up Your Cycling Game with Ancheer Battery Packs

Conquering the extra mile is easier with an Ancheer electric bike battery 36V/8AH. This battery is built tough and has plenty of features that make it perfect for adults looking to commute or have fun outdoors.

There are a few negative factors to take into account when making your decision. Ultimately, it is still up to you to decide if an electric battery for your bike is the right choice for your bike needs and lifestyle.

If you are still hesitant to prepare yourself for a cycling experience, check out our amazing reviews and further understand how to have a beautiful cycling adventure.

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