Looking for an Alternative for Harley Davidson Electric Bike for Kids? Try These Kids Outdoor Tricycles

May 26, 2022
Harley Davidson electric bike for kids - little boy riding a tricycle

Have you ever seen Harley Davison electric bike reviews of the IRONe12 and IRONe16 models? At first glance, you already know that these bikes may be small, but they are powerful. Your kids will surely love riding outdoors with them. But then, you see the price point, and it's just too big of an investment. 

Electric bikes give you more speed but it also requires certain skills like handling, steering and mastering balance. If you feel your kids are not yet ready to take on electric bikes, you can develop and improve their skill on other types of bicycles. 

There are good-quality alternatives your kids will love at affordable prices. These effective toys can also teach them the basic skills of riding. You don't need to burn a hole in your pocket for your toddlers to have fun. We've picked the best tricycles for your kids so they can tag along with your rides. 

Let’s check them out and see which one is best for your kid’s next adventure. 

4 Highly Rated Three Wheelers for Kids 

If your kids are not yet comfortable with training wheels, maybe getting a tricycle will help them enjoy biking. It's also a great way to let them play outdoors and take a break from gadgets. Also, don't worry if your kids haven't mastered balancing yet. Once they learn how to steer and pedal and have outgrown their tricycles, you can always get a proper adult bike to improve their skills.

blue Schwinn roadster

Schwinn Roadster Tricycle for Kids 

Product description

  • The Schwinn Roadster Tricycle is an absolute eye candy. It has a retro design and an alloy steel frame. This bike is available in several vibrant colors, from dark to pastel, which your little boys and girls will surely love. You can also purchase this bike with a bundled helmet suitable for your kids. 
  • The bike's design has a low center of gravity, making learning to ride a bike easy for beginners. Furthermore, you can adjust the bike seat height to move forward and backward to accommodate your kid's growing legs, so they have adequate leg space as they go on. 
  • The bike has a rear deck made from real wood and burnt with the Schwinn logo, which gives the bike a classic look. In addition, you can install a basket in the rear so your kids can put some of their things on it. This will surely elevate their riding experience. 

Product lowlights 

  • Some people report that they receive defective units. For example, the handlebars are loose, the bike's frame has welding issues, and the pedals come off. Customers report that you can have the units replaced, but the process takes as long as two months.
gomo teal and pink trike

GOMO Big Wheels Kids Tricycle with Push Handle 

Product description 

  • The GOMO Big Wheel tricycle is perfect for getting involved in your children's bike riding. The bike's push handle allows you to control the bike's speed so your children can learn to pedal without the risk of accidents. 
  • The bike has a lightweight aluminum frame which is extremely durable. The bike's aluminum frame allows your child to pedal and ride the bike without too much stress. Furthermore, when your kids can control the way they ride, you can detach the push handle, so you can let them go solo. 
  • This bike features an adorable front basket that can hold your kids' toys and feeding bottles so they can bring them along. The wheels are made from puncture-proof plastic to ensure they last long. The plastic material of the wheel also makes it safe to use indoors without the risk of scratching and damaging your floors. 

Product lowlights

  • Many customers complain that the GOMO bike is difficult to assemble. The instruction manual is hard to understand, and not all parts are shown in the illustration. This misinformation leads to an improper assembly which makes the bike frail.
harley davidson electric bike for kids - besrey 5-in-1 light green bike

Besrey 5-in-1 Trike Balancing Bike for Kids 

Product description

  • The Besrey toddler bike is the perfect way to help your kids learn how to walk and ride a bike. You can assemble the bike without pedals as a walker to support your kids and teach them to walk. Then, once they can walk and have enough leg power, you can install the pedal to teach them how to ride a bike. 
  • The back wheels of the bike are convertible. You can open them wide to assemble a tricycle and put them back together to function as a kid's balance bike. This bike is the perfect transition from training wheels to a balance bike without spending extra. Furthermore, this bike is perfect for kids up to four years old, so your kids can use it for a long time. 
  • The Besrey bike is made from carbon steel, a durable material that absorbs vibration from rides for a comfortable riding experience. Furthermore, the handrails and bike seat are non-slip to prevent your kids from falling, and the wheels are non-slip, too; perfect for riding on grass, pavement, and even indoors. 

Product lowlights

  • Some users report that they received the bike with incomplete parts. In addition, although the bike is suggested for up to 4 years old, the bike is short and is compatible with smaller kids. If your kids are tall, it's better to get them an adjustable tricycle.
Harley Davidson electric bike for kids - fisher price sturdy kids bike

Fisher-Price Sturdy Ride On Tricycle 

Product Description

  • The Fisher-Price is compatible for 0-6 years with a Harley Davidson electric bike design. So it looks like a Harley Davidson without the expensive price tag. It's also available in other designs like Hot Wheels and Barbie.
  • The pedals are oversized, making it easy for little kids to learn on. The bike's wheels are big and have the traction to handle off-road rides. Furthermore, the seat has a secret compartment under it, where you can store your kids' essentials together with the bike. 
  • This bike is affordable at $69.99, and the instruction manual is very easy to follow for assembly. The bike is also very sturdy, and your kids can use it for years. 

Product lowlights 

  • The Fisher-price bike is made from plastic. Don’t expose it to too much heat because it can deform the plastic, so make sure to store it in a cool place. 
  • This bike is bulky as advertised. If your kids have a small structure, they might have difficulty riding this bike. 

Ready for The Ride 

We know that the Harley Davidson electric bike range of features is superior, but you can still let your kids enjoy bike riding without that expensive price tag. What's important is you get them a ride that they can enjoy for a long time.

We hope this list of tricycles helps you choose the best ride for your kids to enjoy the outdoors. For an in-depth review of the Harley Davidson electric bike for kids and more bike buying guides, take a look at our other articles.

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