Paselec GS9 Electric MTB: The Qualified Alternative to Harley Davidson Electric Mountain Bike

June 15, 2022
harley davidson electric mountain bike

If you're looking for a Harley Davidson electric mountain bike on Amazon, you won't be pleased because they aren't sold on the site. However, if you're open to considering other brands, Paselec could be a great option. 

With its sleek design and powerful motor, this e-bike is a qualified alternative to Harley Davidson electric bikes for adults. It is for explorers who do not want to sweat much. So if you're ready to chill and traverse new rough terrains simultaneously, consider checking out the Paselec GS9 electric mountain bike. You won't be disappointed!

Introducing the Paselec GS9

The Paselec GS9 electric mountain bike has a 27.5” height suitable for individuals five to six feet tall. The bike has a total length of 66.4”. 

The height from the bottom of the wheels to the driver's seat is 41.33”, while it has a 32.28” height from the wheels to the handlebar. The bike's solid makeup can handle bikers weighing 280-lb. 

Power and Speed

The Paselec GS9 mountain bike is powered by a 48V electric motor capable of producing 500W power. This allows bikers to drive up to 25-28mph speed, although you can still drive at a slower speed. Depending on your mood or terrain, you can adjust its driving modes. 

If you aim for some workout, you can use the human riding mode. But if you want to enjoy the adventure or do not want to end up exhausted later, the electric and power-assisted modes are the way to go. 

Automatic Bike Mode Sensor

The Paselec bike has a smart system to shift its power output automatically. The bike detects the terrain type—flat road, steep slope, uphill, or downhill, and adjusts the power output it produces depending on the road. 

So, do not be surprised if the bike shifts to human, electric, and pedal-assist modes from time to time without your choosing. The bike is designed to do so.

paselec harley davidson electric mountain bike

Shock Absorption

One of the top considerations when looking for mountain bikes is the bike's suspension. The suspension defines whether you will have a smooth ride or end up either with a body ache or a broken bike.

The Paselec GS9 electric mountain bike has a front and rear suspension. You can bike through rough terrains comfortably as the suspension forks will absorb the pressure and shock of bumpy roads. As a result, you can drive with more control and enjoy a smoother ride.

Safety and Protection

Skip the worry of your battery experiencing a short circuit, being overly charged, or overheating, as the Paselec brand has foreseen these. The battery is waterproof and designed not to overcharge, over-discharge, overheat, and experience overcurrent. 

With just 5-6 hours of charging time, this Paselec electric mountain bike can take you on a 50-mile ride. Paselec has also designed the bike to have an anti-theft lock, so you can roam and chill in peace when you hit the pit stop for a rest.

Aesthetics and Design

A Harley Davidson electric mountain bike for adults is undeniably a beautiful bike, but the aesthetics and design of the Paselec bike don't fall far behind. The bike has a simplistic look with either black or gray color choices. 

Whichever you choose, you'll get a nice combination of black and gray on your bike that will attract bikers who are looking for classic looks. Even the lithium-ion battery blends nicely on the bike frame's top tube. 


  • Has three driving modes—manual, pedal-assist, and electric.
  • Has a visually pleasing design
  • Equipped with a professional 9-shifter speed
  • Has a durable aluminum frame
  • Has front and rear hydraulic brakes


  • It's only available in black and gray colors, so it's not suitable if you are looking for vibrant and fun-colored bikes.

Final Thoughts

The Paselec GS9 Electric MTB is a great alternative to the Harley Davidson electric mountain bike. The power and speed of the GS9 are impressive, and it also has an automatic bike mode sensor that makes it easier to use. 

The shock absorption system helps keep you safe and comfortable when riding on rough terrain, and the aesthetically pleasing design is sure to turn heads. There are a few minor drawbacks, but it is still an excellent electric mountain bike option. 

If you want to check more alternative electric mountain bikes, check our reviews and buying guides. Cycle Buddy has the information you need!

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