Razor MX650 as A Cool Gift for Teens: Alternative to Mototec 36V Pro Electric Dirt Bike 1000W

May 6, 2022
mototec 36v pro electric dirt bike 1000w

The Mototec 36V Pro electric dirt bike 1000w lithium green and other Mototec dirt bikes are undeniably among the best gifts teenagers can receive on their birthdays. The adrenaline-loving youngsters will be gratified when they begin driving the Mototec 36V 1000W Pro electric dirt bike. But what if this bike and other Mototec electric dirt bike models aren’t available or out of stock, and the celebration is fast approaching? 

If you need to buy an electric dirt bike as soon as possible, you’ll get the same cool ride by picking the Razor Mx650 Dirt Rocket electric motocross off-road bike. Read on so we can show you how you’ll still have the best with Razor Mx650.

A Cool Gift

Beginning with the looks and product decoration, the Razor Mx650 screams cool. It is Bumble Bee in the electric-powered dirt bike version because of its yellow and black colors with streaks of orange and gray. Teenagers will love the mature color and looks of the bike,  a clear indication that they’ve finally graduated from childhood bikes.

Being energetic, teens can channel their vigor in riding the bike and driving through rougher terrains that they cannot normally bike through using ordinary mountain bikes. The gift will be especially meaningful for teenagers who are avid motocross and dirt biking fans. Instead of watching their favorite bikers, they can finally experience the thrill themselves! 

Efficient Battery

The battery of the Razor Mx650 located on its frame needs an initial 12-hour charging to give a 40-minute biking time to riders. Remind the gift receiver to keep the battery charged and never leave it uncharged for a long time to avoid having a broken battery. 

The teenage receiver can easily charge the 36V sealed lead acid battery as the set comes with a battery charger. The best practice is to charge the bike the night before motocross or off-road adventures so they can experience excellent motor output power the next day. 

Competent Top Speed

Speed is one of the most important considerations you need to check before buying electric dirt bikes. The importance especially heightens when a teenager uses the bike. Their safety is your top priority.

The Razor Mx650 has a safe, top speed of 17mph—just the right speed for teenagers. Nevertheless, the young user should still be reminded to ride at a safe speed. They can always go on full speed and test the bike’s motor power when they’ve had enough practice, and they are wearing motocross and dirt biking safety attire.

razor mototec 36v pro electric dirt bike 1000w

Supportive of Teenagers’ Development

When you give the Razor Mx650 as a gift to a teenager, you’re not only giving them a token they can keep, but you’re also supporting their growth and development. Teenagers are in the stage of their lives where they’re exploring, expanding their circles, and discovering more about themselves. 

The Razor Mx650 will serve as their go-to ride as they explore outside their comfort zone. They will be more open to racing out of the driveway from their home backyard. The dirt biking and motocross activities they’ll engage in will boost their confidence and courage, which will develop their character and personality as they grow older. 

Safe and Smooth Adventures

The Razor Mx650 is designed with pneumatic knobby tires and dual suspension, ensuring driving with ease no matter how difficult the terrain or the dirt track racing path is. The knobby tires ensure you can drive through mud, snow, pebbles, soil, grass, and other obstacles. 

Meanwhile, the dual suspension ensures that the driver won’t fall and be in pain because of the pressure and shock when biking on bumpy roads. The two features ensure that off-road adventures are painted in good memories and great experiences. As the gift giver, you are assured of the receiver’s happiness and safety as they explore.


  • Has a visually appealing design
  • Also available in Mx350 blue, Mx350 green, and Sx500 versions
  • Usable and practical gift type
  • Has adjustable handlebars to compensate for the nonadjustable seat height
  • Has a durable steel frame
  • Complete with a retractable kickstand
  • Electric and environment friendly than gas-powered bikes


  • Battery life is shorter than its counterparts and can still be improved
  • Assembly is required when you receive your Razor Mx650 bike

Final Thoughts

Razor MX650 Dirt Bike is definitely a cool gift for teens! If you’re looking for an electric dirt bike as a cool gift for your kid, the Razor MX650 may be just what you need. This bike has impressive features to make a teen’s riding experience fun and safe. 

The Razor MX650 is efficient and can last for 40-minute on a single charge. It is a great alternative to Mototec 36V Pro electric dirt bike 1000w lithium, their electric scooter and electric trike collection.

If you want to look for related products or for the best electric dirt bike to widen your choices, you can check out our reviews and buying guides. We have more choices for you!

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