Tourbon Canvas Bike Bag: Your 3-in-1 Alternative for a Bontrager Bike Bag

June 2, 2022
bontrager bike bag - bike back view with orange bags

Do you ever dream of a casual and inexpensive bike bag purchase that gives you more than you wanted? Let's say you are a carefree cyclist looking for a reliable messenger bike bag that is casual, stylish, and useful for your daily commute. 

You look into the best sellers and find Bontrager products promising. They are prominent for manufacturing advanced and stylish bike features. Even components like a Bontrager bike stand or Bontrager rack offer excellent quality. 

However, a Bontrager bike bag costs a hundred dollars and above. If you are looking to save money on bike bags and get more than what you paid for, the Tourbon Canvas Bike Bag might be what you are looking for! This article breaks down essential information about this Tourbon bag to help you evaluate and decide.

When To Use a Messenger Bike Bag

There are different bags for bikes. There are messenger bags, backpacks, frame bags, panniers, adventure handlebar bags, bike racks, and sometimes a combination of two or more types. 

This Tourbon bag is a messenger bag. But how do you know if it is the right choice for you? Aside from personal preference, here are more reasons to get a messenger bag for your bike.

  • You need easy access to your stuff. Many riders agree that nothing beats a messenger bag for easy access. There is no need to take the bag off the bike to get anything. Moreover, it frees you off security and ventilation concerns.
  • You want a bag that offers a lot of space. Compared to backpacks, a messenger bag has more rooms. It is good enough to store daily necessities without damage. However, it is still not good for large objects. You may want to consider a bike rack instead.
  • You care about fashion. Function should always be a top priority, but it is understandable if visuals are the next important buying factor for bags. We all want to sport a stylish look, after all. In that case, messenger bags do well in the fashion department!
  • You carry items that have a flat, rectangular shape. A messenger bag is perfect if you need to bring your laptop or important documents when commuting. Their rectangular construction makes them popular in the courier industry. 
  • You like casual bike rides. Messenger bags are convenient. They are not for long, tough rides with super heavy loads. Instead, they are designed to carry in casual, light, and brief pedaling around town.

A Tourbon Canvas Bike Messenger Backpack Review: Best Features, Notable Specs, and Limitations

Let's proceed with the product review. If you are eyeing affordable bags that will not sacrifice style and quality, look no further than the Tourbon Canvas Bike Messenger Bag!

bike bags - tourbon canvas messenger pannier backpack bag

Top 3 Best Features

Let's start with three features that set this Tourbon bag apart from its competitors. Find out what is so cool about it below.

#1: 3-in-1 Convertible Bag

You can use this bag as a messenger bag, a pannier, or a backpack! So if you want to switch between cycling styles (which may require a different type of bag), simply adjust the roll-top straps. Skip the struggle of choosing just one bag and get three instead with this versatile Tourbon Canvas Bag!

#2: Intelligent and Casual Visuals

Want to sport a smart and casual look for your daily commute? Tourbon is known for its retro and smart casual bag designs. It is perfect if you consider fashion when buying bike gear. It comes in a single design but can suit both genders well.

#3: Adjustable Roll-Top Closure

Tired of broken zips? No worries. This bag incorporates a roll-top closure system to eliminate this problem. Instead of robust zippers, adjustable straps can help secure your load. As a result, you can better protect your bag's contents from external elements and never worry about any zips getting stuck.

Notable Technical Specs

  • Dimensions: 19.57 × 19.49 × 2.76 in
  • Weight: 2.39 lbs
  • Outer Material: Canvas
  • Color Family/Variation: Grey and one variation only
  • Bag Type: Multi-functional; can be used as a pannier, backpack, messenger, or shoulder bike bag
  • Intended Use: Shorter and casual rides; good enough to carry some daily necessities
  • Resistance Properties: Water-resistant
  • Other Notable Features: Charging port, two hooks for the rear rack, strap to carry for off-road purposes, internal compartmentalized pockets, and a unisex design

Product Limitations

No matter how good this bike messenger bag is, you should not ignore its drawbacks. These will help you evaluate your needs better and see if this product can take care of them.

Below are some product limitations of the Tourbon Canvas Bike Messenger Bag you should know before buying.

No Design Variations

There is only one color and design for this messenger bag. If you prefer to have multiple choices for color and variation, look at other options. 

Switching is Not Smooth

The 3-in-1 function of this bag is incredible, but some users struggle to switch between them. In addition, it takes time for the straps and other features to adjust once you make the switch. 

Not for Heavy-Duty Loads

We don't recommend this bag for long, tough rides with super heavy loads. The straps may provide comfort when the weight increases, but it is still safer to use for light bike rides. 

Generally, gadgets like your laptop or something smaller is okay. But if you need to bring larger and heavier items, consider looking at other Tourbon products or brands. Otherwise, the bag will show early signs of wear and tear.

adventure handlebar bag - rear view of businessman commuting using a bike

Invest in a Multipurpose and Smart Casual Bag for Your Bike

Overall, the Tourbon Canvas Bike Messenger Bag is a great choice for those who want a versatile and stylish bag to take on brief, casual bike rides. It has some nifty features like the adjustable roll-top closure and smart casual visuals. While it might not be perfect for everyone's needs, it is definitely a good alternative to an expensive bag like Bontrager's.

Furthermore, it is easier to find on Amazon, unlike some big brands there like Bontrager bags. For instance, if you search for a Bontrager frame bag, you will only see frame bags from other bike brands. So don't waste your time and money and invest in a more affordable option like Tourbon!

Want to read other bike bag reviews from us? Feel free to browse our website categories for more product reviews, roundups, buying guides, and general bike information.

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